Heart of Thorns

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I couldn't breathe. I felt like I couldn't go on any further. Sometimes, I question myself how am I still alive? Everyone hates me. My family blames me for my father's death. They even told me that I don't deserve to live anymore. Maybe they're right. What more do I have to do to be worthy of living? Nothing.....right? Alexa can't move on from her father's death. It was four years ago when the crash happened. Four years, some say that's a long time... Alexa would disagree.

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Chapter 1

I’ve always hated moving, because moving meant meeting strangers and starting life all over again. The last place we moved from was Thailand. My dad had wanted a new start as soon as my brother and I were old enough to travel. He decided to shift us all back to the States when I was only seven and Kai was ten. We moved to California, the State where my parents met for the first time.
Things had been going well as Kai and I grew older, but then on the day of my special day everything suddenly went downhill. It was my thirteenth birthday and my parents decided to throw me a birthday party. In the midst of the event, my dad went out to get something for me. At the time, I didn't know where he was going nor what he was doing, but he left and never came back.
Right when the party was over, we heard sirens outside our house and two police officers came knocking at our door. They quickly informed us that there had been an accident which said to believe that it was my dad. We quickly rushed out to see if it really was him, and the truth hit me. It hit us so hard as soon as we saw his body laying helplessly on the ground.
My mother burst into tears as Kai and I stood there with our teary eyes. I felt myself barely breathing as my throat became dry. I wanted to go to him and yell out his name to come back to life. But I was too shocked to move or to say anything.
A few weeks later after dad's funeral, mom decided to move us all to Florida to live with Aunt Meg. Things were never the same again without dad and so this was where my journey to hell began.
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