Let there be light

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An egg split into two. Two that are taught to be one but life and circumstances show that things are not always as they seem. Simeon and Samuel are two sides of a coin but are they too broken to be fixed or are they still ripe for saving. The major question is can they actually forgive and forget. Can they start over? Can they evolve? Are they ready to come into the light?

Drama / Romance
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The Secret

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Samuel asked me

It looks like a simple enough question but knowing the dynamic way my brother’s mind operates, I have to think very carefully before I respond to this question.

Did he know something? Did someone say something they should not have said? Did he suspect something?
All these questions and more were running through my head, I am definitely not going to implicate myself in anyway.

In that moment, all the things I had done against him came back to me like a strong wave of the ocean, I have done so many terrible things to my brother but before anyone judges me, I did have my reasons for doing such things.

“Simeon, I am still waiting on your answer” he calmly said

My palms are sweaty, my mind is racing, I am quite uncomfortable in my own skin, I am still not able to determine if he knows anything or if he is just suspecting something. If he is merely speculating, my saying the wrong thing could very well destroy things between us.

Like I said I had done so many things against him. Things that a lot of people may consider to be terrible. Some people may even go as far as to call these actions despicable. Not to sound like I am defending anything but when I was taking those actions, the aim was not to hurt him or to cause him any pain. In all honesty, there was no aim. I was just being human, just being very selfish and self serving.

“Samuel, what does that even mean?” I finally decided that the best defense is a good offense

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” he asked again with a sarcastic smile on his face and a slight shake of his head that I began to wonder if he is on to my tactics

“Samuel, if there is something you want to ask me, then go ahead and ask” I definitely wouldn’t give him the pleasure of implicating myself

“Simeon, is there something you think you should tell me? Angel has told me things” he said still with that smile on his face

Upon hearing her name, I am greatly devastated. If the ground can just open up and swallow me, I will want that escape. You may wonder who Angel is. I will tell you. Angel is my brother’s wife and at the same time she is the love of my life.

When I was thinking of the wrong things I did against my brother, it never crossed my mind; Angel never came to mind. Why are women so loose lipped? What did she say? Why will she even say anything that could bring about this conversation with Samuel? What is this woman doing? Or better still what had she done?
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