Scars on My Black

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Dinner with a Bear [Kevin]

This restaurant could use music.

The restaurant in question was one of those places that had cloth napkins. Peak chic in my opinion. However, my highest form of fine dining was the time I played third wheel or, how Jeremy had put it, wingman to Nikkei and him at the schools New Years Eve dance. Bess and I at that point were on ‘a break’ which lead to inevitable Valentines day break up.

Moving on from my failed love life, this restaurant turns out to be owned by the Cranes. If my parents owned restaurants, as Dorian had explained they owned many, I wouldn’t just empty it out to bring two people I just met. But the world of rich people never ceases to amaze me.

“Haven’t figured out what you are going to order yet?“, Dorian questions trying to peak over my menu.

“Yeah...fine. Just so many options.“, I say but mind supplies, ‘I don’t understand fucking thing on this menu. What the hell is a Crevette?’

“Maybe the Crevtt rooties o bur.”

Petra sighs and looks at the perplexed waiter, “He’ll have the Crevette Roties au beurre.“.

Dorian smiles and quickly sent the orders to the chef. Petra draws her hands through her hair drawing her curls back. Her nails tapping against her phone in a tempo that could be on par to In a Mountain Hall. Dorian shifted in his seat for what seemed like the sixteenth time. I knew it wasn’t from the chairs. These chairs feel like those really fancy mattresses you test out at a Thread, Linens and more shop.

Petra let’s a long disgruntled sound before rising herself up from her seat. “Going bathroom.“, she says and leaves with her face illuminated by the screen.

Dorian let’s out one of those chuckles you make when the cashier has checked everything and your mom still hasn’t come back from getting that one more item. He wringed his thumbs through cloth and I noticed the varying dark scars marking his arms.

‘Those look hella familiar.’, I thought.

He seemed to have noticed my staring. His hands dart under the table, almost taking the cloth with them. It was sad how his eyes fell low. Not as sadder than this blame atmosphere but still sad.

“This place could really use music.”

His head shout up, “What?”

“Music. It’s really dry in here. Unless fine dining is suppose to be soulless then this is perfect.“.

A small smile cracked on his bearded face. “Yeah. You are right. It is dry in here. We use to have music but violinist turned out to be a homophobic peace of ass. My parents were busy with the other businesses and gave me the task.“, he rubs his neck, “I never got around to finding a new musician.“.

‘Teddy Bear’, my mind supplied looking at his slightly hunched posture. I didn’t know whether to be creeped out with my mind or smitten by his cuteness.

Smitten by his cuteness?

I’ve been moving too far out my bubble for one night. Leaving all the fumes out and letting some air come in. I reached into my pocket digging out my cracked phone, thank you Petra , and pulled out a video. It was a few months back, Valentines to be accurate, and it was suppose to be a original piece for Bess but shit happened.

As I held the phone out for Dorian to hear I could see the look on his face change. The initial teddy bear look on his face morphed to curiosity. This curiosity raised his eyebrows a softened his smile. The small movements of his head to the rhythm sold me on his answer. I pulled back the phone and gave a satisfied smile.


“How much do you charge?”

“How much you willing to pay?“.

“Two thousand five hundred a month.”

My smile fell as quick as it came. “You got to be shitting me.”

Dorian’s teddy bear look was back, “Was that not enough. Damn I’m bad at this.“.

“No! Hell no. That’s just a lot of money.“.

“My parents paid the last guy like a thousand dollars less than that so I thought that was good.“.

“I’m not even licensed or anything.“.

“I know.“, He looks up from the hole he was making in the table. His eyes now digging into mine, “I think you are very..“, he bends his bottom lip. “Good. Extremely Good.“.

I never thought there would be a day that I get heated up for a big Norwegian man. Half Norwegian but that’s besides the point. I held my phone out for him.

“Lend me your numbers there boss.“.

My god, I think he will die from embarrassment if he gets any redder. He fumbles with the phone before typing in his number. He hands the phone back and for a brief moment our fingers touch. He was most defiantly burning as we sit. I had little chance to idle on the fact that this man has a crush on me before the pain in my spine came clicking back.

She sat back in her seat and looked between the two of us. Her mouth pouted in a blossom and then bloomed into a knowing smirk. “What’s with you two? Had fun while I was away?“.

Before Dorian could blow his blood vessels the waiter came back with our food. The food was a beautiful mess of tangy smells that danced in my nostrils and then my mouth. I knew my food instincts picked well when ordering. I would die a million deaths just for a plate of shrimps. I could eat any kind of shrimps in any place. Hell, while everyone was crying over my granddad two years ago I was stuffing my self with shrimps he wrote to be there at his funeral.

What surprised me most tonight wasn’t the fact a man has a crush on me. It was the fact that Petra could eat a whole twelve pound stake and still have desert. I have to admit I earned some respect for her. Bess use to always be concerned about how much she ate while in public which was annoying. If you go out to eat you should eat. Don’t go out with me ordering a salad and then stare at me like I do you something while I eat my shrimp pasta.

“It was nice having diner with you Kevin. And you too Petra. Sorry about Allen again.“, Dorian says as we stand in the parking lot.

“Just know if I see that man again I’m ramming him with my car.“.

Dorian let’s out a nervous chuckle, “I’ll pass on the message.“.

“Thanks. And thank you for the meal.“, she says and opens the car door climbing in.

Dorian fixes the cuffs of his sweater down, “I’ll text you the timetable tomorrow. It’s mostly nights so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with school.“.

“Yeah. I’ll check out for that.”

“I had a nice time tonight.“.

“Me too. I guess we will be spending more time together boss.”

That damn silly blush, “Yeah. Yeah we will.“.

He looked like he was going to hug me before turning on his heels and going to his car. I watched as he walked away longer than I needed to. Petra honked the horn. I groaned as I dragged myself into the car.

It’s not gay to admit another guy is cute. It’s natural to appreciate a person’s appearance. So what if I like his golden beard or his almost teddy bear like demeanor. Our the way when he blushes I could see his blue eyes pop. Maybe I am gay? Bi?




What the fuck were in those shrimps!

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