Family of pain

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When you can't take care of your kids then you should have thought about that before having sex. If you can't love and care for them put them up for adoption they deserve love, protection, care, kindness, and Joy. Or work harder to succeed in being a better loving parent. Just... Stop hurting your children.

Drama / Adventure
Tonya Brumley
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Dear Grandma,

Understand this, I don't regret stating the truth. It hurts me to have these things to say but you set yourself up for these words that I have to set forth. Just because the truth calls you out for who you truly are is on you, not me, not anyone else, just you. If you don't like the truth, you don't get to rewrite truth by manipulating everyone to believe your desired reality. Perceived truth isn't truth. Truth hurts, and it even hurt me learning the truth about you after freeing myself from underneath your manipulative grasp.

You were supposed to be a parent to me, but a parent is an earned, not inherited, title. It's an honorary title for someone who raises, cares for, and loves a child unconditionally as their own. The title of parent is an honorary medal, rewarding of a job well done. A parent is someone who gives each individual child a feeling of security and safety. A parent provides for a child's needs without question, and whom encourages that child in their dreams and aspirations. A parent is not someone who controls a child to mold them into who that person wants the child to become. A parent celebrates a child's individually, gives them hope and support, and loves them unconditionally no matter what. It's not an easy title and many can fail and let their hearts leave, but the ones who try and who love succeed.

The conversations we have had have given me more insight into the decisions I have made and helped me realize that fleeing you was a proper decision. You were not a good parent. You have not been a good parent. And because of your stubbornness, I doubt you will ever be a good parent lest you repent. Because of my experiences these past few months, I unfortunately know what it's like to need and receive help, but I've learned that giving and receiving is a part of life. Some people are only takers, or recivers, leeches on society and the people and social groups around them. But you have set forward an example, so I thank you, that you have set forth an example of what not to be, because it leaves you a miserable and nasty person. Life isn't always fair, but I have the embedded motivation and drive to give others hope and support unconditionally, that they may find a parent when there is none for them, on only a parent in name only in their lives. Moving out has helped in bringing my dreams to light and kicked them off with a great start.
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