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After an exclusive clique takes their bullying a little too far, high school reject Cassandra Michaels and her best friend come up with a plan to destroy them from the inside. With a hot new make-over, Cassandra turns Pleasant Valley High School upside down; but when Cass learns makeup and a new wardrobe can only get you so far, she decides if you can't beat'em, kill'em. Can Cassandra maintain her new picture-perfect image while staying one step ahead of the law, or will Sheriff Michaels discover daddy's little girl has a deadly new hobby? *Trigger/Content Warning* Some strong language. Adult themes. Mild depictions of gore. Mature themes. Death. Violence/Murder. Mentions of domestic violence. Assault. Comments containing of Homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and racism.

Drama / Horror
Ana Wryneck
Age Rating:

Authors Note

I know Inkitt frowns against authors notes but for the kind of story I plan to create I feel it would be irresponsible not to have one.

Normally when I write a book I explain what got me here and a brief explanation on what to expect but this one is going to be very different.

This is going to be a long one folks welcome to my scary Netflix series.

I was inspired by a tweet.

My answer was: Barbie Girl.

Popular kids ask a girl if she wants to go for a ride then do something horrible to her. Her BFF tells her best revenge is looking good. We get a makeover montage mixed with death scenes of all the popular kid’s trailer ending with her dolled up winking at the camera.

It was a pretty fly-by thing but then a lot of people suggested I wrote it and whereas I am a dark writer, I’ve never fully done horror but I gave it a shot and... It’s bad. In a good way. That’s bad.

I took my personal worse fears and things I find terrible and jammed them into a story. Whereas it will have my same dark bubble gum pop feel I didn’t hold anything back in this fiction.

I wrote a world I thought would be beautiful then unleashed something very ugly. I took personal experiences I don’t like to talk about and created people and situations I wouldn’t want to be near.

There are content and trigger warnings for:

Some strong language.

Adult/Mature themes.

Mild depictions of gore.

Gun violence.

Physical/Sexual Assault (This will not be graphic but I feel I would want to be warned)

Mentions of domestic violence.


Comments containing Homophobia, Transphobia, Bigotry Sexism, and Racism.

Like my other stories I like to be morally grey but I will say this: I have no intention of writing a true protagonist.

I know that is confusing but I feel there is a difference between a main character and a protagonist that becomes skewed when the story is in the head of the “Villian” or the Villain has a tragic back story that makes people want to root for them.

I’m not saying who you should or shouldn’t root for. I’m saying:

Also... because for some reason whenever there’s a show or movie that is set in high school that isn’t Degrassi level PSA someone has to say: This should have been set in college.

No Janet. It fucking shouldn’t. Not everyone was sheltered so some of us wouldn’t be this impulsive or emotionally immature.

It’s set in high school because the motives of teenagers are very different than that of adults. It’s the time where you have the most freedom with the least independence. I just don’t see an adult having to lie to their parents so save that comment for your blog.

God, I hate this character comments are encouraged.

Despite this being written about teenagers it’s not really for teenagers. I wouldn’t suggest reading under 17.

Also... Cause... I’m dotting my I’s.

The main character is Bi. Her dad is a Transman. Her other dad has no label but I guess if I had to he would be demisexual.

Their motives and behaviors are representative of them as people, not the community. Just because I’m a pansexual Demi girl that does not make this an own voices thing.

Do 👏🏽not 👏🏽expect👏🏽 a 👏🏽hero👏🏽

We the Queople can be bad people too. Or good. Or bone. They are who they are.

Okay, dope. With that said. No identity shaming, no kink-shaming, and I dropped a few Easter eggs in there to ease you into the violence to come.

Not all of it is murder shabby stab but more to test what you the reader is comfortable with. If there’s something that makes you go... Oh, that’s... That’s gross. It’s probably going to get worse. Minus the assaults, I’m not to the level of writing to feel those need a deep description. Anything I do describe is needed for context. Don’t expect worse that’s as bad as it will get.

The story will start as a slow burn and... I go want to mess with your head but I don’t want to like hurt you... I love you reader. So take your time. Okay, that’s the warning.

P.S: This is a teaser. Little hello from the characters. I was thinking about adding music & changing some names and a certain character’s look. I liked the idea of having two main leads “Griffin and Ken” to be two sides of the same coin. Different races but both blue eye popular boys but the more I wrote Griffin and Cassandra the more I began to think of

Yep. Just yup. Know that I’m a fan. So let me know should I keep him blonde hair blue eyes or go for tall brunette?

P.P.S: I like thrillers more than horrors. They leave a lot for the viewer to interpret so I’m going to do that here and there. I... I know that’s frustrating but that’s why it’s fun.

Coming soon...

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