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(Short Version) After an accident that left the Spaslouette family devastated, the seven siblings grow up having lost one thing. The eldest lost her ability to feel emotions, the third could never grow up. The fourth had lost her hands, the fifth lost her ability to be literate, while the twins could no longer think differently. What the second lost was a mystery, but what united them all was the disappearance of their sister, Redécèssa. The years pass and they continue searching, but to no avail. During this time, the second-eldest grows an intense obsession over the man she calls her cousin, which leads her to starting a war. All this time, the rest continue hurting as they wonder if they will be alive to find their Redécèssa once more.

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Author's Note

Before reading this story, it is important that it be noted this book is not for a young audience or anyone unstable of mind, nor is it meant to raise awareness for mental illness of any sort. There are scenes of cruelty, violence, and acts of insanity portrayed, as well as suicide.

This is all 100% fiction. Any resemblances or references to existing or pre-existing human beings is completely coincidental. Do not attempt any of the acts portrayed. If you find that you are feeling symptoms of self-harm, seek help and do not read again.

Again, this is a work or fiction from my imagination, but that doesn’t mean I think the way some of these characters may. I would like to clarify that I am not suicidal or murderous. I would never harm a person and I value the gift of life that I had been given and my freedoms very much. None of these characters are meant to portray the way in which I think. This isn’t meant to display a covered form of bias, whether political or religious, and it isn’t meant to be used as a form of propaganda for any means, nor was it intended to contain anything of the sort.

This story does take place in another universe and time period, so there aren’t predictions of the future from my perspective that may be problematic.

Do not take this story as fact. It is fiction and a work of a healthy, stable mind.

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