From Darkness

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Chapter 2: New

“Hurry Kristian or we will be late for your sister’s first day of school! Kristian, stop that!” Simone shouted at Kristian who, now at age ten, had taken up on being what Ivy considered a total idiot.
“Ugh... Mutti can we just leave him and go?” Ivy rolled her eyes.
“Okay okay I’m here, let’s go,” he arrived downstairs where Mother and Ivy were waiting for him while Father read the newspaper.

He said “Ivy come and give me a kiss, and be a good student now, today is a very important day. Ah look at you, you’ve grown so fast!“. She kissed her Vatti with a big kiss on the cheek and he hugged her. “See you later, little ones.”
“Bye Vatti.”

Ivy was very excited about going to school. She had been counting the months, then weeks and then days until she could finally go to school like her older brother. For her, this was an adventure, and Ivy was all for adventures. Mother took a different bus that day to drop her and Kris off at school, but told her from then on they would both go together on their own bus.

Ivy joined a large group of first-graders at the courtyard and they followed their teacher into their classroom.
“Welcome, everyone,” A short, stubby, grey-haired man said to them. He had the look of someone who loves teaching. “Today is Tuesday, September the first of the year nineteen twenty-five. We have a lot to learn together, so let’s get started...”

Ivy loved her new class and school. There were so many kids like her, she had never seen so many in one place. Not at the beach where lots of families gathered every Sunday, not at church, not even at a birthday party. During recess, all the kids ran to the courtyard to play and eat. Ivy sat down by a small fountain and stared at the falling water as she ate her green apple.

“Green apples are so sour!” a boy who looked about her age startled her.
“Oh... but they are delicious,” she told him.
“Not for me, I prefer the red ones. Say, do you know all the colors? What about numbers? I can count to a hundred,” he proclaimed with a very smug look on his face.

“I know a lot of colors, and yes Vatti taught me how to count, but I sometimes have difficulty past the thousands” she smiled at him.
“Thousands? Are you lying?” but before Ivy had a chance to say she was in fact not lying, he interrupted. “Well it doesn’t matter, does it? We’re in the same class, did you notice?”
“I think so, I’m sitting at the front so I can’t see many others” Ivy told him.
“I was sitting at the back. Maybe I can sit with you after recess? My name is Ulrich by the way, what’s your name?”

“My name is Yvonne, but my family call me Ivy.” Ulrich extended his hand for a handshake and as she took it. He said: “Very nice to meet you Ivy. My parents call me Uli, unless they’re angry, then I’m Ulrich again,” he laughed.
Ivy giggled but only because of his handshake. She was used to such handshakes from adults, but kids like them were never so formal.

Uli sat next to her when their class resumed, sending the boy who had previously sat next to her to his spot at the back. Uli had a very authoritative attitude for such a young boy, but Ivy liked him. They both enjoyed listening to their teacher and shared a passion for learning. Uli reminded Ivy of her cousin Karl, he had the same pale blonde hair and bright blue eyes. But, unlike Karl, Uli and she got along very well.

Ivy also made a lot of other new friends, her favorite after Uli was Julia. Julia was her age as well, and had brilliant red hair, hazel eyes, and lots of freckles. She lived near the beach just like Ivy. They promised each other they would go seashell hunting one of these days.

When Mother came to pick her up later that day, Ivy had so many stories to tell her. She had loved her first day of school, and made so many new friends. She was most excited about returning the next day and sitting next to Uli again.

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