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He was an officer. She was his downfall

Drama / Romance
Alexa Kym
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“Crap Crap,” I cursed dropping the toast that had burned me.

I heard the door open. “Mommy! May is home!” my 3 yr old daughter called out. And yes. She was the May she was talking about.

“Hey May. How was your day?” I asked, embracing her. Gosh, she's wet.

“May and Daddy went fishing,” she said. Ah yes, he can't take care of her.

“Really? Why is May so wet?” I asked and I saw Jonah walk into the living room.

“I fell into the lake, daddy saved me,” she said and ran out the kitchen. I watched her little legs go.

I sighed and went back to trying to cook.

“Didn't you notice my presence?” Jonah, my billionaire husband finally broke the silence.

“Hello,” I simply said without sparing him a glance.

“Seriously Melissa? Just a hello?” he said I could hear his footsteps walking towards me. I sighed and craned my neck to face him.

“Yes Jonah. What do you expect? You come home in the fricking middle of the night, you shut me out, you don't wanna talk to me and you can't take care of May for a few hours,” I snapped.

“I want to talk now,” he said leaning on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah, right. I'm your little bitch who will follow your every command. Why should we talk when you want to talk?” I questioned him quite rudely.

“Do you know who you are talking to?” he asked. I pissed him off. Yeah, this is a normal routine. He comes home, we argue then he ends up sleeping somewhere else.

“Jonah Nathan Birch the second. Son to business tycoon, Nathan Birch the first,” I replied and began to walk away.

He grabbed my hand and made me face him

“Mel, I don't care who you may be or who's daughter you are but I'm not tolerating any disrespect from you. I'm- ” he started but was cut short by me.

“You're gonna hit me? I'm not your punching bag,” I spat then wriggled my arm out of his grip and walked away.

“Melissa! Get the fuck over here,” he called from the kitchen. I could hear him run after me but that just made me quicken my pace.

I walked into my room/ our room and slammed the door behind me.

“Melissa, why the fuck did you slam the fucking door!” he said then started knocking harshly on the door. He suddenly went quiet.

“Daddy, please don't hurt mummy, ” I heard a little girl's voice say.

Guilt and concern swirled round me. May had witnessed all that.

I heard Jonah sigh, “I'm not gonna,” he simply said and the was silence and footsteps slowly fading away.
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