Scars on My Black

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Big Fat Cat [Kevin]

“Kev. This don’t remind you of the time we snuck out when we were kids. I think it was for ice-cream. Had to sneak back in cause Ma-’’

To make a long story short, we didn’t tell Ma where we were going tonight. Firstly, because she’s a bitch but she’s always one and secondly, Ma would of flipped that I, only me, was going out a night to a Bar. Yes, it’s illegal but that woman wouldn’t be angry about that.

She could care less about that.

She would of had a problem with the fact that I was doing something and she had no way to prevent me from doing it. Everest knows this full and well hence the lie. It’s easy to lie to my Ma.

Scratch that. Easy for Everest to lie to her.

I don’t even have to be lying for her not to believe me. Besides the obvious favoritism, Everest strung up a lie saying that we were only going out for a bit of sight seeing. Seems very simple and straightforward right? Sadly, the favoritism never sleeps. She started inquiring about why I was going.

“Why you got to take him? I needed some help around here. Make him useful.”

Another lie was needed. Everest pursed her lips and before spouting her latest creation. It was a simple lie. She claimed that she’s been gone from her hometown for so long that she has forgotten most of it. My Ma not being the brightest bulb, being a bitch takes up too much mental space, agreed. Only if I am home by 12.


It’s strange how I always need a lie to be free. Nothing big. Just to go out with my friends… and Petra. If there was a god above I would ask him why my mother had me so. But I know he would only tell me what I already know.

“Yes. I remember. Ma bent her spoon on me.”

“Spoon?”, Petra pips up moving over to the couch zipping off her shoes.


Everest looks away. I’m not sure if she was trying not to wince or rant. Whatever it was, she did not do it. She simply shifted her drunk Kong of a man onto the wall leaving poor Jeremy alone to keep him from falling. Ethan had, thankfully, went home with Yue. Not without some not so brotherly looks through the windshield.

Everest sits next to Petra dragging me down with her - making me the barrier between them.

“You didn’t have to come to my wedding Kev. I would of been okay with that.”.

“No. No. None of that. Yes. I didn’t want to come here but I think if you had invited me instead of that woman, “, I looked around quickly, “I would of came.”.

Everest’s lips curls into a smile. She wraps her hands around me into a tight embrace. I have a suspicion she’s making a threat at Petra by the way the chair dips backwards on her side. She soon released me and went to fetch her fiancé from a squished Jeremy.

“A little help Jeremy?”

Jeremy stifles a groan. Nikkei covers his mouth in amusement and followed the lifting crew up the stairs. Once they have disappeared is when I finally realized two things. One, this plug is digging into me so much that I would be surprised if it hasn’t started a family in there. Secondly, Petra didn’t say anything for the entire drive here. For the whole drive she just sat in silence clicking away on her phone.

Only thing that changed is that she’s not on her phone. Petra is staring right at me. What the hell does she want from me? A cookie?

“Do you have any movies here Kevin?”

“Movies? It’s 2 in the morning.”

“So? You have any subscriptions? Nitflix, Rulu , Nile Two?”

“Doubt that. Ma only watches those daytime soaps.”

Petra sighs and goes over to the Tv stand. I don’t know what she hopes to find but I wish her luck. Maybe she would find a porno my Mom made while I was gone. Oh god please no. I have enough scars from that woman.

“How about the Three Fat Mice?”

“Fine. Whatever you want.”

I actually use to love that movie when I was younger. Keyword, use. When Petra slipped in that disk I could just feel my nose burning. It wasn’t from how Petra’s hair smelt as she snuggled next to me. It was from the a memory. A memory that grew and grew as that all to familiar song began to play.

Who’s afraid of the big fat cat

The big fat Cat, the big fat Cat

Who’s afraid of the big fat Cat

Bwo wow wow wow wow

“Ma! It burns!”

“Hush your mouth! It ain’t burning. Stop lying.”

I could remember how it smelled. It was like cleaning products with vanilla mixed in. Ma would rub it all over my skin like she was bathing me in it. She would leave me on the floor after. She would say, ‘Call me to wash it off when the song start.’. I would just sit there. My sister is usually sent to a friends house while Ethan was out playing ball. It just left me, my mom and some Light and Charming. This day however, we had a new comer.

Came the day when fate did frown

And a cat crept into town

With a hiss and a purr, he pounced just enough

And the tree house fell right down

“You say it suppose to make him lighter? He’s still looking as dark as you.”

“You really think so? Should leave it on a bit longer.”

Little did my ten year old mind know that a little bit was going to be the entire song. I still remember how it felt when it washed off. The red that followed with it. Ma didn’t even take me to the hospital. I just knew that from that day she never tried bleaching me again. Every time she ever thought of doing so she was met with the black remints left behind. Leaving me with reminder of how I could never please her. How I could never be like Everest or Ethan.

Look better than her.

The sound of light snoring brings me back from my mind. Petra’s head tipping downward from my shoulder. Her faux-cat ears sliding down as well. Petra, why do you confuse me? I lift the the ears from her head and rests them on the empty side of the couch. Easing her off of me, I turned of the tv.

It’s times like these that I wish I had some sort of muscle. Nonetheless, I manage to lift Petra up the stairs. It nearly killed me, but the job is done. They don’t mention the deadlifting you have to do when you have a big girl. Then again, never got a pamphlet before being thrusted into this relationship.

As I lay her down she wraps her hands loosely around my neck. Her eyes were still closed which allowed me to notice how chubby her cheeks are.

“Why…don’t you like Ethan?”

Really? Even in a sleepy haze she still finds ways to annoy me.

“He’s a selfish boy Petra. A selfish boy who makes problems worse for his own amusement.”

Petra didn’t respond. Her head fell backward as she walls back into sleep. Her grip loosened, I was able to be released from her hold. I covered her in a blanket. I don’t know why but I got a cloth and began wiping away her makeup.

“Petra. Why me?”, I asked to dead air.

Does it matter why?

All I need to know now is how the hell I;m going to get this tail out.

Who’s afraid of the big fat Cat

The big fat Cat, the big Fat Cat

Who’s afraid of the big Fat Cat

Bwo wow wow wow wow

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