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Ever stare at a stranger and wonder who the younger version of them was? Follow one woman's imagination of who this mobile stranger may have been in her past life.

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Of A Stranger

There is a beauty to someone lost in their own mind; whether physical or mental. Sitting there a lovely older woman brimming on the cusp of late forties in age. Her eyes blank, dark chocolate with an aura of confusion or hiding the chronic pain. Her brows furrowing combating the gruesome claws of whatever she is combating, hands gripping a walking stick, and lips sealed tightly together. She sat there in that hard plastic chair physically unmoving, eyes lazily scoping her surroundings… I wonder what this woman is thinking. Stuffed into a long fur trench coat, in a pair of too-short jeans, and walking shoes. I stare at this beautiful face barely etched with laughing lines. Who was she before this moment? All I know is her name… Belinda.

A dancer, her body is lean even now. Slightly hunched over and gripping that walking stick like it is keeping her planted to the ground. Funny thing? That light brown piece of a dead tree is keeping her from floating away as she did in her youth. Belinda floated across stages with a large toothy smile and red lips. The costumes she would wear shimmered in the stage lights. Belinda did ballet, she was graceful, but as she grew in age the injuries caught up with her.

No, you see, Belinda must have been a gymnast. Pole vaulting over large platforms with no smile. She would have been stoic showing no fear to those looming beams. Her high ponytail accenting those sharp slender cheekbones. Almond-shaped eyes not empty as they are now, but burning with determination.

Enough, let me tell you who Belinda really is and where she came from. She was born into a two-parent household to people who never loved one another. They were passive and never spoke of emotions. Young Belinda watched these two strangers; named mom and dad interact with no desire. The lack of affection made her search for it between the legs of others as she grew into a young adult. Belinda knew she was beautiful and vivacious. Full of vibrant life and a label across her forehead that read, “I will fuck you to make you love me!” Yet she knew it never made her lovers stay.

She was a big girl then, who already witnessed this with a pregnancy scare. She sat on the cold porcelain toilet pants around her ankles. Nausea crept from the depths of her stomach and burned her esophagus. Belinda had just peed on the cheap drugstore test. Her fingers trembled and here in this snapshot, she was only fifteen. Too young to raise a baby and she drank every chance she got, to keep away that gnawing loneliness. How was she going to raise a baby… by herself? Yup, that deadbeat ran away as soon as he heard. A man old enough to be her father and he just up and left as soon as she said her period was late. At this point, she wanted that father figure, but the only way she knew how to keep them was to wrap her legs around their waist and hold on for dear life.

She wasn’t always this way, you see. Belinda was a wide-eyed child with larger-than-life dreams. Her circumstances prevented the growth she needed to make them possible. Yet here she was staring at the dirty wall tile of some no-name gas station. The risk of going home and pissing on this cheap plastic was one she would not take. The seconds ticked by and the stupid box said to wait five minutes before reading the daunting blue plus sign or single line. She laughed… at this moment she belly laughed; doubling over still gripping the worst ten dollars she ever spent. Her midsection resting on her slender thighs as the rumble escaped the deepest part of her. This moment determined how the rest of her life would go. If she kept it, well her unlovable father would tear the fetus from the safety of her womb. While her mother would weep and tell her, this creature would be the only pure love the world had to offer. Belinda now felt the insatiable urge to become a mother at the age of fifteen. Then reality set in, that blue line appeared and life went back to normal.

The dark humor of that moment in that dirty bathroom was foreshadowing the murderous womb she had cradled in her pelvis. Belinda found out that she would not have any chance of bearing a child at the age of twenty-two. This darkness clouded her… even her own body deemed her unworthy of love and affection.

Even so, Belinda was none of these things. Instead she was a woman in a store waiting for her husband to take her arm. Guiding her to a life I will never know. If you must know this man rescued her. Gave her affection and security just as he gripped her arm and helped her stood. They're closer in age and more in tuned. The love was organic and never manufactured by the necture of desperation.

The last snapshot of them arm in arm her leaning on his shoulder. Gingerly her eyes lit up for a second... Belinda my dancer, gymnast, wild child... There you are.

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