Eyes Wide Open

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Chapter 8

June 30

After the baby...a stranger in the night.


I felt like I was being watched, followed rather. The baby is still in the hospital in NICU. He wouldn’t be ready to come home for some time being early as he was. I had come home to shower and get a couple things before going back to sit with him and get to hold him again. I believe in skin to skin contact so I want to do this as much as possible. It seems to really help too.

Syphus is at one of the labs, something going on with Wes and urgent matters with Deborah. Red was on assignment. A Phantom was on duty at the hospital watching our son, making sure no one without clearance came near him. Nothing had happened towards me for some time thankfully. But of course just as I was feeling safe, I started feeling not so safe again. The shooter from our wedding was never found. He vanished.

I got out of the car keys in hand, I kept one key poking out between my fingers in my fist as protection. A turned and opened the back door to get my overnight bag from the floor, when suddenly I was pushed into the backseat.

“Don’t scream!” A gruff male voice said to me with a knife to my side. I gasped when he jabbed it a little to make his point clear. “Stay still.” he said then blindfolded me with something.

“Don’t make a sound, or this blade will be sticking out of your neck like my bullet should have.” the man said before twisting my arms behind my back then forcing me to turn around.

Then he pushed me down on the seat and forced my pants down with one hand while holding the knife to my neck with the other. I could hear movement like he was setting something down, then he was on top of me and I heard a zipper. My heart was racing but I couldn’t do anything. The knife was against my neck and my arms pinned under me.

“This isn’t part of my mission. But I don’t care.” He said pausing a second, “She can’t completely control me. Nelson shouldn’t have such a beauty all to himself.” He added.

I started screaming but they were muffled. One of his hands was over my mouth muting any sounds I made while the other was on top of the knife on the seat and also supporting himself. I tried squirming but this just made him more aggressive.

“Stay Still!” He growled pushing the knife against my neck, scratching it and probably breaking the skin.

I could feel my keys still in my fist but trying to move just made him push me down harder.

“I Said Stay Still!” he yelled. I knew no one would hear him. There wasn’t many cars in the garage and no one else would be due to come home for hours.

His hand over my mouth let off a little so I took the opportunity and bit him in the tender part between the thumb and forefinger.

"Fuck!!" He yelled pulling back and off of me a little. I struggled with him getting one of my arms out from behind me. I still had the blindfold on so I tried pulling it off, but he grabbed my arm and held it down while laying all his weight on me pinning me down again.

“You shouldn’t have done that!” He said growling in my ear. His roughness hurt and the more I struggled against him the worse he was.

“Stop it!” He yelled slapping me across the face. This triggered me and I fought against him trying to get him anywhere I could with my free hand. The hand with the keys was still pinned under me.

He stopped and grabbed the knife from the seat and pressed it against my neck cutting me a little. I stopped struggling but was panting and crying. Tears were soaking the blindfold.

“That’s it Cry!” The man said in a sinister voice. “I want Nelson to see your pain.

When I’m finished with you, he will wish he was dead!” He added pressing the knife harder making me gasp and stiffen under him.

“Now Stay Still!” He growled then slapped me again for good measure. The slap stung as if he’d had a ring on and it cut my cheek. I stay still helpless and crying while he continued with what he started.

“I want Nelson to Hurt. Since I can’t get to him right now...” He said, “I’ll take it out...on You!” With that he stopped. He stay still for a second then just when he let up on the arm he had pinned above me I decked him across the face and ripped my blindfold off.

"FUCK! YOU BITCH!” He yelled then hit me back busting my lip. I didn’t care, I was running on adrenaline. Pain would come later.

I struggled under him and tried kicking at him but he hit me again. The man was wearing a gray Hoodie. The hood had been pulled over his head, and he was wearing a black cloth face mask. I could see only his white skin and his eyes, Brown.

Great that would narrow it down, Not. The knife had fallen to the floor below the seat and I went for it. Right before I could grab it he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back hard.

I screamed and at the same time pushed the panic button on the car keys that were still in my other hand. The car alarm started going off and the horn honked echoing in the concrete garage.

Seconds later who ever the man was, grabbed the knife from the floor, slashed upwards, slicing my chin good. Then started punching me in the sides and stomach several times. I tried to defend myself and cover my face which resulted in my arms getting cut up with the knife. When he finally stopped he growled, “This was a warning Nelson!“. He dropped something on the floor then took off.

After a minute I crawled out of the back seat slowly in pain. My phone was in the pocket of my pants, which was on the ground outside the car. I sat on the cold cement of the parking space and dug my phone out of the pants. I know anyone else would call the cops. But not me. The cops have Debs eyes and ears. I dialed Syphus.

“I’m a little bu...“He started to say before I cut him off crying.

“He...He was back.” I struggled to get the words out between sobs.

“Who…? What’s the matter? Are you okay?” His voice was worried, starting to edge on panic because of my crying.

“No. The Shooter came back!” I sniffed and then had a horrible thought. ” The baby! Check on the baby! Now!” I was screaming nearly hysterical then passed out


"Neelie? NEELIE!” I yelled into the phone when she suddenly stopped talking or crying.

I immediately called for status on the baby as I was running out of the lab. I stopped at my office to get one thing then ran to the parking lot while jamming it in my ear.

I had GPS tracking put on Neelies car and her phone for safety so I knew she was at the apartment complex’s Parking garage.

While racing there, trying to avoid any speed traps, my phone rang and I hit the Bluetooth that I had grabbed on my way out.

Red’s voice came up, “Baby is secured! No activity at the moment!”

“Good. Keep eyes and ears out. The shooter came back.”

“Yes Boss. What happened?” Red asked a slight touch of concern in his voice.

“I don’t know yet. Keep emotions out, If the Shooter is back, It is not good.”

“Da, affirmative.”

I ended the call then turned into the garage. A car alarm and horn was blaring from Neelies car. I didn’t even turn mine off or shut my door, just jumped out as soon as I put it in park. Neelie was curled up on the ground with blood all over her! She was passed out cold clutching her pants!

“Neelie!” I called to her taking her in my arms. She stirred slightly but didn’t wake. Her face was bleeding and bruised. Her arms are covered in blood from I assume cuts. I quickly called the SEMT (Syntec EMT’s) knowing this was not a job for outside people.

Within five minutes they arrived and put Neelie inside the ambulance. As they assessed her I took a moment and looked at her car and turned the alarm off.

The back door was open, there was blood inside from the assault as well as on the seat! She’d been more then just beaten! I was starting to see red. Then I saw something. A hand held minicam recorder left on the floor with -D scratched on it.

I grabbed it and slammed the door shut. I left a message with a trusted friend in the PD from my phone, then got in my car and followed the Ambulance as they headed out of the garage to the hospital.

I have influence in high places. Not just in this city or the surrounding ones. Also in other states, I’d be a moron to mention where. This was Deborahs work. This also showed her grip on her Minions was slipping. She was too methodical to have someone come and do this on purpose just to show power. It was sloppy. What ever the end goal was didn’t matter. Now she truly crossed the line.

Once at the hospital Green and his orderly took Neelie into a private exam room. A ‘Rape Kit’ was ordered. At hearing this I was filled with Rage! I wanted to kill someone! Just when I didn’t think I could stay there anymore Neelie slowly opened her golden hued eyes, a side effect of the ‘Venom’ Serum, and reached her hand to me. I took her hand, instantly hit with a wave of calm.

“Not now.” She whispered as best as she could considering. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them again I nodded to her and squeezed her hand.

She nodded back her eyes a little distant then just lay there as Green and his aide did what they had to. Neelie grimaced when they had to take a sample for the rape kit.

This was not the life I wanted for us. First the shooting on Neelies birthday, our wedding day. Then the baby grew so fast that Neelies body was under stress causing premature labor.

Now the shooter returns and Rapes her!

I had the recorder in my coat pocket, but didn’t want to even think about what would be on it right now. To keep from loosing it I continued to hold Neelies hand letting her keep me calm. I don’t know how she does it. Even before all this, back when we were growing up she was able to make me calm down with a touch.


I didn’t want Syphus to go out on a rampage and end up doing something stupid. I could feel the hot anger radiating off of him and that’s what woke me. I can’t say it’s alright, I won’t say it will Be alright. It would be a lie. When Dr. Green had to collect for the Rape kit I winced. Things, hurt. The guy was not gentle. My sides and stomach hurt from the punches. My face, neck and arms felt hot and stung where I was cut and slapped.

Green finished with the kit and sent it out with the aide before looking at my bloody face and arms. The bleeding to my face had stopped before I got here and the EMT’s wrapped my arms, or that would have been his first priority.

Now as he cleaned the blood away from my face. He tutted then wheeled his stool to the counter and got a tray from a drawer.

“This will hurt.” He said as he opened the sterile package of an already threaded suture kit.

“I already hurt.” I said a numbly.

“mm” Green said then asked Sy to dab the blood away while he stitched my chin. The gash was two inches long and quite deep.

The cut to my cheek was not deep enough to need stitches nor my split lip or the scratches on my neck from the knife. My arms were a mess of cuts that varied in size and depth. Luckily only a few of them needed stitched up.

I think giving Sy the job of dabbing away blood was more of a distraction then for actual help. It worked either way. The guy had punched me in the face so my cheek and jaw was throbbing and probably bruised.

“Can you sit up?” Green asked. With some help from Sy I did so slowly.

I was asked to lift my shirt and as I pulled it up I had to grab Sy’s hand to keep him from running out of the room in a red rage.

His face showed his anger, I was having a hard time trying to keep him calmed.

My sides, back and stomach was covered in blue and purple, fist shaped, bruises that would only get worse looking before going away. Green gently touched some of the worst looking ones, stupidly asking if it hurt.

Of course it hurt!’ I thought to myself, but I calmly said, “Yes, a little.” Wincing every other time.

“We’ll do X-Rays to be sure but I don’t think anything is broken.” He stepped out of the room saying he’d have his aide come back with a wheelchair.

As soon as Green left the room I looked right into Sy’s eyes, “Don’t! Not Now!”

“I have to do something! He..” Syphus’ face was red and contorted in anger. “He Fucking Raped You!” He yelled.

I squeezed his hand and taking a breath I said opening my eyes after, “At this moment, I need you with me.” a tear fell. I was starting to internally shake. The shock was starting to come on. It doesn’t matter how strong a person is, Shock will always come.

Another tear fell, “Don’t leave me right now.” My voice was shaking. I could see this was pulling at him.

On one hand he wanted to stay and comfort me. On the other hand he wanted to hunt down the Bastard who did this to me and either torture him, kill him or both.

After a minute Syphus held me, kissed my uncut cheek then murmured in my ear, “As you wish my love.”

“Thank you.” I whispered back before kissing him. There was a knock on the door before the aide opened it pushing in a wheelchair. He was to take me to X-ray then back here. I wouldn’t let Sy out of my sight. I know he said he would stay, but would you? After X-rays were taken, Green met us back in the same room with the results.

“No breaks. That’s good news.” He scrolled on the Ipad with a flick of a finger, “And it doesn’t look like there’s any damage to any organs either.”

“Will I be able to go home?” I asked.

“I don’t see any problems with that. I’ll have the aide come in and help you get dressed then I’ll have your discharge papers ready.” He said looking at me before turning to Syphus. “Can I speak to you outside for a minute?”

Sy nods, kisses me then follows the Green out as the aide comes back in.


“Yes?” I ask Green curious.

“The test kit. We found something. I sent it to our man to run.”

I started seeing red again and had to reign myself in. “Will there be problems as a result of this?” I asked.

“No.” Green answered knowing exactly what I was aiming at.

“Good.” I felt antsy, like I needed to be doing something. I needed to find the son of a bitch.

I needed to Find Deborah!

Enough was enough and this, This Was Too Much.

“I know.” Green said ,“If I could I would join you in looking for him.” For the first time I could hear malice in his voice.

“She..” He paused for a moment then sighed and said, “This didn’t happen the other times.” He was referring to the other timelines of course.

Almost every event that has happened since the beginning of Deborahs project has happened before. Nearly. Those other timelines minuscule things were different.

The last one Neelie wasn’t clipped with the shooters bullet at all. I was still shot, in the same place. Also in the last one Deborahs “Subjects” choose her, but only shared half their findings with their world.

This time...This time was different. This time Deborah was a loose cannon and lost control. Her minion raped Neelie! An event that had Never happened in any other timeline. None of them.

“This time it Will End.” I said with vehemence. If I hadn’t already promised that I would stay with her, I would leave right now. Run out of the hospital and search for the Queen Bee’s hive. Get her in her own home ground.

That is if I knew where the bitch was hiding exactly.

“Dr. Green!!” The aide opened the door suddenly hollering. We both hurried back into the room. Neelie was on the floor shaking. The stress of the assault threw her into an attack.

I hurried and pushed the rolling stool away as she was hitting her head on one of it’s wheels.

I cradled her head on my lap and comforted her as best as I could. “I’m here love, It’s ok.” Her body was stiff and she breathed in gasps unable to take a full breath with out locking up suddenly.

I hated seeing her in a seizure. It never got easier. I kept calm as I knew feeling my cool would help her. Her eyes rolled back as her body shook.

Green knelt down next to us and started doing like all doctors would, taking vitals and asking about her history. “Does anything help when they come on?” Green asked putting an Oximeter on Neelies left index finger.

“Nothing.” I said wishing there was something. Neelies arms flailed more then usual and her legs were locked in a fetal position.

“Don’t fight it.” I whispered in her ear running a hand down her arm hoping she could hear me and feel my touch.

“Will an anticonvulsant work?” the aide asked.

“They have never worked. If anything they make things last longer.” I answered continuing what I was doing. “Maybe a warm blanket or two. Stimulation seems to help some.” I thought back to the lemon in the Studio bathroom months ago. When I ran it over her lips and she tasted it, she came right out of it.

The aide hurried off to get the blankets and Green pushed the chairs near her feet away. “How do you keep so calm?” he asked me as he did this. “This is the second bad one that I’ve seen this time and you never panic.” He adds.

“I’ve helped her through many of these in our childhood.” I run a hand over her head brushing her hair away from her face. “If I am calm, she will feel it.” I added.

The aide returned with three warm blankets and we wrapped them around Neelie, not too tightly, but enough that she could feel their warmth and weight. After a couple more minutes this seemed to help as her shakes slowed to mere twitches. Her eyes fluttered, rolled back then fluttered again. Her breathing started to return to normal, just a little quick and hitching less.

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