Scars on My Black

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Luna Bel Key [Kevin]

I did not think this through

I looked around the packed home and my blood crawled. People by windows, door aches and even on the floor in their little groups head bowed like a faucet. Those who were not were dancing out by the pool bopped their heads along to the beat of the so-called music that was playing.

Yes. EDPM is not music.

“How you find out about this?“, Petra half shouted over the music.

I did not tell her, did I?


Is this considered treason?

Let’s just hope I don’t get hanged.

“From” I managed out.

Petra’s eyebrows raised and forehead crinkled, “Date?’.

“Yeah. It’s a favor for Nikkei.″.

Her forehead just crinkled more as we made our way to the pool area.

“Oh? Who is she?″.

My chest tightened slightly. “It’s...uh...a male”.

“Male!″, her voice heightens, “Shouldn’t keep him waiting then.“, she says as the corner of her mouth upturned for a blink.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m...“, My eyes fell away.

Petra chuckles, “Yeah! Just a favor.“, she slowly backed away, “I’m going for a drink. Don’t leave him waiting.“.

Before I could say anything further, Petra has already made her way to the bar. I sighed softly crossing my hand to my chest. My eyes flicked through the crowd as I dug into my pocket for my phone. Once retrieved, I could not help but linger at the taunting background. Happy faces of scrawny ten year-old me next to the chubby faced Jeremy.

Both of us were covered in rich red paint after helping to paint Mr. Diaz’s Sandwich Shop. I wish I got a picture of Mrs. Myna’s reaction of us coming home looking like we bathed in blood.

Funny how pictures capture what small moments like this. They can never truly tell the whole story. Not even a full emotion. This picture fails to show the reason for us being bathed in red was Mr. Diaz’s homemade ladder breaking and tipping the gallon bucket of paint that sat on top of it onto us. Failed to show how it itched our skin for weeks.

A picture can say a hundred words? A hundred words is never enough. Only thing that can do that is music.

What was I doing again?

Oh right! The picture.

Finally pulling the picture up I scanned the crowd. Was it wrong to think that all blondes look alike? Or was it like calling all black people the same. I needed to use something different. Blue eyes? Maybe a bit smaller.

Ah! The beard.

A small smile grew by my cleverness. I spotted curly haired male leaning against the fence away from the loud noise. He scratches his short beard with his left hand while he scrolls on his phone with the other. Dorian, Jeremy told me, looked like he was ready to pick up an axe and begin chopping down oak trees. Although his large size, he had this calm aura around him. Every step I took towards him I felt a small weight lifted from my chest.

“Hey! Dorian, is it?″.

His eyes snapped up so quickly I swear they bugged out. His phone fumbled out his hand as he plucked his earbuds out.

“Yeah that’s me! And you are Kevin. Wow you are better looking in person.″. Dorian responds with a big smile on his face making his cheeks almost suffocating his sea eyes

“You are not bad yourself.″, I grinned, “You come to these things often?″.

Dorian’s face flushed slightly. “Nah. This is my ‘friends’ party.”

I slid next to him, “So, Dorian. What situation got you needing an emergency date. Talked big at school? Bet? Trying to make someone jealous?″.

“That would be interesting but sadly I’m just a lonely college sophomore who complained too much to his younger brother.“. Dorian replied reaching for the discarded white wires.

“Not a fan of the current hits?” I smiled as I took a peak at his selection.

Dorian laughed, “Obviously.“.

“What you into then ?“.

He shrugged slightly, “A little Fedrick Jamar and Blake.” He replied.

My smile failed to stay on my face. Dorian gives a weak laugh, “Here let me show you.“.

He swiped through his playlist quickly before pushing the screen out. The forgotten smile returned. I could not hold back the big grin encompassing my face.

Dorian leaned his head to the side. He pulls back his phone and swears like a sailor. Sadly, the damage was done. I was in a small fit of laughter as Dorian fumbled with device before dropping it on the ground.

When the laughter drained to light giggles I asked, “Luna Bel Key? What happened to Blake?“.

Dorian turned a steady shade of red, “Blake doesn’t have a candle to Luna.” He laughed

“You got 30 beaches?“, I asked leaning in close. Dorian nods and handed the limp wire over.

Luna Bel Key is my sexy little secret. If I let it slip to Jeremy that I like her he would have field day taking revenge for all those Navy Moon jokes. Yes hip-hop is fine and well but the way Luna speaks to me just melts me.

When the song came to a close is when I finally took a look at Dorian.

“You want to dance?” he asks.

“As your honorary date I can not refuse. But I must warn you, I got the moves of a stick insect.“.

And that’s how I got in the middle of a crowd pressed up against my bestfriends boyfriends brother. How we moved our uncoordinated limps to the mindless noise. For that moment I ignored the noised around me. That awful music, mute chatter from brushing bodies and that annoying thumping bouncing in my ear. It was pure bliss.

Just the colors and blurs of nameless people danced across my vision. Dorian had this goofy smile on his face that brightened up room almost as much as his brother. I would of stared at that smile for hours but then the noise came back.

As soon as my eyes caught what that dog of a man just did I could no longer sway in bliss. I stepped away from a worried Dorian and went through the now thin crowd. The music was now over . It was time to face reality.

I walked over to Petra and snatched the drink she was about to take a sip from and tossed it onto the grass. Petra looked at me confused with a small twitch in her eyebrow. The dog next to her looked livid.

“Kevin! What the hell.“.

“Didn’t you see what he did?“.

“Who? You mean Allen?“, she gestured towards the dog.

“He slipped something in your drink.“.

Petra looked at me then at Allen.

“You son of a bitch.“, she said in the most threating hushed voice I have ever heard.

This Allen dog livid expression turns cold, “Petra you are really going to believe him.“.

“Do you think I’m stupid enough to believe the word of someone I just me tonight? Now tell me. Did you put something in my drink?“.

Allen clasped his palms together, “Petra I can explain..“.

He didn’t get to explain as before it could leave his mouth Petra has already punched him in the face. It wasn’t one of those little punches either. The force of that punch sent his head flying back and a sharp snap to his nose. I would of been lying if I said I wasn’t impressed.

“Hand me a napkin there Kevin. He got his fluids all over my knuckles. “.

I could only nod and pass the napkin over to here. Dorian came up to us. He gave one look at Allen’s bleeding face and Petra’s angered expression and knew what happened.

“I can see that Allen did something again. Can’t even keep his hands to himself at his own party.“.

“He’s lucky he still has hands.” Petra hissed.

“I figure you guys want to leave but the night is still young. Would you guys like dinner?“.

“That would be lovely. Besides, I do want to get to know my boyfriends date.“, she grins.

Dorian’s smile falters a bit. I don’t know why my chest constricted. Just seeing that brightness fade structed a vein in my heart. Beside, it’s not like we actually could date even without me being Petra’s ‘boyfriend’. I like women. Big women ,small women and all around in-between. I am totally without out a doubt not gay.





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