Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 12


After Neelie left I went to the mirror on the wall and looked at myself. She did a good job wrapping my face in the gauze. She refused to leave it how I had it. She’s a strange woman. All women are strange to me. Especially after… Deborah.

It was so long ago when we met in college. Dating seemed easy and fun back then. It was almost blissful. Until she broke my heart. I couldn’t forgive her for a very long time after that. Being the sap that I am I did give in later when she was hired on at Syntec. I didn’t understand why Nelson hated her so deeply. Had I forgotten something she did that he couldn’t? I had no idea the depth of her deception at the time either. She manipulated me into falling in love with her again. I believed her every word even when Nelson told me not to. Love really is blind.

I didn’t want to believe she was using me as her pawn. I thought she and Cobalt were over and had been for years. So working with them was not as awkward as it probably should have been. Deborah made me believe that her work would save lives and create amazing things.

The only thing I saw created from her ‘Projects’ was Pain. Pain and Death. I could feel my body tingle as my anger grew. My throat hurt from eating, but it always did now.

My breathing hitched and I started feeling like I was underwater. Still I waited. I hated wearing that damn mask. I hated that serum and what it did and is still doing to me. But I waited longer and longer each time I took the mask off.

After another minute or two I was gasping to breath and just before passing out I put the serum mask on. Turning away from the mirror I went to the table clearing the dishes left behind.

The room is not very big but I have pretty much the whole basement to myself. This room is set up like a kind of studio apartment. There is a kitchenette with a small fridge in one corner. Nelson made sure that I had all the comforts of home. Ppphh, I rolled my eyes at this thought. ‘Home’ I huffed. I haven’t had a home for longer then I can remember. “What is home?” I mumbled to myself washing the plate in the small sink. This room use to be an exam room of some type so it has a counter and sink in one corner.

When Neelie called me asking for an exchange I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want to accept at first. This is Nelson’s Wife after all. Sure I’m jealous of him having her, Again. But this life has been a strange one. So many things have happened here that did not happen before. Nelson thinks that’s because this is the Absolute Timeline. I’m starting to agree with him.

“I should have told her everything.” I said to myself seeing the silverware lined up neatly on the napkin. She said she remembered everything from the fire. But in truth there is more from another time. It just hasn’t happened yet.

~The next day July 13~


“The shooter has been found.” K.T said from the phone receiver. We had been tracking him for a week now. I had hoped he would lead us to Deborah herself, but it looks like this minion is keeping away. Unless she is is hiding in a double wide trailer out in the middle of nowhere, West California. I doubt that.

Deborah changes hiding places every time the Timeline starts over. Sometimes a “Span” will last several years before getting to the start over point. Sometimes it’s only a year. This run has been by far the strangest I have been through. There are so many things that are different and happening it is hard to keep them straight. I’ve had to take to writing them down in a locked up journal to keep things here and now straight.

“Sir?” K.T. said bringing back to reality.

“Use your best judgment, as soon as it is safe enough I want that bastard brought in to Base 1 for interrogation.” I said my anger boiling.

“Yes sir.”

After ending the call I drive out to our private shooting range. I have to keep control. ‘Venom’ has it’s benefits but there is still Life’s Blood in my body that has not dissipated yet. Because of this it keeps trying to take over making me want to do harm. The last big rage I had could have killed Neelie and I didn’t even touch her.

“This has to stop.” I say lining up my shot with the target. “This has to stop!” I say again squeezing the trigger. The bullet tearing through the paper target leaving a hole in the center of the black and red bullseye. “This Has To Stop!” I say louder nearly yelling and shooting again.

After emptying my gun I rip the torn paper down and put a picture up in its place. It’s a small Polaroid. I switch to a full magazine and aim again.

“This will end, We Will Stop You!” I say hissing then start emptying the magazine into the center of the picture.

I walk up and pull the remains of the picture off the clip. Staring at it and breathing hard in anger.

It’s a picture of Deborah. She is posing in her lab and pretending to drink from a sealed serum bottle. Or at lease she was before I destroyed the picture. Now there is nothing but a huge hole in the center where her face use to be. I take a lighter out of my pocket and set the picture on fire. Dropping it on the ground I watch it burn up before stomping on it smashing it’s ashes into the dirt.

July 14

Underground, Base 1

The man in the chair was sweating. He is about five foot eight, white, short blonde hair and scared as hell. We had him tied to a metal chair. Both wrists behind him, ankles taped one to each leg of the chair. He was blindfolded but not gagged.

“Who are you?” Syphus asked him. I was sitting in a chair watching from the other side of the room. My own rage had been building since he was captured and I saw his face. I stared through slit eyes, red hot hate rolling off of me as I watched from the darkness of the corner. The man didn’t say anything. Sy nodded to the ‘Phantom’ standing to the right of the chair. On the floor was a battery, connected to that are wires going to the metal chair. One of the wires was not connected until the Phantom, Tak, touched it to the battery sending electricity through the chair. The captive screamed as he was being electrocuted. He was lucky this was not a new car battery. It was just a small ATV battery. Tak broke the connection then stood holding the wire in his gloved hand.

Syphus dumped a bucket of water over the captives head.

“One more time.” he asked the man, “Who Are You?” Syphus was doing all he could to keep from just killing the man right there. He didn’t want to to so in front of me. He didn’t know that at the moment I was filled with rage and imagining worse ways of torturing the man in the chair. Bloody ways.

“D sent me.” The man said in a panicked voice that was trembling.

“Why?” Syphus asked.

“She wanted me to send you a message.”

“Was This That message?” Syphus asked pushing play on the mini cam. The replay of my rape played back. The sound of it I had not heard till now brought everything back and I couldn’t stay still. I stood up and went to them. I stood behind the man and ripped the blindfold off then held his head and forced him to watch the playback. “sssh...” he started to stutter I smacked the back of his head. “She did what?” Syphus asked him.

“Deb wanted me to kill the baby. I was suppose to just stab it.” the man was sobbing. Syphus set the mini cam down on a table behind him then turned and backhanded the man across the face. I stepped around and stood next to Sy. “And just how did she know I was pregnant?” I asked.

When the captive opened his eyes and saw me he gasped. “She… She’s not..”

I slapped him then hissed, “That’s right.” I slapped him again. “Had I still been pregnant, what you did would have killed him!” I spat out.

“You mean...” the guy was blubbering, “Oh God! Kill me!..”

I punched the guy in the gut. “I guess you were too busy to notice!” I yelled at his face.

“So you told D about the baby? You are the same man who has come to our wedding every time and shot at us.” Syphus asked him.

“I…don’t understand? Every time?..I ddd..nn.” He stuttered struggling as if something, or someone was forcing his jaw shut. I nodded at Tak. Once this shock was done Syphus dumped another bucket of water over the guys head. Making him sputter and cough.

“They don’t know about the Timeline!” I said surprised and yet not. Syphus mulled this over for a second.

“Anything would be better then what D will do to me for failing!” He blurted out suddenly. He was actually begging and crying.

“Enlighten us.” Syphus said.

“She will...I’ll become one of her test subjects!”

I looked over at Sy, and he at me. “What exactly does she do?” I asked.

“Lobotomize me! Shove tubes down my throat and make me drink what ever concoction she is testing!” He was starting to hyperventilate.

I stepped up and slapped him. “Knock it off!” I yelled at him. He stopped, he had been trying to do it on purpose.

Syphus and I exchanged glances. “She’s trying to create mindless subjects?” I asked.


“Why?” Syphus asked.

“I can’t.. Shee...sss...” He started then stopped and held his breath.

We both looked to Tak and he tapped the wire to the battery shocking the chair again. The man screamed, stopped then tried holding his breath again so Tak tapped the battery again longer. When he stopped I leaned down to the man in the chair and hissed in his ear, “I will do way worse to you if you don’t Talk.” I punched him and yelled, “TALK!”

“She want’s total control, control of everything and everyone!” He yelled back. “And She want’s you both Dead!” He looked at us through slit eyes. I knew this look. This was her trying to reach through him, trying to control him. I grabbed his head and looked into his eyes and said growling, “Deborah Will Fail!” I saw a flicker in his eyes.

I’d reached her through this man. I immediately decked the man across the jaw hoping she’d feel it. I stepped back, standing beside Syphus.

He didn’t react to me hitting the guy from the beginning, He probably would have let me do what ever I wanted. After we got information first of course.

“What should we do with him?” I asked Sy.

“I think we should turn him over to her.” he said smirking evilly.

“hmm..Tempting.” I agreed.

NO! Don’t! Not That!” He screamed. “Please!”

“Would you have spared my sons life!” Syphus yelled at him before kicking him in the stomach knocking the chair, and man taped to it, over onto their back. Syphus nodded to Tak. The mans screams echoed in the room.

We were in the underground base, Inside one of the locked rooms in the first hall. Tak lifted the wire and he glared at the man in the chair. His loyalty was just as unquestionable as Reds.

Syphus picked up the chair setting it and it’s occupant back up right.

“Why would we spare a son of a bitch like you?” I said punching him multiple times not wanting to stop and started yelling at him with rage as I did, “You touched me, Your Put Your Filthy….!!! Syphus actually had to pull me away.

I was sweating and panting in anger. I kept replaying what he did to me in my head. His words, his actions, now his confession. I wanted to kill him with my bare hands. I’d never felt this way before but then I’d never been violated like I had been before.

It had been two weeks since the assault. It took our guys a couple days of back tracking to find him and then they stalked him before picking the right moment to grab him. I had time to heal physically, mostly, but the mental scar would Never close until I got payback. Hell maybe not even then.

“My wife wants to beat you to a bloody pulp my friend.” Syphus said almost laughing at the man.

“Let her.” he said weakly. “I just wanted what you have. She’s gorgeous you know.”

Gritting his teeth Syphus snarled, “Yes I know.” before punching him in the head. “But you put your hand in MY cookie jar friend. She is mine, I am hers. And no one, not you, not Deborah not even Time can break that.”

“She’ll try again.” he said panting. “We all know it.” he spit some blood out of his mouth then looked at the floor.

“Let her try.” Syphus hissed at him. “She has crossed the line this time.” he nodded to Tak, who then tapped the wire sending a small jolt to the chair and through the guy making him scream in pain.

“I think we should experiment on him before sending him back.” I said suddenly.

“Why love?” Sy asked me but was smiling.

“Give him a taste of what we can do to Deborah. Make him regret the side he chose.” I grinned wickedly at the man in the chair. Blood was dripping from his cut up face. His hair was sticking out everywhere and clumped from sweat and his own blood. The marks of electrocution showing up his arms like black veins.

Syphus lifted his chin to Tak who took off the heavy rubber gloves then went to the chair. He undid the tape from around the mans ankles and wrists then grabbed him up from the chair. The guy either wouldn’t or physically Couldn’t fight back.

Syphus swiped everything off the table next to him with one arm, sending things flying across the room. I went over picked up the minicam and carried it back to the table. Sy and Tak were strapping the man to the table. It too is metal, like pretty much everything down here.

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