Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 2

In the morning I start a batch of wash and coffee. I was told I’m not to have more then one cup a day by the doctor, and technically shouldn’t even have that. It’s mostly for the smell and to wake Sy up. The clock on the machine glows in the dim kitchen, ‘6:00 am’. A routine has set in lately and I’m thankful for that. The past few weeks have been quiet. The stress about finding the ‘Life’s Blood’ Serum inside the old lab is still there but it’s not red hot right now. The new serum ‘Venom’ still seems to be doing well.

There have not been any bad side effects though the first patient has started to relapse. But,“their Moral compass has also shifted” That’s what Syphus told me when I asked about it. I’m worried because that’s what he injected into himself and I do not want anything bad to happen.

“Don’t worry.” He said setting the papers down on the table then taking a sip of his coffee.

“If I can survive D, I can make it through this if anything happens.” We had been going to a different lab. The underground one had become too stuffy and dark to be in all the time.It is still active. It has projects that have to stay hidden there. This lab is in a large building on the top floors.

The first floor is reception, offices and cafeteria. Second floor is more offices, Chemical labs and clinical test rooms.

“Neelie?” Sy called to me breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry. I was lost in thought.” I smiled but he still looked at me with concern in his eyes. “I’m fine..We are fine. I promise.” I kissed his cheek then smiled at him. Placated for the moment Sy went back to his coffee hesitantly then placed the papers in a folder he’d take with him to the lab.

Once we arrived at the lab Syphus goes to his office and I go to mine. The office is for me to use as I please. With Syphus having meetings and confidential work to do it was best we didn’t share a work space. Also being together all the time can put a strain on a relationship. People need time alone to themselves. There is even a PC for me to use as I want in the office. I’ve been writing a little, some random stuff. I’ve also made short videos and sent them to Debs Subjects via Reddit/YouTube.

Sy didn’t know about them at first. Then I decided why not. He was a little upset at first until one made him laugh. He’s ok with me doing this as long as I use a secure line so they can’t be traced to here and I don’t put details.

We both came in so Syphus could do a few things before we had to get ready for the large meeting tonight.

Thankfully He didn’t say one word about my birthday. I didn’t want to be reminded, and yet did in a way. Age is not something one looks forward to when they pass a certain number. For the meeting tonight with Sy and his Phantoms he said it was not formal. But for he and I it was as he Is the CEO.

Syphus will be wearing a nice black suit, white button down dress shirt and black tie. I didn’t have much so before our talk on the hill yesterday I went out to dress shop. I don’t like shopping. I have never had nice things. It took some time and patience to find even one I liked and Sy liked as well. Because of the old whip scars across my back I wanted one that covered them. He did not mind this, but he was tired of me hiding behind so much cloth. So baggy stuff was out.

I want you to be happy.” He text me after saying no to another picture.

But I Am happy.”

I want you to Show it. There is a fire inside you. It deserves to be seen.”

So kick my ass out of the shell I hide in, basically. lol.” I text chuckling to myself.

Exactly! Pick 3. Just pretend Deborah will see you. >;-)

" Ooh you sure about that hehe.”

I’m sure >;-) lol.”

Ok, but remember You asked for it.” He has no idea what this this would mean. “Does the color matter?” I smirked as I typed this out chuckling silently.

“No …well..at least one white one.”

“A White one?”

“Yes you know what one I mean;-). I’ll see you at home later.

Ok.” I put my phone away in my pocket and stepped out of the dressing room.

I handed the dresses I had back to the sales lady then asked her to show me something She would recommend that would make an enemy jealous. I smirked evilly as I said this to her and she smiled back knowing just what should do the trick.

“Is this for formal, dance..?” she paused looking through a rack.

“Its semi formal.” I said after a moment of deciding how to answer this best. I’d almost said something that would have repercussions in the future if ears were listening.

After going through several dresses and trying them on I pick three that I loved and would never have worn in another life.

Did I mention I Hate shopping. Mostly because of being around people, but also because I never use to have a choice in what I bought. So having the freedom to choose what I want is awkward to me. This was the start of a whole new world.

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