Working Under Dom

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Chapter 6 - At Her Pleasure

The soft click of a woman’s heels draws closer. At last, it is settled. He loses his breath, and his eyes threaten to pop out of his head. The walking stops. The person he anticipates has arrived. Dom faces him, yet she looks nothing like she usually does.

Off-black leather boots with pointy toes grace her feet and calves. She exhibits shapely thighs in black sheer thigh-high stockings accented in a red bow on the side. A coal-black garter belt disappears beneath matching bikini panties and over that appears a scarlet satin corset that zips up the middle. Delicate black lace edges it. Her C-cup breasts, creamy and unspoiled, practically spill from the top, feeding Ben’s eyes with images from dreams. Her midnight hair flows down her back in shiny waves touching her ass. The dark eyeshadow around her icy blue eyes mesmerize.

Ben’s jaw slackens. His cock pulses in hunger. Dammit, he comes, and there is nothing he can do about it!

“Shit!” he shouts out of breath from his battle to control himself. Ben licks his lips as his balls seize up.

He fixes on her full red lips before drifting down to her hand, where she carries a wooden paddle. She slaps her free hand with it. If he comes, Dom will paddle his ass. The intuition is undeniable! That gleam in her icy blue eyes, that malicious hint of a smile creeps up one corner of her mouth. Yep, she enjoys every minute of the intern’s helplessness as he squirms.

“You come when I tell you, Slave. You come for my pleasure and not your own. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. May I come, please? Please, Mistress?” he begs through clenched teeth. Ben experiences the cum seeping out of the head of his dick. He does not know how much longer he can do this.

“No.” Dom shakes her head. “That privilege must be earned, Slave.”

“Tell me how, Mistress. Please,” he entreats, not daring to break contact with her icy blue eyes.

“So glad you asked.”

Dom walks from him. Ben watches the sway of that bodacious ass move toward a table lined with similar items as the one she carries. She lowers the paddle to the open space. From a metal shelf not far, she bends over to pull out a steel drawer lined in what he believes to be red velvet. Dom removes a strange apparatus from it and shuts the drawer. Slowly, she returns to him. A pink tongue licks around her cherry lips.

“Please, Mistress. Please. May I come?” Ben begs with wide eyes.

“You may… not,” his boss teases. A wicked chuckle tags along.

“Please,” Ben implores. She slaps his dick hard with her palm.

“Ahhh!” he whimpers at the shot of pain and pleasure that goes through him. Somehow, he fails to cum. Ben backs away from the urge but rasps for breath in a race while standing still.

“How will you address me, Slave?” Dom warns with a stern glower.

He swallows, for he forgets this rule being so new to this and all. “Mistress.”

“Good boy. Now, before you may have any pleasure, you must understand that it is allowed at my discretion. Are we clear, Slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You may not take pleasure until I wish it so. To do otherwise means to be punished. You don’t want to be punished, do you?” his boss reasons as if her line of the conversation is the most logical to this really fucked-up situation. Ben does not doubt that Dom means what she says.

“No, Mistress.”

Ben understands nothing, but he gathers the proper response to his boss. The pleased, full grin Dom offers him has higher effectiveness in encouragement than the damn paddling. It thrills him to see that he can make her smile. Dom is so dazzling when she does. Ben never sees the woman do it. Here in this dungeon, in this Underground, she grins more than once. He believes that he is the cause. It stuns him that he has that power when he’s so vulnerable.

“You want pleasure, don’t you, Slave?” she queries coyly.

“Yes, please, Mistress,” he replies in eagerness with the lick of his lips. Sweat trickles down his forehead, making him shiver in fear of the irresistible temptress.

“Prove your worthiness. Work for it, Slave,” Dom says in a seductive whisper when she steps to his side.

“How, Mistress?” He turns his head slightly to see her retreat. The sexy sway of her hips disappears from his sight. Damn!

“Yes, the how of your work will give me pleasure. Great pleasure, Slave.” She lifts an eyebrow at him as she examines him. His boss nods when she walks around him on his other side. “You are here for my pleasure, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Her pleasure shines in a brighter smile. Joy pools inside Ben, fluttering at his belly. This is a lot different than what he undergoes from the ulcer. It’s far more pleasant.

“You’re a fast learner, Slave. That pleases me greatly.”

Dom grasps a tub she retrieves from a nearby table. She pours the clear contents into her hand and then rubs the cool substance with the same hand on his sensitive prick to his shock.

“Ooo!” Ben’s shivers become pronounced.

Her hands on his cock practically send him through the roof! Ben tips his head back to control the desire not to squirt the build of cum in his balls. He attempts to think of anything non-sexual. His mother, his brother, his nephew, his niece, and even Van, his co-worker are summoned to temper his need for sexual release.

Ahhh! That does it! The pressure wanes in the twin sacks but not much. His erect cock eases down a notch.

Raising his head, Ben notes her removal of the elaborate rope loops securing his twig and berries. He sighs in relief only to gasp when she replaces that restraint with two strange bands that have long wires dangling from it. One rests at the head of his dick and the other at the base of his shaft, very snug. The wires lead to another small device. A remote control of some sort? Ben swallows, loving the torture of her soft hands, but the fear also ramps up as to what she means to do to him.

Curious about what the apparatus does, the intern observes her click a switch and gasps for one long breath. The bands send the astonishing sensation of ants crawling throughout his dick! Dom adjusts the setting and observes. Ben stops breathing for a second. The pain kicks him like a mule bucking to rip the sucker off.

“Fuck! That hurts!” he shouts, which gathers the attention of the naked babes on the pillows. They peep at him since recovering from their intense orgasms on the big black dildo.

From where they lay, each crawls on their hands and knees. They halt at the heels of Dom and sit on their knees on either side of her long legs like two obedient pets. Their hands are behind their backs, and they watch avidly as the boss tortures him with a look of greed. They smile with interest in his cock, getting punished. Sadistic witches!

“Mistress,” the redhead kitty asks as she looks up at Dom, “May we play with him, too?”

Dom stares down at her, giving his cock a break for a moment with no sensation. Ben pants grateful for the granting of miracles. “Hmmm. That may please me later, my good little pussy. For now, we must get the setting adjusted.”

The blond bunny inquires from her other side, “How can we help, Mistress?”

Dom studies the remote and twists a knob to a new level. Ben suffers the result shooting along his cock. He hisses and stiffens.

“Ahhh! Ooo!”

The sensation is fantastic as sweat trickles into his eyes. With the sustained electrical current flowing through the bands, the pleasure is unlike he has known possible without him or someone else touching his cock. He pants hard at the shockwaves riveting his cock, making his toes curl where he stands their captive.

Dammit, Dom pushes him close to coming again! Ben whimpers in the wonder of it. A hand’s free hand job? He never thinks such a thing possible and flushes. The rope tightens around him, rubbing him back and forth while holding him upright until the boss stops the shocks.

“Nipple clamps, my good pussy. Small ones. Use them on him now.” Dom chuckles with a crooked smile. “All is ready.”

The redhead stands and skips to do as her mistress instructs. The blond pouts. “What about me, Mistress? I want to help, too. Please? Can I, Mistress?”

Dom caresses her face almost lovingly and gasps her chin with force. “You are to remember that everything you do is for my pleasure, bunny. Everything.”

The blond nods with a tentative smile. “Yes, Mistress. All for you.”

Dom releases the bunny's face as the redhead pinches each of Ben’s nipples with tiny metal clamps that have thin chains hanging on the ends. She skips back over to Dom next to the other babe, kneels, and mimics the blond in posture and attention.

“Very good. So please me by oiling him down with your bodies.” She snaps her fingers, and they scramble to their feet. “One of you in the front and the other in the back. Do not touch him with your hands. Do not let his mouth touch you. Do you understand?”

Together the babes nod and respond dutifully, “Yes, Mistress.”

Eyes bulging, Ben sees the sultry sway of the hot girls advancing him. They look better up close than they ever do so far from him. He licks his dry lips amazed at his experience so far.

In his opinion, his nipples have no sensitivity, but he rarely puts clamps on them either. Ben tolerates the pressure of the blood racing to the tips. Add that damn schlong shocker though and the beautiful babes rubbing their sexy bodies against him? He coasts in heaven, bar none! This has got to be the best damn dream of his fucking life!

“Don’t you dare come until I tell you, Slave. Disobey, and I’ll punish you,” Dom warns in locking her icy blue eyes with the intern. “This is only the beginning of what I have in store.”

The babes oil each other groping each other’s breasts, stomachs, and pussies. They also pour oil on each other’s back and asses. The show with these two just gets hotter and hotter when fingers disappear in holes for a few strokes. His cock swells, desiring action with them.

When the blond and redhead approach him, they smell sweet like fruit and aroused pussy. Licking his lips, they remind him of sweet oiled-up peaches. Neither are shy when they engage Ben. One on the front and the other in the back amaze him in how well they tease. His temperature rises, watching and experiencing their soft flesh gliding over his skin. He trembles at the gem-stone-sized nipples pressing into his back, torso, and sides as they rotate.

It tortures Ben to be restrained from touching himself or them. Badly, his hands want to reach down and squeeze those delicious breasts. His mouth waters to suck those swelled nipples rubbing him down everywhere! Ben wants to kiss those sexy bodies and fuck them until he’s empty of cum! God! Does he ever want to drill their little holes with every ounce of strength he has. Yes! Ben craves it like a festering itch he cannot fucking scratch. It fills his mind rather than the danger. Knowing the tempting women from the inside and tasting their sweet arousal in abandon is his supreme desire. Only now does Ben figure the meaning of exquisite torture!

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