Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 13

“What..What are you doing?” He was saying in a panicked voice. The look in his eyes was like that of a caged animal. I could see D was trying to control the man and at the same time trying to leave his head. I grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. I glared into those eyes and could see the flicker that I knew now to be D looking back at me.

Her eyes were not the same color as this mans. I reached through this mans eyes as if like an open door and whispered to her, “Notice anything different Deborah?” There was a moment when I could almost hear her through this man but then it was gone. I stepped away as the guy asked again what we were going to do?

“First you’re going to watch what you did to me.” I said pushing play on the mini cam and holding the fold out screen over his face. “Then?” He asked scared and trying to look around. Deborah was no longer in his head, she abandoned him like the pawn he became.

Tak took the tape and wrapped it around the guys head and table, making it so he couldn’t look away. Then taped the mini cam onto the guys chest and angled the screen so he couldn’t miss what was playing.

“We’ll see.” I said seething through gritted teeth. “Now Shut Up and Watch!” I yelled at him. The cam had been set on the console between the front seats when it was recording. All you could see was my terrified blindfolded face and his hooded and masked face. There was no mistaking what he was doing between the movements and sounds. When I heard the Zipper sound on the playback I flinched. I was starting to shake inside. I wanted to run out of the room and rip this guy apart at the same time.

I stood silent next to the table, Syphus was arranging some things on a wheeled tray. Tak was now connecting the battery wires from the chair to the table. “You are going to wish You were dead.” I whispered with malice into the guys ear. “But you won’t die.” I added stepping back so Tak could put something in the guys mouth so he wouldn’t bite his own tongue off I assumed. Syphus turned to me, “I really don’t want you to see this.” he said looking me over.

“I..” but he raised a hand to stop me.

“I Really don’t want you to see.” He said emphasizing.

I took a deep breath and nodded. “If you think it is best.”

“I do.” He kissed me hard with a hand holding my head close to his. “Trust me.” He said after. I nodded and smiled, “I trust you.”

Before leaving the room I bent down and whispered in the guys ear, “You’re going to pay Deborah.” Then I left the room and stood in the hall for a minute deciding what to do.

As I did I could hear the mans screams of pain from the other side of the door. I grinned wickedly and just stood there listening. Something came over me, I don’t know what but I felt I needed to hear it if I couldn’t see it. There was malice inside me that hadn’t been there before. People change over Time.

As I stood in the hall listening I could hear only the mans screams and a drill or something, through the door. It wasn’t loud on my end because the room on the other side was mostly sound proofed. I say mostly because obviously I could still hear it on this side. He had to be screaming at top volume inside.

After about twenty minutes of this I decided to go to our room. I hadn’t been sleeping well for some time now. The baby is still in NICU at the hospital and between worrying about him and having flashbacks of the rape I couldn’t sleep for very long. Upon arriving in our old room I received a text from Dr. Green.

The Baby is improving. He is breathing on his own and grew again.”

This was very good news. He was born at 15 weeks. But that was not how big he was. He had been growing faster then normal, developing everything at a sped up rate. When he was born he was the size of a baby at 26 weeks gestation! He was only 2lb’s 2oz. And 13 inches long. His lungs at the time were not quite ready but with assistance he has managed well. I hate seeing all the tubing and cords but I would rather see them then see another infant sized coffin in my lifetime.

Had he not been born early like he was, He would have been hurt or killed when Debs minion attacked me. As he admitted he was suppose to stab me in the stomach to kill the baby.

That is excellent news! Thank you!” I text him back smiling.

Green sent me a photo of Baby Zane Syphus in the Incubator without the O2 mask or tube. (Yes we finally agreed on a name.)

You’re an incredible Dr. You know that don’t you?” I text taking a seat on the edge of the bed, A tear falling from my eye.

You tell me that all the time. Lol. When will this current business be done?”

Soon.” I knew what he was asking. When something happens the whole inside network knows. “Syphus and Tak are finishing with him now.”


We will be back in town tomorrow evening hopefully. I miss my baby.” I had barely gone longer then two days without going to the hospital.

The couple of times I hadn’t gone was because of right after the attack my anxiety levels caused me to have a seizure. That one wore me out so bad I slept an entire day! The next time was because the ‘Phantoms’ had found the guy and that brought on a flood of emotions that again took me out. I’m such a weakling. I feel like one when that happens anyway.

He will be glad to see you. He is a quiet one, but I am sure he misses you.”

Thank you.:-)” I smile and wipe my face.


I set my phone aside then lay down on the bed for a second. I stare at the ceiling silently thinking when Syphus comes in. His shirt is splattered with blood, where an apron didn’t cover. He pulls it off and comes over to me.

“What did you do?” I ask looking at the discarded shirt.

“Nothing worth mentioning.” He says blankly then sits next to me and holds me. “I’m sorry.”

“For?” I asked but I think I knew what he was talking about.

“For what happened to you.” He said sadly. A blue haze surrounded him. I held him to me murmuring, “I’m ok now.”

“I have to end this. It has to stop.” Sy said sitting up then hangs his head down.

“It will.”

“That’s what I think every time.” he sighs. “Then it starts all over again, and again, and ….” He shakes his head falling silent.

“This Time it Will End Syphus.” I say emphasizing my words. “I wish I could remember the other times. I wish I could remember how they ended..”...I’m lying of course. I do remember. But I do not want him to know that I do. The seizure at the hospital two weeks ago brought me to a past time when things came to the end. They showed me what happened that time and apparently every time.

Syphus sits up suddenly his eyes wide, “No You Don’t!” He takes my face in his warm hands gently, “You Don’t want to know how it ended. It was Not...” He closed his eyes pausing for a second. “It was not a good ending.” letting his hands fall from my face. The air around him was not good, it was sadness and regret, anger and remorse. It felt like someone in Mourning for a lost loved one. An eerie feeling filled the room and I shivered.

“What happened?” I asked wanting to hear him say it. I didn’t give away that I already did know. I was afraid that if he knew that I remember something bad would happen. I have no idea why but just something that would start everything all over again.

“I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“If I tell you...It won’t change anything. If you know what happens it will happen anyway just differently.”

“Then How can we stop this?”

“We?” He looked up at me. “We can’t. Only one of us can. It comes down to a life or death decision.”

“A sacrifice?”

“Yes.” He confirmed what I already knew. This time was very different in so many ways.

I looked Syphus over for a moment. His dark hair was a little messy and in need of a cut again. There was sweat beaded on his forehead. His eyes, that otherworldly color, were darker then usual at the moment. Blue and gray, that’s the color of his aura. I took his face in my hands, “This time is different. We have a son.”

Syphus blinked as if he forgot this fact.

The fact is that every time the timeline restarted or jumped to the next parallel one he and I always met again. But we’d never had a child together.

Sylvia had been his only born child and she could never come back because the whole thing started over After that.

Twenty-one years ago D started the fire at Syntec attempting to destroy evidence of her horrible tests and plots. Ten years ago I started having nightmares about that very fire. Ten years ago was also when I ran through the thin rip in the time lines. Everything starts over for Syphus at the fire. Everything starts over for me Ten years later when I murdered James.

Also this Time is the only one that I jumped back saving Sy from the fire. Which he lived through in the others anyway but differently. It is the only time his eyes have been this color, the only time I was...Assaulted and the Only Time that we had a son together.

Each time things started over something was different, but only one thing. Not like now where there are multiple things changed and they keep changing. Why? I have no idea. And as far as I know, Syphus and his colleagues don’t know either.

“It’s also more dangerous Because he exists.” Syphus said after a minute.

“I realize that. I also realize that Zane could be the key to ending this. Once And For All.” I said still holding Sy’s face in my hands. I kissed him hard and held him to me.

“We’re going to need to talk to our insider.” Syphus said seriously after kissing me back.

“Insider?” I asked.

Syphus explained to me how after I had to quit from HI5 studios that they had no one on the inside anymore. The studio had changed it’s name and now with it changed where the three ‘Subjects’ would meet and go over things in this mess. The visual and audio planted in the “Mega Office” is still there but they don’t meet in there as often anymore. The eyes and ears of Syntec were hidden around the inside of the building but having living eyes and ears had more benefits. This being discussed with the other founders and the Inner Network someone was chosen to go undercover like I had.

You remember Act, the phantom who lied about his mission being accomplished? Ya well he wasn’t ‘let go’, he was disciplined and reassigned. He is the insider now. There would be little to no chance that Deb could get in his head now. At least we don’t lobotomize anyone. He is still alive, human and still independent. He can think for himself, he just won’t screw up anymore.

Suddenly I remembered the extra ear pieces, microphones and camera’s. I hid extras so that if one was discovered I could replace it in the exact location. because really who would think to look in the same place twice?

“My Ops supplies?” I said out loud startling Sy.

“Your what?”

“My Ops replacements.”

Sy looked at me confused.

“My extra earpieces, microphones and camera’s. I hid them so that if an active one was found I could replace it while there.”

“Of course you did.” Sy made a face like ‘Duh’ and I giggled. “Act has had access to them. You told me about them before.”

I smacked myself in the forehead, “Duh.” now it was his turn to chuckle. I smiled at him but the moment didn’t last. My eyes glanced past the bloody shirt.

I looked at it and started tapping my fingers on my knee. Sy put his hand on mine making me stop. We sat silent. His hand on mine, my face blank eyes locked on the bloody shirt. Sy grabbed it moving it from my sight. Shoving it in the hamper.

“Sorry.” I said when he came and sat next to me again.

“Don’t be.” He held me, kicking me out of dark thoughts. I was already a mess before it happened. Now after that...I am scared I’m loosing myself.

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