Scars on My Black

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Photoshoots are Optional [Kevin]

It’s cold as hell in this medieval castle looking school.

Really, this school has enough money to pay for a rowing team, which is the most useless sport to have next to croquet, but insists on keeping the halls open and stone cold. Even the hockey rink here is heated. Besides my fingers going numb I have another thing on my mind.

‘I haven’t heard from Jeremy in awhile. Heck, I haven’t even seen him or Nikkei all day and it’s almost lunch.’ I thought as I flipped thorough the messages I sent him last night.

‘Maybe I should go home tonight. Haven’t been back since the incident.’.

I rounded the corner intending to beat the rush in the cafeteria when a familiar bird chipper of voice caught my attention. I peered past the stone wall, ignoring how the stone chilled my chest, to see Bess and Principal Owls talking. Bess continuedly smoothed the length of her left cornrow as she listened. She always had to fiddle with something when she talks to the staff here.

Principal Marianne Owls, or lord empress if being formal. It can be said without hesitation that Petra took after her mother. The same head of red hair adorned her own but laid stiffly straight down her back. Her cupid bow lips over forms her words as she speaks down to Bess.

“Ms. Swan, I have you scheduled for the three photoshoots instead of the two we discussed prior.“.

“Three? I thought the ad page didn’t need updating?”

“It doesn’t but the student website need new testimonials. That wouldn’t be a problem Ms. Swan?“.

“No Madam Owls.“.

“Very good.“.

Principal Owls gave a tight smile showing off the age creases by her eyes. She turns, her hair smacking Bess’ face, and struts away. I’m starting to believe that all Owl’s walk that way.

Now I can’t stop imagining Mr. Owls strutting away with heels. That is if heels can support that colossal of a man.

“Still the servant for the red haired Empress?“, I asked coming up to her.

“Are you still the slave for the Queen?“.

“So cold.“.

“What do you want Kev?“.

“I just want to know why you still slaving yourself to her.”

“Kevin, unlike you, I don’t whore my body to the queen to get what I want.”

“Man, Bess. It ain’t like that. If it was, I would be coming to you for pointers.“.

“It’s obvious you have not changed at all since we broke up. ”

“Then why did you keep checking up on me?”

Her eyes narrowed into slits. It’s always so cute when she got that look on her face. A look of fierce determination mixed with that special kind of anger she holds only for me. I should ask Charlez to paint it one day. I can just see the mirror reaction she would have to the painting.

“Because one day that self deprecating mind of yours may finally succumb you. I just want to be around to tell you I told you so.“.

“Oh so you have jokes now? Bess, why would you think I’m afraid of that? I’m surprised I haven’t pushed it earlier.“.

Bess’ familiar twitch right above her eye signaled the end of the conversation in her mind. She turned quickly on her heel and flicked her hand in a sort of flare. I never knew why she thought that looked good. It doesn’t matter anyway - she is not getting away from this.

“¿No es odio a sí mismo lo que estás haciendo ahora con Madam Owls?” , Bess stopped in her tracks, “Tú eres quien les cambió el nombre. Yesenia Swan”.

I don’t register the slap at first. For a brief moment, I thought the world stopped. Then it started back up with a fierce ringing. There’s nothing more deafening than an angry Latina woman’s slap. Reminds me of the time my abuela smacked me for not knowing how to hold silverware properly. It was either that or she was just mad I slipped called her abuela in front of her church friends. It all stung the same way.

“Never say that name again. You here me Kevin. Never!“, she hissed before leaving.

That was a mess. It doesn’t matter anyway, She can do what she want. I don’t care! Why would I care? It is clear that she doesn’t. She almost made me miss lunch with this.

When I arrived at the cafeteria, which resembled a banquet hall with it’s long tables wooden tables and chandeliers that twinkled like stars, it was mostly empty. Most students already heading out to the many recreation rooms before their next class. So it came to me as a shock when I heard the red queen herself hailing me to her table. I would love to just flip her off. I was not in the mood for whatever she has planned for today. But I came over anyway. Didn’t need to give her a reason to cry for the executioner.

“Petra, why you call Nesquick over here.“, Jasmine groaned leaning against her large arm candy or should I say potato, Ryan.

“Jasmine no one asked you to speak so shut the fuck up.“, Petra smiled and pushes a plate of some mystery grey stuff with noodles over to me, “If you had come earlier it would of been warm.”

“I don’t think even if it was warm it would look better.“.

Jasmine gave a huff but didn’t say anything. The air at this table felt like molasses. The others at the table, another girl who was next to the Potato, whom I’m going to call Celery for that ridiculous green bangs, kept staring at me like I was walking through a grocery store. The boy next to her whose lips looked to be in desperate need for Chapstick nudged her out of it.

“You’re name’s Kevin right?“, Ryan said breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“No it’s Kevquannel.”

The celery girl not so whispered to razor mouth, “See I told you they have weird names.“.

Petra sends a dirty eye my way before addressing her court, “Kevin is just joking, Ryan. “, the smile on her face drops so fast I think I got whiplash, “Miyrell I suggest you keep your comments to your self.“.

“It’s Mireille.“, she muttered.

“And now it’s Miyrell.“.

“Let’s just move on now.” Ryan said with a forced smile and looked at me, “Kevin, how does it feel to be dating the queen herself?“.

“I don’t know Ryan. Usually males in a beehive are killed after mating with the queen. How do you think it’s going.“.

Petra looked like she was about to send her Chanel’s up my ass when Jasmine decide to open her mouth again.

“Does that mean you guys haven’t fucked yet? I was just about to ask if the rumors are true about you people.“.

Did this bitch just say ‘you people’. Who does this little Wendy girl think she is. If only if Bess was here. She would of yanked that girl by her extensions and body slam her back to stone age. Hell, I would hang her by her spider lashes. I would -

“Jasmine, things all happen in due time.“, Petra smiled.

It all happen in a click. One moment I’m thinking off ways to off the bitch and next I feel like I’m about to throw up. Her hand. Why was her hand on my thigh? Why the hell is it crawling up? Off! I want it off! I want it off now!

‘Sr. Falcon. Tienes un hijo tan bueno. Muy guapo.’.

I think I slapped her hand away. I don’t know. I just knew I got it off. I had to get it of. I need to. Why was it getting harder to breath? Fuck, where was Jeremy when you needed him?

“Don’t fucking touch me!“.

I didn’t wait for their reactions. But I could imagine them being a mixture of confusion, fear and pure anger. All those coming from Petra alone. I didn’t care. She can go fuck herself for all I care. I just need to get away.

I ended up at the bench. I took a seat that I took many times before and shut my eyes. It hurts to breathe but I heave anyway. I ran a hand through my curls which got stuck half way through. Stupid hair, stupid Petra, stupid body! The feeling of a buzz rumbles through my pockets. I took it out despite not being in the mood to face Petra’s texts. To my surprise it was not Petra.

Jeremy: I am sorry for making you go on that date.

Kevin: No problem. Got a free meal.

Jeremy: Can I tell you sumthin. I do not want others to know.

Kevin: What?

Jeremy: Nikkei’s pregnant.

Kevin: 😶 you gone fucked up.

Jeremy: Never mind I should not have told you.

Kevin: Sorry. Just did not expect this to happen to you. Charlez yes. But you are a surprise.

Jeremy: I know. Thought so too.

Kevin: Look man I got you. Nikkei ain’t bad and you two clearly have chemistry.

Jeremy: Just hope it is enough.

Kevin: No worry. You two responsible. What is the worst that can happen?

Jeremy: You just had to say it.

Kevin: Yep.

Jeremy: Can I get the last word. 😡

Kevin: Nope 😊

Wasn’t expecting that to happen today. Didn’t expect to flip and yell at Petra either. Jeremy’s going to be a father and I’m about to be executed. It’s just feels unreal. Not the me being executed part - that was expected. It seemed like the executioner has arrived as a familiar shadow cloud over me. I suppose it’s time to meet my fucking maker.

“What the hell was that back there Kevin!“.

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