From Darkness

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Chapter 7: Cheers

On a snowy January the 30th, of the year 1933, after months upon months of constant elections, the final day had come.

“Since Hindenberg became the president, he has done nothing but ruin the economy even further. Raising taxes, how is that going to help? That old fool! You can’t get an economy back on its feet by taking from it, you must give to it. And that’s what Hitler plans to do. I’m telling you, he’ll be our country’s salvation,” Mr. Schmidt told Peter as they both sat in the Köhler’s living room, right next to the radio. Mr. Schmidt was their neighbour and family doctor.

“Well today’s decision will certainly shape the future... it will change our lives, I can feel it,” Peter said to him. “I agree my friend, I’m very proud of all the votes I gave to Hitler during the elections, not only is he going to make a better leader, but he will also bring us peace. All the violence in the big cities is getting out of hand, ” Mr. Schmidt replied.
“Indeed, he truly deserved my votes as well. I just hope that old Hindenberg will finally give him the chancellorship,” Peter stated.

“I think he’s a strange man, all those nasty rumours about him and the obsessive love he had for his niece, it’s no surprise the girl killed herself,” Simone pointed out as she brought both men some tea.

“Simone those are just rumours, very ill ones at that,” Peter said.
“I’m just saying, everyone says it’s true, so many people can’t be wrong. On the newspaper it says he’s never been the same after her death and that it was his jealous, controlling attitude that drove her to it. Something’s off about him, I just know it,” she replied and went back to the kitchen before Peter had a chance to disagree.

It was the perfect day for being outside, and although she had promised Uli they would go to the forest that day, Ivy had to delay the trip. Despite his many protests, Uli gave up eventually and told her he was better off with his other friends anyway.

“Go on then, why complain so much only to say I’m dreadful?” Ivy retorted.

“Piss off...” Uli walked away angrily, kicking his football so hard he had to sprint after it.

The reason she had wanted to stay was to hear the news of the chancellorship meeting on the radio. Ivy had decided that she would not be considered a little girl anymore. She was a grown up now, and part of being a grown up was knowing everything that was going on around her. She was tired of adults treating her like a silly child when in truth she was an intelligent and mature young lady. Besides, her brother was off at the capital being respectfully treated as a man and as a soldier, and she wanted the same kind of attention.

The Nazi Party was constantly increasing in numbers and popularity. Hitler had become a celebrity, he was asked for an autograph wherever he went. He no longer had an image of a ‘Charlie Chaplin look-alike’ with a failure of a past. He now ran a convincing campaign, a simple slogan ′Freedom and Bread’ with promises ranging from “In the Third Reich, every German man will have a job” to “In the Third Reich every German girl will have a husband;” plus the support of the country’s most influential business leaders, bankers and industrialists. Meanwhile the current president, Hindenburg, had done nothing to earn any votes and had simply let Hitler gain more and more power until, ultimately, he was forced to back down.

A while past noon, Peter and Mr. Schmidt straightened up and Ivy put down her copy of the best selling book Mein Kampf, as the radio announcer finally gave the news of the Reichstag meeting in Berlin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Hitler emerged from the presidential palace teary-eyed, as they say, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He has emerged victorious, ladies and gentlemen! He has happily exclaimed “We’ve done it! We’ve done it!” before getting into his vehicle and driving around Berlin. Berlin, a city filled with cheering crowds... What a glorious day this is! Ladies and gentlemen, Adolf Hitler is now our president!”

Cheers erupted even at her house, and Ivy could hear more loud cheers and screams going on outside and at a distance. She decided to go to the plaza, surely there the celebrations would be wild and maybe she would see Uli. Uli’s father would definitely be there, for he was a passionate Nazi supporter.

When Ivy arrived at the plaza, however, the scene that welcomed her was very different from what she had imagined.

There were Nazi soldiers and lots of civilians celebrating yes, but there was also a different source to the screams. The way some civilians and soldiers were commemorating such a historical moment was appalling. They were throwing large bricks and garbage bins into the windows of some shops and businesses.

Without meaning to, Ivy got pushed closer to the chaotic scene and she managed to see that all the buildings being attacked were Jewish. She knew they were Jewish because they all had that strange star and symbols she had been told were Hebrew.

“What are they doing?!” Ivy asked a woman standing next to her. The woman stared at Ivy in horror and said “Run little girl, don’t stay here,” as she took her own advice and ran.

More civilians joined the destruction and the cheering, and Ivy expected the police to step in and stop it all but they never showed up. The soldiers encouraged the madness and Ivy immediately headed home before she got into trouble, knowing that her parents would soon, if not already, be aware of what was happening.

She failed to understand how come what was supposed to be a happy celebration of Hitler’s presidency had become cheering of window-smashing. Was the same happening at the capital? Maybe not, maybe it was just too much alcohol and a coincidence that these Jewish shops’ windows happened to be in the way.

Author’s Note:
This is a very brief depiction of how Adolf Hitler took/was given power. The true events were a lot more complex and there was a lot of waiting around, voting, coercion, and dirty tricks (within the political parties, the general public only saw the nice side, much like politics at any given point in history).

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