Vanilla & Strawberry (gxg)

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They were opposites. Lily just wanted to blend into the crowd, try her best not to be noticed. Sky was a free-spirited girl who didn't give a damn about anyone else's thoughts. A quiet musician. An outgoing artist. Two pasts- both secrets. Could an unexpected encounter change them- for the better or worse? ~~~ "Hey, Vanilla! What do you think?" She called. She wiped a bead of sweat from her face, smearing white paint on her tanned face. She flashed a bright smile that seemed to light up the entire world around us. Everything disappeared around us and suddenly it was just me and her alone. A strand of her hair fell out of her messy bun and she was wearing painting clothes, but she was perfect. In this boring, plain, and colorless world, she brought light and hope. She painted color into our bland city. "Will you stop calling me that," I grumbled, still admiring her. I looked at her for a minute more before saying, "You're like strawberry." She looked at me confused. "What?" "If I'm Vanilla then you're Strawberry." She lifted an eyebrow, a playful tint in her eyes. "And why is that?" I leaned my head back, admiring the fluffy clouds above me. "You're colorful- and different, unlike the plain vanilla or original chocolate. And also," I muttered this last part. "strawberry is my favorite."

Drama / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
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I’m not going to put a ‘warning’ for this since it’s not bad, but if you are uncomfortable, this IS a girlxgirl book, in case you didn’t see it in the title. If you don’t like that, *points to the exit* the door is that way. If you’re still here then I hope you enjoy the book and comment or leave a review!

I flipped the page of my new book. I got it this morning and was already over halfway finished with it. Since it was after school, there weren’t many people left here. I was so absorbed in my new book, I didn’t notice them standing there. Mia Hendrix and her annoying group.

I try my best to just blend in. No one really notices me- and I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t really get bullied for most of my life because no one really cared about my existence. I was a waste of time and a waste of space- to the bullies too. But then I moved here. I was the new kid at a new school in a new city. And new people. Most people left me alone, not bothering with me. But for the first time in my life- I had bullies. And it was a lot worse than in books.

I moved here in the middle of my Sophomore year, and have been bullied ever since my first day. Even now, in my Junior year, I’m still being bullied.

“Oh look! The loser is still here,” The main leader of their little ‘group’, Mia, said. I closed my book and held it close to my chest, shrinking down. They walked over to where I was, and she pushed me back when I tried to duck around them. “Your so pathetic,” she said, grabbing my book and holding it up. She was like the stereotypical ‘mean popular girl’. Head cheerleader, puts on a sweet act around the guys but bullies people like me, she fits the stereotype well. She was probably nice somewhere deep, deep, deep down- but she’s only ever been mean to me. It’s like she goes out of her way just to make my life as miserable as possible, almost like it’s a game.

I sigh but reach up to try and grab my book, to which she holds it up high in the air. She’s much taller than me, so I know there’s not much I can do. “Can I please have my book back?” I ask. “What, this?” She asks, waving the book around above me. I nod and she laughs aloud, her two friends behind her following her lead. She pushed me to the ground, then proceeded to throw my book behind her- to the boy’s bathroom opening. My eyes widened as I realized I wouldn’t be able to get it. But while the book was midair, heading straight for the bathroom, a hand caught it. “Leave her alone, Mia,” the person said. I was relieved, but at the same time confused. I don’t have any friends, so who is this?

“And why should I?” Mia asked, tauntingly, still glaring at me. The mysterious person walked past Mia, hitting her with his shoulder and making her stagger back a little. I looked up from my spot on the ground and was met with sparkling emerald green eyes and a bright smile, a strand of blonde hair falling over the side of his tanned face. The boy looked down at me and reached his hand out to help me up, but I refused, grabbing my bag from a few feet away and quickly standing up, brushing myself off. I took my book back from his other hand and pushed my glasses up.
“Thanks,” I muttered and, holding my book tightly to my chest, quickly scurried away and to where I was originally heading: the music room.

I sighed in relief, shutting the door behind me and leaning back on it. After a few seconds of just leaning on the door with my eyes closed, I set my bag down by the door and pulled out my notebook and pencil. “I can’t wait to finally start writing the music for the lyrics I wrote last night,” I muttered aloud to myself as I walked over to my guitar, which I left at school. I sat on a seat nearby and put my notebook on the stand, opening it up to the most recent page with lyrics from a song I wrote. I hummed how I wanted the song to go first, then proceeded to play my guitar to match my humming, testing out different notes until it sounded how I liked. “Oh! That’s the note I was looking for!” I exclaimed and smiled a little as I wrote it down on the staff. I went through I quick run-through of the melody I had written in my notebook and smiled when it was how I wanted it to sound. Taking a deep breath and placing my fingers over the appropriate strings, I began to sing the lyrics along with the chords.

The boy’s POV
I held out her book to her and offered my hand to help her up, but she just grabbed her bag and took the book, refusing my help. I think I heard her mutter ‘thanks’, but it was so quiet I’m not sure. I watched her timid figure as she ran down the hall.
“Uh, hey! What’s your name?” I called after her, but she ignored me and turned the corner. I looked down and saw that she had dropped a piece of paper while running away. I glared one more time at Mia and them before picking it up and quickly running after her. I could hear Mia’s scoff from here.
I stopped at a corner at looked around. Shit, I don’t know which way she went. I looked down at the paper and turned it over, reading the small and neat handwriting. At the bottom was a staff and some notes written. Is this a song? I’ll have to look it up later, maybe getting to know her music taste will help me know her better. I wonder if she plays an instrument and/or sings? Why else would she have the melody and lyrics of a song handwritten on paper? I wonder why she didn’t just print it though
I heard a noise coming from a room nearby, snapping me out of my thoughts. I walked to the door and looked through the small window in the door. And there she was. The girl from earlier, playing a guitar and singing. She’s actually really good, I thought, surprised. I cracked the door open a little and slipped inside. Her playing skills were great and her voice was amazing.
“No, that doesn’t sound right...” she muttered to herself, pausing midway through for a second and picking up a pencil to erase and rewrite something on the paper on her stand. My eyes widened. Wait, did she write these songs herself? The song I read on this paper and the song she was singing right now were good, like professional level good. Did she seriously write these herself? When she finished the song and started to close her notebook and stand up, I spoke up.
“You’re an amazing singer and talented guitar player. Did you write the songs yourself?” I asked. She jumped in surprise, not knowing anyone was listening. I was leaning on the door frame, her paper still in my hand. She blushed and looked down, fiddling with her hands. “I- I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was listening. And u- um y- yes I did um write them myself,” she said, embarrassed. I handed her the paper I had picked up earlier and flashed a bright smile. "O- oh um thank you," she muttered, quickly taking the paper from me and putting it in her notebook. She zipped her bag and grabbed her guitar, which was now in its case, and put it on her back.
She started to leave, but I reached out and grabbed her wrist. She visibly flinched and I let go. "Um, what's your name?" I asked. I don't know why I cared so much, but she just seemed so shy, it was kind of adorable. And she was really sweet and talented, she didn't deserve to be bullied like that. She smiled a small smile and said, "Lily. My name is Lily," before scurrying out the door.

A/n: Hey everyone, I hope you liked the first chapter! The first few aren't too good, but I hope you stick with me! It'll get better, don't worry :)
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