Eyes Wide Open

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The Adventures Of Neelie continue as she has to continue to avoid danger from an enemy of her Fiancé Nelson Syphus. Not only is she trying to help him and herself, But their child is now a target. But is everything as it has always seemed? Deborah is hell bent on destroying Syphus and anyone associated with him. Syphus is trying to keep his company going and is about to introduce his new serum 'Venom' when things get weird.

Drama / Fantasy
Eileen M Kendall
Age Rating:

Story Disclaimer

The following story is just that, A Story. This is a work of fiction first based and now inspired by the story telling of Spellbound Inc. YouTube channel Project: 863. None of the “Villain’s” in this story are real nor is the Syntec Laboratories. There are no government contracts between said fictional company and Military. This is considered Fan Fiction.

Names of Real businesses and people in this story are:

Spellbound Inc. Studios of California.

Matthew ‘Matthias’ Fredrick, Woodland ‘Woods’ DeMar, Samantha Fekete,Michael ‘Mike’ Badal And everyone else behind the scenes.

Any names appearing, or names of some businesses not already mentioned above are by pure coincidence.

This book is a continuation from ”Through Thine Eyes”. It is written from The main characters perspective world. It may not follow with the Project:863 perfectly because of this but that is the magic of story telling. Different Perspectives. Keep an open mind while reading and forget everything you thought you knew. This is a whole other world.


This book contains details of situations that may trigger those with PTSD due to certain situations the characters face. Reader Discretion is advised.

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