Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 7


This pregnancy being what others would call abnormal or impossible drains me even more then normal. I eat like I should, maybe more. I take my vitamins, walk, exercise and try to not over do it. Most of the time I’m sleepy or sleeping. I feel my back throbbing in my sleep but I’ve had problems with it for such a long time that I can push it away mostly.

I’m walking down a dark hallway. The blue paint is peeled from the walls and floor. There is a decrepit and dust covered gurney parked beside a wall. I can’t feel the cold floor which tells me this is just a dream. The old florescent lights above glow a dim yellowish color flickering here and there along the hallway. In the distance I see a wheelchair.

It’s not a modern one, its very old with a wooden seat and back. There are webs laced inside the spokes of the wheels. I pass it and continue to a large doorway, the double doors are open wide revealing a horror of an ancient operating room.

There is a whisper in the air but I can’t make out any words. I step into the room and see a group of people standing around the operating table. They are dressed in the old white gowns and caps. Their faces are mostly covered by the matching masks tied around their head. Equipment is beeping slowly and wires are connected to a patient that’s on the table.

The stirrups are out and I see its a woman about to give birth on the table. The back of the table is lifted up to assist. The air is musty and old smelling but there is also that pungent smell of disinfectant.

Suddenly the woman screams and the monitors start beeping faster. There are no voices coming from the people around her but I see their mouths moving underneath the masks.

I walk closer trying to see who the woman is. But can’t as one person steps in front of me right in the way. Someone is sitting on a stool at the end of the table assisting, ready to take the baby and transfer it to the nurse next to them.

The woman screams again, this is a bad pain scream, not normal birth screams. Her dark hair is matted with dirt and sweat but I still can’t see her face. Blood starts to drip to the floor from the woman, That’s not normal. A pool gathers on the floor and a shallow basin is put below to catch more as it starts to fall in a steady thin stream. The woman is screaming and grunting unnaturally. Her head is whipping back and forth and two people are trying to hold her down. She is trying to get off the table and clawing at them.

A fourth person stands next to an ancient hospital crib silent and un-moving. The whole scene is surreal and feels eerie like a horror movie. The smell of the blood gets stronger mixing with the other smells in the room.

The baby slides out and into the hands of the doctor on the stool. Its put in the crib and left to cry uncovered and ignored.

The woman on the table is crying in pain and holding her arms out to the crib wanting her baby. The doctor stands from the stool, leaving the woman and stepping to the crib. The others move as well after they strap the woman down to the table. The woman...the woman is ME! I’m crying and asking for my baby.

Stepping to the crib I see it’s a boy. The gowned people stand around the crib but don’t pick him up or cover him. They stare at him with black unseeing eyes. The doctor takes a syringe from a nearby tray, taps the bubbles out then injects the fluid into the babies neck! Seconds later the baby convulses and cries in pain then stops and lays still. The woman, me is screaming at them and crying “Noooo, my baby! What have you done to him?”

But they don’t answer in stead they finally cover the un-moving infant with a black cloth then turn around to her, me. Her eyes goes wide in fear and she struggles on the table under the restraints. “Nooo, what are you doing!?” she/we scream as they step back to her. A tray is held out to the doctor.

One of them lifts the cloth over it revealing another syringe, larger then the other one. Inside is a greenish liquid. The doctor picks it up slowly stepping over to her side holding it ready. She screams as he pokes the needle into her neck..”

I wake up in a sweat panicked and breathing hard. I’m shaking and can’t see clearly for a second. Keys jingle in the door then it opens. Sy comes in, see’s me and drops the keys to the floor. Running across the room, which isn’t that far, he grabs me before I fall to the floor. I don’t remember standing up when I woke but I must have.


It had been a busy day. Going between two labs and three meetings I also had checked in on Wes and what he was up to. Opts reported anomalies of Radioactivity in the area but couldn’t pin point it with out the RSD. What they don’t know is, I do Know. The RSD that Spellbound, As they now called themselves, was now in possession of.

We’d made bogus email accounts some time ago when we discovered the account made by Debs ‘undercover detective’.Posing as him we sent an email to Debs subjects after they discovered an area that had been high in radiation in the valley.

I’m sure once they release the video about it their ‘detective fans’ will spot something but not until then. This was on the 12th and so new videos to their fans would not be out.

Their ‘Break’ is actually working in my favor right now. A million pairs of eyes can spot things that one pair can’t see right in front of them. All I want to do when I get home is cuddle with Neelie and sleep. I was not expecting any surprises.

After unlocking the apartment door I step inside and see Neelie standing in the middle of the living room white as a ghost. I drop my keys and bolt to her, she’s about to pass out.

I don’t know what happened but this usually means a seizure is coming on. I catch her before she hits the floor and cradle her in my arms. She hasn’t had a bad one for a long time, but this looks like a bad one. Her muscles tense and shakes. Her breathing comes in quick gasps. This is not good. I pull out my phone and call for an ambulance, knowing this is going to get worse. If only I knew how. “Hang on.” I try to stay calm as I hold her head loosely in my lap. “Don’t fight it.”

The doorbell rings five minutes later and I yell for them to come in, just as they lift her to put her on the stretcher the worst thing happens. Neelies water breaks. “God no, the baby!” I say panicked. The crew hurries and takes her out and downstairs to the front of the building where the ambulance waits.

I have to ride up front but keep looking back. Neelies seizure is getting worse and if it doesn’t stop it could kill the baby.

I text Red and Green who meet us at Emergency. Green takes over and orders Neelie to be wheeled in to the OR. The baby has to be taken C-section or he will die. Red is there as guard, but also I trust him above all others. We have a long history together. Being he is also Neelies choice as God Father she would want him here. I pace back and forth in the waiting room.

I hate this room. I hate this hospital! So much has happened here, and so many times have they happened. This is the same hospital my father died in. The same one I had to recover in when I was shot. Now this. “What next?” I mumble to myself as I pace.

“Don’t ask.” Red says.

I keep pacing back and forth for ten more minutes before I finally sit down next to Red and put my head in my hands. “I’m so sick of repeating history.” I say to myself.

This particular event, Hell the pregnancy itself, did not happen before, but I’m tired. Red is silent, he puts a big meaty hand on my shoulder. Aside from Wesley, Red is also like a brother to me. I didn’t have siblings growing up.

A half an hour goes by and Green is coming down the hall. I stand up and meet him at the rooms entrance. “Is she ok, Are They ok?” I ask holding back my fear.

“They are both doing ok. Neelies seizure stopped just before we had to take the baby. She was coherent enough to deliver normally.”

“Is the baby..?”

“Your Son is doing ok. He is early but with help there should be no problems.”

I sighed, my Son. Neelie told me she knew the baby was a boy. “When can I see them?” I ask. I need to see them to confirm for myself that they are ok.

“Neelie is being brought to a room now but she is asleep. The baby is in NICU he needs assistance breathing.”

“I need to see him.”

Green nods and Red and I follow him to the elevator and up to the NICU. In the room is a few rows of incubators, only a couple on one side are occupied. In a private room off to the side is one single incubator. A monitor is beeping steadily behind it and a respirator runs beside that. I step beside the covered incubator and look in.

Encircled with a rolled up blanket is a small baby with covers over his eyes to protect them from the UV lights above him, wires connected to his tiny body to monitor his heart and respiration. A feeding tube will be added before the nights over. He appears to be ok. Just so small. I look over to Green.

“He is healthy other then his lungs are not yet ready, that’s why the respirator.”

“He’s so small.” I say looking back at the baby.

“2 pounds 2 ounces and 13 inches from crown to heel. Quite normal, for him.”

“Venom made him develop faster.” I said blankly looking at the little human before me.I reach a hand into the hole in the side and touch his arm. He startled slightly then wraps his tiny hand around my finger. He’s like his mother.

A wave of calm passes from him to me as if to tell me, “I’m ok.”

“Amazing.” I hear Red say beside me. He actually has a smile on his usually solid face. “Yes. Amazing.” I say smiling as well. I wriggle my finger a little but he keeps his grip on it. “I’m going to check on mom. I will be back.” I say into the opening. Slowly the baby grips my finger then lets go. “Incredible.” Green says across from me.

“Take me to her.” I say trying to hold back a wave of emotion. I don’t show anyone but Neelie what I’m feeling. But even if I don’t show her, she can feel it anyway.

Green takes me out of the room and I look to Red who nods and stands by the now closed door of the room. He will be watched in shifts until the mini me can come home. There is no way I am taking any chances. Deb may not know he is born yet. And then she might. There is no way in hell I am going to ignore the possibility that she will try something.

After some time, turns and a long hallway Green and I reach Neelies room. She is sleeping like he said so I quietly step inside and go to her bed. “I’ll leave you with her.” Green says then closes the door behind him.

My phone chirps and I see Red text me from NICU. “Guard arranged for заклинатель змей. Tak will be here in five minutes.”


Anything for my семья”

I had a couple of other messages to answer so I did while keeping an eye on Neelie while she slept.

Work Never ends.


I felt sore. I remember having a horrible nightmare. I remember seeing Sy come home and drop his keys. After that I don’t remember anything its all blank. “Mm” I moan. My stomach hurts like it’s been ripped open. Turning my head I open my eyes slowly and see Syphus sitting there his phone in one hand. “Sy?” I ask sleepily. He looks up at me and says, “I’m here love.”

I smile at him but something feels wrong. I feel..empty. I gasp, “The baby?!” I start to panic.

“Shh, he is ok.” He says calmly taking one of my hands in his then kissing me.

This calms me a little but I’m also a little loopy. “What happened?” I ask.

“Your water broke during a seizure. They almost had to take the baby.”

“Oh God.” I said closing my eyes for a second. “Is he ok?”

“Yes. He’s small, but he is doing ok.” He takes a seat next to me on the bed but keeps a distance.

“Wait, Take him?” I’m so confused. I know that I should understand what this is but at the moment I don’t have a coherent thought in my head.

“Yes. Almost C-Section. Green said the seizure stopped and you were awake enough to deliver normally”

“Oh.” I pause and yawn, “Ok.” I say and close my eyes again. My lids are heavy and I try to open them again but can’t. I drift off hearing Sy chuckle and feel him kiss me. I try to smile then am out again.

When I wake again a nurse is in the room checking the monitors that are connected to me and writing something down on a scrap of paper that she then puts in her pocket. She looks over and see’s that I am awake and smiles under her face mask.

Most Hospital staff are still wearing the cloth face masks even though the Mandatory call for it has been loosened. The ones who don’t wear a mask have had the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and are considered safe. I personally think the whole thing was planned but that’s not something I want to talk about.

The nurse turns and exits the room, holding the door open for a moment to let Red come in. I just now notice that Syphus is not here. “Red? Where is Syphus?” I ask when he takes a seat next to me.

“You been asleep for a long time. Boss had to take care of something. He will be back.” His thick accent rolled off his tongue and still doesn’t cease to make me grin.

I have a thing for accents I guess. The way people talk and express themselves gives away a lot about them that they don’t realize.

“Something?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“Da.” He does not elaborate on this and I don’t ask.

“Have you seen the baby?” I ask and am unable to hide the small smile that’s trying to stay hidden. I’m worried of course. The babies size is actually 26 weeks, just old enough to be able to survive. But until I see him and hold him I won’t be able to stop worrying.

“Da.” Red smiles a sight that is both rare and beautiful because of its rarity. “He is handsome boy.” he adds looking at me.

“Well he does take after his Dad.” I say, the smile I’d been holding back comes out.

“I will tell boss you said that.” Red chuckles deeply. He is much more animated in front of me then he is in front of others. Like I’ve said before it must be the Snake Charmer in me.

“Who’s outside the door?” I ask, knowing I’m being watched.

“K.T. is watching. Tak is with baby.”

I nod approval. I know some of the code names of the Phantoms for security sake.

“Good.” I say laying my head back on the flat hospital pillows.

“Rest. I wake you when Boss comes back.” Red says and takes his phone out of his pocket.

“Yes sir.” I joke closing my eyes anyway, I hear him chuckle as I do.


I hoped to be back at the hospital before Neelie wakes up again but business never ends. Especially when Deborah is up to no good. The first serum that Wesley reclaimed after smoking out the Subjects studio brought back bad memories for him.

Back in the old Syntec Lab days, Deborah had lured Wesley and reeled him in with her charm. Making him believe she loved him. She was always whispering sweet nothings into his ear one way or another. It sickened me.

She used Wes to make her way up the ladder and try to get what she wanted. When that didn’t work out and he saw through her she tore his heart out. Even plotted to kill he and I.

True the Gaius file in the Syntec server was altered, but it was altered to show what she was truly doing. The file containing the conversation between Deb and B27 was added Back in. Deborah had removed it herself. She is the one who altered all the chat logs on the Apple II in her “Secret” office that wasn’t so secret.

I think about Benjamin Cobalt and shake my head. His death was unfortunate and should not have happened.

My phone chimed as I was about to leave my office.

She woke once. I told her you will return.” Red’s text read on my phone screen.

Thank you. I will be back in half an hour.” I wanted to be there sooner, but if anything is Ever going to be normal there are some Things that have to be done first and arrangements for the future. Things that will have to be done discreetly when the time comes.

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