Working Under Dom

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Chapter 8 - Being Dominated

The click of Dom's heels takes her behind Ben once again. The girls still separate his ass cheeks. The finger—her finger returns to the crack of his butt with lube by the cool glide along his skin. Easily it slides back and forth in a trail down his crack, paying particular attention to the tiny puckered hole. Ben’s breathing races from him in trembling fright. No one deals with the back door, and no interest or curiosity surfaces about it in play until now.

“Relax, Slave. It will hurt otherwise,” Dom advises soothingly. “You want this. You want me to seduce you—to dominate you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he admits with a hiss as the gel warms with the intimate touch of his ass hole. It tingles at the exit in a way that is not unpleasant, only odd. Ben grips the ropes tightly in sweaty hands.

“Let it happen, and you will be rewarded a pleasure you have never known.”

Ben’s heart pounds like it may burst out of his chest when he glances back and sees those sharp blue eyes regarding him with sexy mischief. The smile on her face is the purest delight. The rush of pleasure he gathers in knowing that he’s somehow pleased this woman amazes him. He relaxes.

“Good, Slave,” Dom coos, and a finger slips into his hole very slowly.

“Ooo,” Ben gasps bracing for some awful pain, but what he gets is nothing like he imagines.

The small finger tip dips in and then out of him. Each insertion he yields to ventures deeper in a exquisite curve. It goes inside to the knuckle after much repetition and hits a spot where he thinks he wants to pee. His eyes widen at the intense pleasure sweeping with a larger finger. Ben groans when his dick goes pulsing hard. More pre-cum seeps from him.

“What a tight ass you have, Slave!” She spanks an ass cheek.


“How I will enjoy fucking it,” Dom comments with the lick of her lips and spanks his ass again with her other hand while the one still busies itself in thrusting inside him.

“Yeah, you love a good hard fuck in the ass, don’t you, Slave?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

His eyes bulge at her words, and his immediate reply. The finger’s progression in his ass does not lessen. It stabs him knuckle deep, in and out so quickly. His breathing matches her efforts. His legs quiver with the tightness in his stomach, threatening to overtake him.

“Ooo, Mistress!” He cums. No way to stop it. Dom finds some magic place inside him that renders an ecstasy he has not counted on at all. Perhaps his prostate is what she’s reached? The significant sensation makes his knees wobble.


Then Dom works her rhythmic magic by adding a second finger. With each pump into his ass, her slender fingers engage full, curving penetration. Ben's pleasure intensifies beyond anything else so far.

“Does the Slave enjoy his ass fucking? Does he want more?”

“Yes, please, Mistress,” Ben groans loudly now, unable to control the blubbering he does.

The fingers slip out of him just at the time of his eruption. Something blunt yet tight shoves in his ass instead. His legs nearly buckle at the assault. Ben yelps in the sudden fullness he experiences, but there is no pain like he thought there should be.

“Fuck!” he pants.

The intern gazes over his shoulder to see that his boss hands a square box to the blond bunny. A cord attaches to it. That cord links right to his ass and whatever is shoved into it. Another box that appears to be a remote attaches to the bands on his dick and is given to the redhead.

“Alright, my pets,” Dom instructs matter-of-factly, “make sure to give my slave a great time. Ahhh, wait! The butt plug should be calibrated first.”

Taking the box back from the blond, his boss adjusts some knobs and presses a button or two. The result sends shockwaves through his asshole to his prostate. Ben nearly bolts forward in astonishment clenching his ass.

“Shit!” he shouts, not expecting such a strong current running through him.

Ben pants, for he feels nothing like it. Overwhelmed with the continuous sensation vibrating his asshole but more precisely his prostate, the rope cuts into his flailing body. He barely notices it now. Swarming pleasure fills him in warm waves. At least, that is until the bands around his cock start shocking him too from base to tip. The most wonderful sensation back and forth throughout his cock forces curses to repeated fly from his mouth. The pleasure compounds.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Ben whimpers and tilts his head back in the simultaneous pleasures he receives.

Last like this is impossible. The intern tenses against his bonds, gripping them, twisting his body this way and that in the sweet building ache in his cock, balls, and ass. The blond and redhead smile at him accessing this and continue playing with their torture boxes increasing the settings in teasing increments.

“That’s it, my pets. Give him all the juice. He can take it. My Slave is no quitter,” Dom taunts.

As light as a feather, his boss's hand passes through his sweaty hair, distracting him from the bunny and kitty. Then roughly, her fingers grip it at the roots. Dom snatches his head back to face forward, toward her. Gently, she tugs on the chains attached to the nipple clamps at the same time. Ben cries out in pain, and overwhelming pleasure meshed together. It creates an extra layer of sensation just when he thought there could be no more.

What Ben never counts on, not in a zillion years, is the sweet taste of her mouth taking his. Tasting like cherries, he imagines it’s her lip gloss. Dammit, she’s delicious! A bonus! He wants to touch her, but he can’t. Dammit, he is still tangled in the fucking rope!


The sweet seduction of her mouth completes this pleasure fest. The nips of her teeth on his upper lip make him groan. The dominance of her tongue sweeps into his mouth, owning it as she does everything in her world. Ben groans so thoroughly stimulated. He loses himself to lust. The shocks grow in strength along his cock and through his asshole. He can hardly prevail much more of the onslaught, but that dark part of him wants this. Fuck yeah!

“Please, Mistress,” Ben mewls against her mouth.

“Please what, Slave?” she inquires, studying his pleading hazel eyes. Her hand has not left the chains that tug gently on his nipples. His boss also runs her nails over his scalp and grips his hair.

Sweet misery he becomes as he cries out. Tremors break out all over his sweaty body. “Please, Mistress, may I come? Please?”

“Does it feel good, Slave? Am I not a good Mistress?”

Ben quakes almost violently as he groans again. Dom shakes him with the grip she makes on his hair. His eyes roll to the back of his head. “Answer me, Slave. Does it feel good?”

“Yeeeessssssss,” he hisses at the latest shudder.

“And am I not a good Mistress?”

“Yes, Mistress. The very best. Please,” he pleads close to tears. “Please, Mistress. Please.”

Dom smiles that brilliant smile of hers that sends heat into him, and he loses his breath. “Then come now. Come for me, Slave.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Ben says gratefully and lets the tears flow as he sucks in a deep breath to let go. “Motherfucker!” he shouts hoarsely.

Once again, his load shoots across the floor in fierce spurts until he merely dribbles come from his cock onto himself. The bunny and kitty watch alongside Dom and cheer with giggles while pointing at the jets of cum he fires. They haven’t stopped the control of the devices given. The shocks continue over and over inside his ass and along his dick. Ben’s pleasure continues long after his balls expend every bit of his spunk.

Exhaustion reigns over his sore muscles. Still, the shocks continue to riddle him. Ben slackens against his bonds. His legs lose all their feeling. All the exquisite pleasure dulls the pain. Ben shuts his eyes because it is more than he can bear. His moans of ecstasy turn to agony, both sweet and horrible. His head turns from side to side.

“Please, Mistress,” Ben repeatedly appeals without breath. His heart beats so fast. The shocks persist in their torment. His breaking point has been reached when at last, he screams, “Red! Red! Red!”

The devices stop. Thank God! Finally, Ben’s pants slow down.

Carefully the butt plug is removed, and he whimpers softly. The bands slide off his semi-hard cock. Following those, Dom confiscates the nipple clamps. Sweat stands on his body that he never realizes. It runs freely down him in several beads of discomfort. The sense like he may blackout eases.

“You have done very well, Slave. I cannot wait until next time. It will be even better,” Dom announces with the swat of her hand on his sore ass.

“Ouch!” he whimpers and then nips his bottom lip.

Ben hears the click of her heels retreat without another word. The bunny and kitty follow but turn back to offer a wave before they disappear through a door that opens for them.

Next time?! Shit!

Ben thinks he will not survive it while still catching his wayward breath. The excitement and thrill of experiencing anything near this again make his head swim. His semi-hard dick so sensitive already twitches at the thought. More of Dom?

Fuck yeah!

On second thought, Ben does not need to think. He believes deep within his twisted mind that he will gladly endure whatever she has in store. The reward will far exceed the pain.

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