Working Under Dom

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Chapter 5 - Showtime

The one bombshell hottie wears a black leather mask with bunny ears. Loose blond curls cascade down her back. Around her neck, a white leather collar has been buckled with a single ring in the middle of it. Her simply kick-ass body has big natural tits and a perfect tan in every nook and womanly cranny.

In comparison, her companion is lithe with bone-straight red hair. She wears a white leather mask with cat ears. A black collar decorates her slender neck with a steel ring in the middle. She flaunts slight curves to go with her pale skin and a smooth snatch like the blond. Tiny titties and nipples like berries invite Ben’s eyes to linger. His mouth salivates for a taste of them.

The lustful females look at one another while sharing a heated open-mouth kiss. The blond bunny, the dominant one, grabs the redhead kitty by her hair and forces her head back. Both moan, and each has a hand on a bald slit to diddle with aggression.

“Oh, fuck yeah! This is hot!” Ben groans.

The pleasure and pain at work in him is a fantasy come true. The scene increases his arousal, which he knows should not be. What the hell is wrong with him? Ben has been drugged and kidnapped! He’s tied up in a torture room, butt-ass nude, about to be beaten or worst. Who knows? He does not want to find out, yet he’s distracted.

All thoughts of fear or escape disappear at the live sex show playing before him. Ben watches the women’s fingers slipping inside each other. They French kiss and moan at the pleasure they derive. The wet sounds the intern hears earlier advances in frequency caused by their fingers rapid dip deep within those purring pussies.

“Ah! Oh!” one of them gasps.

“Oh, fuckin’ good!” the other responds between passionate kisses.

“Yes!” Ben agrees with a huge grin on his face. This was so much better than his usual internet porn.

His cock sits rigid and thick in defiance of the rope. He shifts, and the most delightful thing happens as the rope also moves to rub him in a way he cannot. It is not much at the base of his balls, the shaft, and the magic spot between his balls and anus, but better than nothing. The rope massage torments him, but he fails to stop watching his fantasy come true.

Never in all his life does he want to join in the fun. Mercy! Two beautiful babes finger-fucking each other in his immediate view?! Ben could almost smell their glistening slits.

“Mmm!” The blond bunny brings her fingers to her mouth that visit inside the redhead kitty when they pause in their kissing. The redhead trembles and squeezes her bitty titties.

“Damn!” Ben breathes with the shake of his head. He sees it but cannot believe it.

The blond fishes from a pillow out of sight a black dildo. She pushes one of the thick dual heads into her mouth, and he thinks he may cum. That act is so fucking hot! His cock throbs in agreement while the intern watches her stick that dildo in her mouth. The insertion is slow—deeper with each go. Soon the blond gags on it, and Ben swears he feels her do the same to his swelling cock.

The redhead kitty paws at her clit as her friend twiddles with her own. The blond does not cease sucking down the dildo. Kitty joins the bunny by taking up the other end of the dildo. She licks the black toy in long swipes of her pink tongue. It isn’t long before she sucks it between her lips like her friend. They stare continuously at one another while moaning and swirling fingers on their clits.

At the same time, they lower the dildo to pant. The blond bunny nods. The redhead kitty eagerly turns around on all fours with a naughty grin. Streaming with saliva, the black head is shoved into kitty’s pussy.

“Oh!” the redhead whimpers with a hiss but takes it. “Oh, yeah, baby!”

Ben wishes that toy is his cock and groans in jealousy. The redhead mews, enduring several squishy-sounding shoves of the toy that make her legs quiver when the blond bunny stops. Without releasing her hold on the toy or removing it from her friend, the blond also gets on all fours, backs up to the dildo. Gradually, the blond inserts it into her own twat.

“Ooo, yeah, baby!” the redhead whimpers with the blond, who starts to move back and forth. “Ah! Fuck it!”

He watches both women match their pace and take the black toy deeper inside themselves. Together, their speed sharpens the shoving of the black dick into their willing cunts. Both cry out now in pleasure, and excitement governs quicker movements. Their uncovered lower faces flush red with need. Sweat glints off their lovely bodies poised in the sweet doggy position. Ben bears the same heat lining his own skin in sweat where he stands.

By the end of this salacious show, their thrusts are so wild, their asses touch. Their breasts jiggle, inviting Ben’s hands, but they are wrapped up just like his damn cock. Who does this to him? Who ties him up like a roasting chicken and leaves him in torment to watch two babes fuck each other hard? He can’t even stroke himself. This is so cruel!

“That’s right! Ram that BBC!” Ben encourages, his breath comes out in a pant like theirs.

The black dildo turns white with their cream when they cum, shaking violently. Their froth drips between them and stains the dark pillows below in long streams. The women collapse breathless to the surrounding pillows. After a moment of rest, they dislodge themselves from the toy and take turns licking the cum from it.

Ben cannot control himself or his breathing in the pants racing from him. Regardless of the tightening rope, the pain and pleasure of it, he shoots his wad. Cum fires from him in a happy stream of release. Still erect due in part to the taut rope, more spunk dribbles from his tip. It falls to the floor with no mouth to catch it.

Sagging against the rope that holds him, it hurts him more. Ben is shocked by the events so far. The damn rope digs into his flesh, and there is nothing he can do about it. For a second, Ben focuses on catching his breath.

Something hard and blunt strikes him on one ass cheek. The strike doesn’t hurt but stings. He nearly bites his tongue off, so startled.

“Ahhh!” the intern cries with his eyes bugging as he tries to see behind him, but he can’t turn very well.

“Who told you that you could come, hmm?” that familiar voice of his boss, so breathy and sexy, questions him. No coldness trails through it as usual, but the bite of stern demand remains. He shivers with his gasp. Delight? Fright? He smells her sweetness, both roses and cherries.

Ben groans at his cock that gets rock hard. Fuck! That woman does it to him every time. Confusion over his emotions riddle him, but evidently not his dick. Once more, the rope tightens around him most uncomfortably. Taking a long breath with the pain, another whack of the paddle follows.

“Owwww!” he shouts in shock.

The strike is harder this time. It stings his other ass cheek. His cock throbs like it wants to cum again already. If his hazing at the frat is like this, he may have never made it. Somehow, this is so much better than any hazing he has been forced to endure. With his heightened state, he wants to flee in terror and stay to quench his desires.

“Answer me!” she barks in displeasure out of his sight still. Ben knows that Dom’s near. Part of him is afraid to try and confirm it.

“N-no one,” he stutters in fear and desire at war in him, but it is always that way with her. The excitement filling him has a dual edge.

“No one, Mistress,” she corrects. “Say it, Slave.”

Ben gasps at her reference with widening eyes when she whacks his ass again with that damn paddle. Both cheeks get it this time. His knees buckle as he howls with the burning pain. What the hell is this shit?! Ben almost reshoots his fucking load but holds on somehow. No telling what that witch will do if he does cum again. The pain he endures now is plenty.

“No one, Mistress,” he replies obediently without hesitation.

Sweat runs cold down his face and the crack of his ass. His heart races, but he cannot say that it is all trepidation he endures. Ben licks his lips in anticipation. Further excitement for the unknown riddles him. He gulps in a dry throat, wondering what will happen to him next.

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