Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 1

May 14


I hated that I had to leave the studio. I like them even though they got sucked into Deborah’s web. I hated it mostly because I felt a part of something bigger while doing things in the building for Syphus. Some would try to say that he ‘Brainwashed’ me or manipulated me into doing these things. I’d like to set the record straight on that subject. NO I was not brainwashed or manipulated into helping Syphus. I did so of my own accord. If you remember I had to beg to even get to be a part of it. I had to fight to do the things I did for him and Syntec. I came up with marking tiles with invisible ink. I came up with placing new backup cameras and microphones that will help Opts keep eyes and ears on the goings on in the building. I also came up with something bigger that I will not spoil here. Yet.

I went in to the studio, at the time called Hi5, Studio knowing full well the danger. I knew what to do if I was found out. I was nervous at first but that went away over time as I got to know the people there and see how Deborah was and still is manipulating them. She is crafty and every time the ‘Subjects’ believe her she just gets more and more self righteous. I have yet to see anything that proves Syphus has done anything as horrible as she insinuates. She can’t even come right out and say what these things actually are because they are lies. There is so much I could say about Deborah but won’t. It would be a waste of time as most would not listen anyway.

When I first starting working as a janitor in the studio, I could hear the strange humming and feel the energy coming off of the old Syntec server that was hidden in the red base. It was later found in the front stairwell. I didn’t say anything about it until I was sure there was something there. Sy told me they had suspicions about the server still being there because it was unaccounted for when everything was moved out of the building. He knew it was still there just not its exact location.

Marking tiles for later missions was a little difficult with all the security cameras, but fun to figure out how to avoid. Of course there was a few more tricks up my sleeve as well but those haven’t been found yet thankfully. Deborah isn’t the only one who can hide stuff. This is far from over. Her games have pissed me off.

One game did backfire on her shortly after the Apple II was destroyed. A week after the Studio announced that they were going to take a break they had an ’Event”. It was March, the same day a disheveled Syphus came home to just crash in bed during one of his late night working to death runs. I didn’t know it until now, but Wesley had been trying to get to the hidden serum still. He had to have been watching the Syntec spy cams and saw that Debs Subjects had found something that could change everything. Behind the Syntec server Deborah had hidden an ‘RSD’ (Radioactive Serum Detector), to detect the radioactivity that’s inside the ‘Life’s Blood’ serum. She wants them to find all the Serum that her and Wesley had hidden all over the valley before Syphus could get them.

Syphus doesn’t actually need the serum for himself now, But apparently Wesley is still trying to get all the vials before Deborah’s Subjects do. I still don’t think that I have met him. But then I don’t know personally any of the ‘Phantoms’ other then Red. I’ve talked about Red before, but there is still some secrets that I won’t find out about and am just fine not knowing. I have my suspicions about who Wesley might be though. I believe he is one of the men working in the underground lab by the destroyed house in the San Francisquito canyon. I think he is the one who is forced to wear the respirator on his face.

Wesley broke into the studio the day they discovered the RSD. He set off some kind of smoke bombs in the AC vents making everyone exit the building. Unfortunately Woods was upstairs looking for people to get them out and Wes ran in to him. Literally ran into him! I don’t know if Wes intended on knocking him out but it happened. Either before or after Wes did this he accessed the RSD and found the location of one of the vials of serum.

Once the Subjects regained their balance they went after him. It did no good how ever. Wes already knew where to go and had been there and gone by the time they arrived. The studio didn’t release the video of those events yet as they claim to be ‘Taking a break’. I can’t blame them. It’s really not fair that Deb expects them to do her dirty work for her. They put themselves in danger for her and for what? They don’t even have the whole story. Shit I don’t have the full story either, but I wouldn’t go chasing dangerous stuff out in the heat with no information.

Once the studio releases the video of how their trek went I’ll probably have more questions than answers myself. What sucks is when things happen outside of the Studio we don’t have a way of finding out what they are doing unless their tailed. Tailing now is not as safe as it once was since they have their own online team of ‘Detectives’. Fans who find things in the videos and help come up with conclusions. It’s annoying to be surrounded by a group of people I can see and don’t know. It’s even more annoying to be virtually surrounded by people I can’t see.

For right now though, nothing is happening for me. Syphus is still working on his new serum ‘Venom’ which includes my blood. He also has other projects I know of but not specifics. One includes continuing to find the formula to the original ‘Life’s Blood’ serum. I’m not a Bio-scientist so I don’t understand the whole structure and formula to everything, but its not my job to know. I would rather not try to learn about it right now anyway. I have an important job, It just doesn’t feel like it at the moment. We’re nine weeks along now and my baby bump shows more, it’s actually bigger then it should be. Taking care of Us is my job now.

~A few weeks later~

There will be a meeting with Sy and his ‘Phantoms’ tomorrow. Then another one with just him and the other founders the night after that. I’m suppose to show up to tomorrows. Its not that I don’t want to, Its that...“I’m scared.”

“What are you scared of? They are all loyal and true people.”

“Being in a room full of people period. It can get overwhelming.”

“I understand.” Sy holds my hand as we sit on the hillside behind the base entrance. The sunlight and air is ‘good for the baby’. I lay down on my side on a blanket that’s laid out on the ground and look at the sky. “I will come.” I say relenting.

“Good. Thank you.” He lays down beside me on his side. I cuddle up to him and smile.

“I’ve been having Dreams.” I don’t dream often.

“Of?” There is a bit of a concerned tone when he asks.

“Nothing bad.” I reassure him. “It’s about Us. All of us.” I say laying a hand on my stomach. Sy smiles and puts his hand on top of mine.

I haven’t done anything constructive for days, which makes me restless. I suppose it is for the best but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The morning sickness continues but not as bad, just like it was with Sylvia. It’s a struggle to not compare things to then. When she pops up in my thoughts I have to pull myself back.

“Tomorrow is your Birthday!” Sy says a little too excitedly for me to stand.

“I Stopped celebrating my birthday.” I look down upset. Sy is having none of it though and lifts my chin with one hand making me look up.” It’s about time you started to again.” He says softly yet seriously.

“No more surprises.” I tell him seriously, then crack a smile.

“No promises.” He says chuckling. “Did you get the dresses?”

“Yes.” I grinned, “I’m not use to having such nice things. I feel guilty for buying them.” I added a little sheepishly.

“Well don’t.” He kisses me, “You hide too much.”

“What do mean?”

“Your clothes. All of them are too big and plain.”

“I’m not...Wasn’t allowed to choose what I wore when..” I trail off not wanting to remember. James was controlling as well as cruel. He chose what I wore, picked out my clothes and demanded my plainness. He told me once he did not want to ever be tempted by me. He considered me a child and ‘used’.

Syphus was silent for a moment trying to not get angry. He knew what kind of man James was. He knew a little about what my marriage to the man was like from what I told him. “That will never happen with me.” He says finally.

“I know, Thank you.”

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” He asked genuinely curious while running a finger along my jawline.

I lowered my eyes for a second then looked back up at him, “Only you.”

Later that same night.

Something feels wrong. I wake up from a dark deep dream. The images in my head linger like webs and I actually shake my head a little to make it go away. I instinctively put a hand to my stomach. I don’t think that was MY dream.

’I was surrounded by a murky darkness. I felt like I was floating in water. ‘This had to be the Babies thoughts!’. A voice penetrates the silence, “Sweetie?” It was not my voice but the voice of a woman nonetheless. “Sweetie? Your so tiny.“.

To this I move my head to the side as if looking for the sound. I can’t open my eyes and just float around in the murky depths. It’s warm, it’s comfortable. But something or someone is making me feel scared, violated even in my private place. Suddenly its pitch black and I feel like I am falling fast.′ This is when I woke up.

“Did you have a nightmare?” I ask my stomach running a hand over the little bump. We’re only 11 weeks along, but soon I have an appointment. At this one we can see if the baby is a boy or a girl. I already know, I have that instinct. Boy. I go to the bathroom and am not prepared to see what I find. A spot. Not a big one or a dark one, but still a spot of blood about the size of a pencil eraser in my underwear. I take a slow breath and remember that it doesn’t have to mean anything unless there is more. After a change and rinsing out the spot so Sy doesn’t see it, I go back to bed. I curl up next to him and he moans then turns and puts an arm around me. I lay there with my mind whirring for a while before sleep takes me.

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