Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 9


I had been starting to shake and feel the onset of shock while changing into my clothes, the dirty ones, thinking the shaking was just that, shock. Without warning, without even the tell-tell taste of metal my arms locked and I dropped to the floor. The aide tried catching me which slowed my fall keeping me from hitting my head hard of the floor. My jaw clenched and I couldn’t catch my breath. As sudden as it started I was outside my body.

This hadn’t happened for quite some time now. With the Venom serum now in my veins things were clearer then before. I looked at my body shaking on the floor seeing the aide yank open the door and yell at someone.

A strange feeling of falling while standing still came over me. Everything went dark like being in a room without any lights on. In the distance is a glowing light, like from underneath a closed door.

I go to it noting that I can feel tile under my feet. I feel with a hand and find a nob and turn it. The door opens and light slowly pours in. I see the next room is a surgical type room, with two operating tables side by side in the center. I walk up to the tables slowly. There is a man strapped to one and a woman to the other.

A doctor in a white gown, cap and mask comes around to the head of the tables and connects an IV. drip to the man, then does the same to the woman. The IV. is not on or dripping yet. The doctor goes around to the feet of the tables and stands between them. The woman is moaning in pain. Her hair has been cut off in chunks and is all over the floor around the table. Her face is battered and bloody. There is a scar on her arm!

The man on the other table moans in pain as well, his hair is disheveled. His eyes are closed but flutter. Both of them are dressed in plain blue hospital gowns. The doctor smacks both patients feet with a stick waking them up with a startled gasp. They try to sit up but can’t because of the straps holding them down.

What do you want?” It’s Syphus!

Who are you?” The woman asks. ‘she’s me!’

The doctor just stands silent then smacks their feet again. “WHAT DO YOU WANT!” Syphus growls at them and tries kicking at them.

Choose.” a female voice says from under the doctors mask. Her voice is oddly garbled like she is wearing a voice changer.

What?” He asks. The other me just passes out, the obvious wounds are much more then just on my face. There is a large blood spot on the left torso of her gown and another one over the right thigh. The spots are slowly getting bigger.

Choose!” the voice says again and smacks his foot with the stick. Syphus yells then growls at the Doctor, “Fuck You!”

The doctor smacks the other me’s foot, then starts smacking her up the leg with the stick until she reaches her torso. She’s standing right next to the bleeding wound. “One must die.” The voice says.

I keep my distance, watching and hoping to not get detected. I step sideways getting a better view of the me on the table. The Doctor rips open the other me’s gown revealing the bloody wound on her side. “What did you do to her?!” Syphus yells at the Doctor.

Nothing that won’t heal.” She answers then smacks the stick across the wound making the other me scream and wake.

Syphus?” she asks looking across to him. “Don’t do it.” the other me says to him.

I’m going to kill you Deborah!” Syphus yells at the Doctor. Aha I think watching, this must be how it always ended. Deborah smacks the other me’s wound again making her scream in agony. Blood is starting to drip to the floor from the hole in her side. “This is just liquids, I don’t want you to dry out yet.” Deb says starting the IV.’s on both Syphus and the other me.

An assistant also gowned up but in green, comes over holding a tray. D takes a scalpel from the tray and starts cutting into the other me’s wound causing her to scream.

Stop!” Syphus yells at D. But she doesn’t. She replaces the scalpel and chooses a pair of long tweezers and digs into the hole. The other me screams in pain again then passes out. D pulls a bullet from the hole and drops it on the tray. She puts the long tweezers next to it. D stuffs gauze into the hole then covers it with a scrap of cloth. She turns to Syphus her eyes glaring at him. “Choose.” She repeats.

I will not loose her again Deborah.” he spits out at her hissing. He struggles against his binds but can’t get loose. D just cackles, The sound of which is eerily altered with the voice changer.

I start forward knowing they will only see me if I let them. I stand next to the other me and look at her. ‘Who shot you?’ I wonder silently. The other me lays there silent, sweat beaded on her forehead. I see the snake knot necklace around her neck laying over the center of her chest. I touch it and it starts to glow slightly. No one notices.

You will Nelson. Again, and again, and again!” D laughs. “And each time she will suffer, and you will choose the same way and the same thing will happen.” I listen and am understanding a little of what happened before. I don’t like this. Which Time was this? It had to be the past because there is no baby.

When I get out of these I’m going to kill you Deborah!” Syphus hisses.

I doubt that.” She says laughing. D turns to look at the other me and see’s that the necklace is glowing. She scowls and rips it from her neck. “You should not have brought her into this if you didn’t want her to get hurt.” Deborah says holding the necklace above Syphus’ face before chucking it across the room, breaking it in two. Syphus growls and struggles more. “I didn’t. She willingly got involved.”

Every time, it is the same thing.” D says chuckling in the creepy voice.

I see that my other self has opened her eyes and is looking at Syphus, tears falling from her eyes. “Don’t do it Sy.”

Shut up!” D says to the other me smacking the stick across the bleeding hole in her side. The other me screams in pain tears falling faster. I can see Sy’s thinking, he is pained at seeing the other me hurt. “STOP IT!” Syphus yells.

All you have to do to end her pain is choose who dies. You or her.” Deborah says smacking the other me again.

STOP IT!” He yells louder.

CHOOSE!” D yells back at him. The other me is crying in pain and with sadness, tears falling from her eyes, blood dripping from the wounds.

Don’t do it Sy! Please!” The other me begs sobbing.

I touch her and she gasps as she feels it. Sy mistakes this and growls at D. “You can’t break us. You will never have everything you want. You will lose!”

At this D frowns, her eyes glaring at Syphus through slits. “I always win!” She then smacks Syphus across the face with her hand.

I Never Lose!” She hisses at him and punches the other me in the face then starts babbling and punches her in the stomach then the already bleeding hole.

STOP! STOP IT!” Syphus is screaming at her but Deborah keeps hitting the other me. Then in a fit of rage she yanks the IV out of her arm and pushes the stand over. Deborah grabs the scalpel from the tray that was used earlier and aims the blade at the other me’s throat. “STOOOP!” Syphus yells struggling to free himself.

Deborah stops, holding the blade at the other me’s neck. “Choose!” She yells at him. The other me is crying and bleeding, her eyes wide with fear.

Let her go.” Sy says panting and stops struggling.

Then you choose?” D asks.


Very well.” Deborah puts the blade down and unfastens the straps around the other me, who just sits up in numb fear. Deborah goes to Syphus and does the same for him. He doesn’t fight, just sits up and hangs his head. He knows what’s going to happen.

I watch but can’t jump in, there is a block pulling me back. I feel warm and like I’m being held. ‘No not yet’ I think to myself. I want to see how it ends,

I never remember and I need to know.

I Must see it.

I told you, you’d choose the same way. You always do.” D says to Syphus handing him the scalpel. I feel like I’m being pulled back and things start to go out of focus.

Before I’m taken back I touch the other me in the center of the forehead and whisper to her, “Remember.” The other me opens her eyes wider looking around then looks at Syphus and D. She gasps loudly in shock when she see’s the scalpel in Sy’s hand. “No, Syphus, NO!” she screams and jumps off the table flinging herself at him trying to grab the blade from him. D laughs and steps back…

Everything is getting harder to see, I’m fading backwards and can hear Sy calling to me, and I hear Green in the background. Just then I see Syphus try to slit his own throat! I see the other me grab the scalpel out of his hand at the last second and falls onto the floor….with the scalpel in her hand….then...

“Wake up love. Neelie? Wake up.” Syphus calls to me holding me to him. My seizure ended minutes ago but I was still out.

“I..” my eyelids feel heavy, I look into Sy’s eyes tears starting to form in my own clouding my vision.

“What love?” Sy asks kissing my forehead.

I close my eyes slowly, the tears that had built up fell, “I Remember.” I whisper so softly Sy didn’t hear me.

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