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Rhys Hanover is a classic rich douche. He sleeps around with women, he gets by with daddy's money , lived in a gated community and plays a sport. Basketball, he would not be caught dead in that puffy football uniform. This all changes when Daddy decides to rent his son's womb out for some of his socialite friends. Yes, womb. Rhys' Hanover is not only a classic rich douche. He's also part of the section of the male population that can carry children. Seeing his son's mutation as an advantage he agrees to help Rhys keep out of public knowledge. Little did Rhys know his father was crafting his greatest fear. When encountered with his greatest fear he could only do one thing. Run. He ran out of his pampered lifestyle and onto the streets. How will Rhys survive this mess? How will he handle caring for a child he does not want? If only Rhys could know. [ Chapter lengths: [1k to 2k words] [ Updates: Monday]

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Baby's are Useless

Babies are useless. They cry, they poop and most importantly they want all your stuff because they can't fend for themselves. Now, this is not completely wrong. To Rhys Hanover he believes that babies are frightening for those aspects.

'It's like mind control.' He would say every time a baby related show came on. All the adults would gush and rave about their precious Angel's to only chuck them to the streets when they disappoint.

This is what's happening to Rhys. Maybe not exactly but close enough. He is being thrown out but the reason he's being thrown out is his father's fault completely.

It all started when he woke in the morning. It started as any other day for Rhys. He got up, did his morning workout routine and took a piss. It was going well until his stomach decided to be the nuisance it is and told him he has exactly five minutes to get to the toilet before he lurks all over his duvet.

He scrambles to the porcelain throne and expels his contents into it. Rhys barely remembers the last time he saw stars when he vomits. As he laid there clutching the expensive smooth bowl he did not realize this was the start of many more mornings.

This aspect of routine soon began taking over the majority of it. He can't even reach the 'get up' part sometimes. This lasted for about a month before he told his mother about it.

His mother, sweet little soul, was quick to make a doctor's appointment. The only problem is, he never got to attend it. His father, wicked old fart, canceled every appointment his mother tried to make.

"It's just growing up dear.", He would grumble, "It will toughen him up.".

He acts like he doesn't care but smirks with an odd smirk when he sees him hunched over at the breakfast table. He knows what's wrong. Rhys did too. But for four months he refused to acknowledge the option.

Why would he? He's never bottomed before. Reason being that he's part of that section of the male population who can carry children. He knows he doesn't want to carry kids and does his best to never let him get close to a scare. He religiously takes his birth control - he never misses a day.

So, how could Rhys be pregnant? It was impossible for him to have conceived by himself. Which he is correct about. He did not conceive by himself. He had a little help from a wicked fat man.

It's going onto the fourth month and he is still in denial. He came to the breakfast table and the nanny, Vanya, was busy serving Father his voluptuous meal of six eggs scrambled with a side of bacon and topped with slow cooked chili. He also had the usual bread and butter on the side.

He believes this is the first time he's not been in pain of vomiting in awhile. He was just extremely hungry.

"Vanya, can I please have some egg scrambled.", he asked.

Vanya looked back in shock. "But Master Rhys, you never eat eggs scrambled. You were watching your intake before." Vanya said but continues with the order.

Rhys ate those eggs like they were heaven on a plate. He ended up having four servings of eggs along with his usual toast and jam. His father was quick to take note of that.

"Rhys, I see you've developed quite an appetite.", Father said to him.

Rhys replied with tight lips, "My sickness has decreased.".

A flicker of a frown graces his pudgy face, "I believe it is time to go to the doctor.".

'So now I'm worth going to doctor you sack of gravy.', he thought but said, "Yes Father.".

For the whole drive not one of them uttered a word. Rhys places a hand on his softening abs unaware of what's truly causing it.

He pulls up in front of the clinic and immediately their private hospital staff is ushering Rhys into the exam room.

"Mr Hanover has informed me Rhys that you've been nauseous?", the doctor said.

"Was. It's stopped as of recently.".

The doctor nods and flips through his files.

"Lay on your back for me Rhys.".

Rhys huffs and lays on his back. 'Don't know how this relates to nauseous.'

The doctor lifted up his shirt and began pressing his cold gloves on his abdomen. The gives a soft hum to Rhys discomforting grunts. Once the doctor was satisfied with what he felt, left the room with his Father in tow .

Rhys is left laying on the cold hospital table dwelling inside. 'This is some bullshit. Am I dying or something?' He thought.

Rhys jumps off the table and goes to the door. He leans close the cracked door and listens to the most horrible news he could ever imagine.

"The insemination process was a success. I think you should bring him in for an ultrasound." The doctor said.

My Father lets out one of his big bellied laughs. "Good News. Very good news. The family would be pleased to know it was successful.".

Rhys felt blood well on my throat. Screaming isn't an option. He took one step back and then two. Now he's sprinting down the pavement outside the clinic.


His legs are starting to burn.

'Insemination equals....equals'

His legs give out underneath him.


Rhys Hanover is pregnant and he's pissed off and terrified at the same time. He looks around the alleyway he collapsed in. The puddle from last night's shower soaks into his denims. He huddles himself into a close knit ball. An agonizing scream rapes through his vocal cords. He couldn't fight this or run away from it.

'Shit, Shit, Shit!' He curses in his head, 'I'm royally screwed.'.

'I can't. I just can't go back home. To see that man again.' He gags upon the thought.

'Think Rhys, Think!', he thinks, ' Got it! There's a planned parenthood around here. That would at least solve one problem.'.

Rhys brought himself to his feet and wiped the tears from his eyes. 'No tears Rhys. They aren't going to solve shit.'.

He digs into his pocket and checks his wallet. '300 dollars, I hope they don't go over that. That is if you have to pay for this sort of thing.'.

Planned Parenthood is a good few blocks away. Rhys makes it there but immediately slouches in the chairs. His legs were still burning from the run.

"Sir, are you okay?", a receptionist asked from her desk.

Rhys pants slightly and goes up to the desk. "I'm fine. I would like an abortion. Please.".

The receptionist looked him up and down. "How far along are you?".

'Fuck.' He shifts on his heel. "I don't know. I just found out today.".

She purses her lips and pulls out a clipboard. She writes something down and looks up at Rhys. "Do your parents know you are here....".

"Rhys. My names Rhys and no. They don't.".

She lets out a sigh and presses the intercom. "Doctor Loren, are you available for an ultrasound and blood test?".

A soft hum comes from the other end, "Yes, send the patient in."

"The office is the second door to the left.".

Rhys lets out a relieved breath and walks to the office. Inside was very sterile and a bit cramped. Doctor Loren stood up from her desk with a smile.

"Why hello Mr skyscraper." She smiled and extended her hand for a shake, "You must know already I'm Doctor Loren. And what may you be called up there.".

"I'm Rhys."

"Okay Rhys, hop up on this table or should I just bend down on it." She lets out a nasally giggle.

She buzzes around the room getting her equipment ready. "So Rhys, what sport do you play?".

"How did you.."

"A tall man like yourself ,and not to mention those defined arms, is bound to play some sport."

"I play basketball."

She walks over and extends his right arm and begins wrapping the band on it. "And how did Mr.Basketball player end up with a bun in the oven.".

Rhys looks away and his body tenses up.

Doctor Loren eyebrow raises and moves on, "This will only hurt a bit.", she said.

She sterilizes the area and then pricks his arm. Once the vial is filled she pulls out the needle and bandages him.

"I'll get the result from that later. What I need you to do is lay back and show off those muscles.".

'What is wrong with this doctor.'he thought and lifted up his shirt.

She wheels over an ultrasound machine and turns it on. She places the cool jelly on his abdomen and begins moving the probe. It didn't take long before an image of a blurry baby took over the screen.

"Isn't that beauty.", she mutters.

Rhys doesn't know whether to puke or cry. This foreign invader has already mutated into viable form.

"Does that mean I can't get an abortion?", Rhys asks.

"Sadly you're way too far along to have one. I do know some good adoption agencies though." Doctor Loren says still moving the probe around to get a better look.

"I..I can't do this. I can't. I don't have anywhere to go with a baby in me.".

Doctor Loren looks at him with sad eyes. "Well Rhys I'm not sure how to help you.".

"Forget it." He gets up from the table in a rush. "How much do I owe you?".

"Consultants are free.".

"Okay, thank you Doctor Loren." Rhys said and didn't stay around any longer.

He exits in a rush. It was then he realized he doesn't know where to go from here. His moved absently in a random direction. He'll just keep moving. Away from this place and away from his father.

Away with just himself and the never leaving baby.

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