Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 5

‘Not now!’ I thought to myself as I sat in the chair next to the hospital bed where Syphus still slept, with my eyes closed. I tried to focus on the baby and talk to him hoping the distraction would stop the attack. I took slow deep breaths and internally talked to him. ‘I won’t let anything happen to you. This will pass.’ Seizures during pregnancy are dangerous for the unborn. It could start premature labor, Miscarriage, damage to the fetus and who knows what else.

‘Help mama babe, can you hear me?’ I felt a fluttery movement as response and smiled. The internal shaking started to slow down and the metal taste in my mouth started going away.

’I love you babe. You’re so special. You know that don’t you?” Another fluttery movement and the metal taste was completely gone. I smiled again and ran a hand over my stomach. “Of course you know.” I chuckled.

Truthfully this baby Is Very special. He has a naturally created form of the ‘Venom’ Serum running in his veins. Because of this he is immune to any side effects the future may hold as his body will naturally adapt to the changes and react like metamorphosis.

I’m not making this up, so far it’s been proven through scans. I’m only 11 weeks along but he is bigger then normal, developing faster and weighs 70grams! That’s four weeks ahead!

The Dr’s Sy has me see work exclusively with him and my files are locked. Technically I haven’t existed on the grid since I left Hi5 Studios. I have not contacted them in any way since. I don’t even make the stupid little teaser videos anymore. It was fun at first but it’s boring now.

With the attack now gone I take a cleansing breath and sit back in the chair. I’m glad Sy didn’t see this. He has enough to deal with right now. He needs to heal. He woke up just a little a few hours ago. It was enough for him to see me and that I’m ok which was a huge relief I’m sure.

Seeing him awake even for those couple of minutes reassured me of what Green had said and I finally tried to lay on the couch and get a couple of hours sleep. I was right about it too, the couch looked comfortable but was hard.

I forgot about the bandage on the side of my face until later when I went to the bathroom and saw it in the mirror. Was the shooter actually aiming at ME not Syphus? If so Why?

I took the bandage off and lightly touched the wound underneath wincing when I did.

I stepped out of the bathroom and saw that Syphus was trying to wake up again. He was moaning. “I’m here. It’s ok.” I said taking his hand in mine.

This seemed to help and he opened his eyes. “Thank god.” He said in a tired voice, looking up at me, “I thought..”

“Shh. I’m fine. You’re the one who got shot.” I cringed at the very fresh memory. Syphus set his head back against the pillows and sighed, “I saw him shoot, then saw you flinch before ducking below the table.” a tear formed and fell from the corner of his eye.

“It’s ok. Just a nick.” I said pointing to the slightly large scratch on the side of my face below my temple. He looked at it and sighed in relief but still visibly upset. “Was he aiming at me?” I asked. This made Sy look over to me with a look I couldn’t quite interpret.

“I don’t want to say yes, but, Yes.” He said after a minute. “They think they can’t get directly to me so they want to try and use you to do so.”

“What in the good hell is really going on Nelson Syphus?” I ask seriously. “I’ve had it up to here with one sided answers and half truths. I Need to know Everything.” I burst out exasperated.

“The Truth.” He says solemnly.


“The truth is so unbelievable.”

“You’re telling this to a woman who somehow time warped and skipped 40 years. Try me.” I say waving my hands in the air.

He lets out a long breath trying to figure out where to begin, then looks deeply into my eyes and says, “The Truth is…” Syphus paused to think about how to continue before saying, “You were the target. This has all happened before.”

“What? How?” I ask taken aback and confused.

“This is a different Time Line. People don’t believe in such things, but people are generally blind to what is right in front of them. I belong here, You do and don’t. But This,” He waves a hand around the room.

“This has all happened before in a parallel timeline. One that runs along side this one. Part of Deborah’s original experiments discovered it. She tried using my serum formula to enhance it. It did not do what she wanted.” He paused for a moment taking a sip of water from the cup next to him. “There is something major that happened here that made you a bigger target.”

“What?” I ask confused. How much more could there be?

“You never got pregnant before.” He looked deeply into my eyes again. There was a haze of color around him, a mix like his eyes and I couldn’t make out what he was thinking. He’s gotten good at blocking me.

“I see.” I said hanging my head slightly while thinking. Now the baby is a major target.

Deb would never allow a child of Sy’s to live. This I know for absolute certain.

“I am the same man you grew up with, I am not able to pass through timelines, never have. But the ‘Life s Blood’ serum! It somehow changed things and has made it possible for me to not die from natural causes as long as I take...took it on a regular schedule. Then..”

“I jumped in during the fire.” I said a spark of understanding lighting up in my head.

“Yes. You changed this timeline when that happened.”

“So somehow, because I can walk through and on the timeline...I was able to reverse your aging or something?”

“Yes. Science and Time travel theories have never made sense before. But now..” Syphus lifts my chin making me look into his eyes. They were still Iridescent like Peacock feathers. “You are the true Absolute and Deborah hates that. She wants what ever your able to do.”

“But I don’t even know How I do it!” I said confused. Then a thought occurred to me. “The baby? Will he be able to do the same?”

“Most likely. But understand Neelie, Your blood runs through his veins, and His blood runs through yours.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because the baby has ‘Venom’ in his blood, so do you.”

I thought about this then got up and went to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I could see what Sy meant. My eyes. The medium brown they had been my whole life was now different. There was a gold hue to them now. The frown wrinkles that had started to form at my brows were not there either. I went back to the bedside and looked down at Syphus. “ This is like a science fiction book. But,” I paused to sit, “I see.”

Syphus nodded his eyes drooped slightly. He had said a lot, been awake longer then last time. He had probably been given pain medication and it was making him tired. “We can talk about this another time.” I said and kissed him. “ Sleep. Heal.” I said taking his hand in mine. He nodded slowly his eyes drooping again then closing as he fell asleep.

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