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Kayleen, Jace, Allison, Wesley all live in a small town called Westland. They all are teenagers dealing with home problems, Love, Sex, Bullying. Together they are amazing! But on the way they get their selves in deeper, mysterious problems.

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Sandy Beach

It was a hot summer day in Westland. You can hear the waves getting stronger every minute. Strangely it's the windy hot summer day. Not many people was at the beach in Westland. I'm guessing they are locked inside with the A.C on. Or the beach is just too gross. Either way it was good to have is mostly to ourselves.
"Allison can you pass me the sunscreen?" Jace asked me, getting up from the pink beach chair. Wesley and Kayleen was in the lake splashing water at each other. I gave Jace the sunscreen and we both were walking towards the lake. "What are you guys doing?" I yelled at Kayleen and Wesley. "Splashing water at each other to cool ourselves" Kayleen replied. I ran over there with them and started splashing them. Jace took out his phone and took a picture of me and Kayleen.
A kid named Trevor Davis was at the beach. He looked at us and laughed. It was a "Your funny" laugh. "Hey! do you guys want ice cream?" Jace yelled at us. "Uh duh Jace" Wesley said mocking what "Girls" would sound like. Jace went to go get us some Ice cream. "I have a confession" Wesley said. "Go for it" Kayleen said. "I peed in the lake" Wesley said laughing. We ran out of the lake and laughed. "Well I mean- fish pee and poop in there all day" I said. "Exactly you guys are babies!" Wesley said and began to walk towards us. After that we all just sat and talked about high school which is coming up next week. Shortly Jace came back with Popsicle's.
"So I really have a confession guys" Wesley said. "You peed!" Kayleen shouted out. "What? No" he said. "Okay then what?" I asked. "I have a girlfriend" Wesley said. "What no way!?" Kayleen said. I honestly felt a like I had been ran over. Honestly I have liked Wesley since 6th grade. This is his first girlfriend since his ex Andy in 7th grade. "Yeah her name is Brooke Moore" He said grinning. "Congrats man" Jace said. "So tell us about her" Kayleen said licking her Popsicle up and down. "Well-" he stooped and was starring at Kayleen. "Well?" She asked. He broke out of his trance at last.. "Well she will be going to our high school, She's 15 and she is really pretty, and fun to be around" He said. "She sounds really nice" I said. "Thanks, hopefully this goes better than Andy" He said. "It will she sounds amazing" I reassured him. But at this point I wish she never met him. I know that's selfish- but I mean why doesn't he like me? "Jace have you found a girl?" I asked him. "No not yet" He said and smiled at me. "One day you'll find her" Kayleen said.
There was a long pause. "Who want's to play spin the bottle?" Jace asked. We all laughed and hesitated. "Oh come on! It will be a friendship kiss" Jace said. "I have a girlfriend" Wesley said and laughed. "Just as I said Wesley, a friendship kiss" Jace said and put his coke bottle in the center of us. "I'm down" Kayleen said and sounded amused. "Yeah sure- whatever" I said. "Wesley are you in?" I asked. He laughed again. "Sure.. I guess it won't hurt" He said and moved himself closer to the circle. "Okay who want's to go first?" asked Jace. "You go first, it's your game!" Kayleen said. "Okay" he said looking a little hesitant. "Oh come on! Go" I said. Then he spinned the bottle. We all looked pretty anxious. I mean we're all just best friends. It landed on Kayleen. She laughed as well as Jace did. Jace grabbed her and pulled him towards him and kissed her passionately and a bit rough. The kiss lasted about 4 seconds tops. Wesley started laughing. I was grinning just a little bit. "Damn your not bad" Kayleen said and sat down. "Okay so I go?" She asked. "Yeah I think so" Jace said. "I will laugh if it lands on Jace again" Wesley said. But this time it landed on me. The boys were laughing and so were me and Kayleen. Mine and Kayleen's kiss was softer than Jace's and hers. Now I spinned the bottle. I was hoping it would land on Wesley but instead it landed on Jace. "Why don't I get kissed!?" Wesley said laughing. "Be patient young sir" Kayleen said to Wesley. Jace rubbed my lips first then kissed me softly yet passionate. It was the best kiss I have ever had in my life! It lasted longer than any other kisses. It lasted about 10 seconds tops. I felt like I had just been struck by lighting. "Wow you two really hit it off" Wesley said. We both laughed and sat back down. We both tried to look away from each other. Kayleen hit me, and looked at me as if something happened. Jace gave the bottle to Wesley and it landed on Jace. We were all kinda hyped but shocked. Wesley laughed so hard it was funny. Wesley stood up and kissed Jace softly. Jace and Wesley were laughing. The game was over.
We stood up and got our stuff and were walking home. After the game we all were very talkative and were laughing a lot. Jace kissed all of us, so he voted who the best kisser was. He choose me and it made me smile just a little bit. Then Wesley made a jokingly comment, saying how we should kiss. But in my head that's all I ever wanted. Wesley lived next to me so he walked me home. "Do you like Jace?" He asked me. "No" I said simple and plain. "Oh- it just seemed that kiss you guys had was very passionate" He said. "No I like someone else" I said. "Really who is the mystery man?" he asked me. "No one!" I said. He kept going till we reached my house. He will never know that I'm in love with him.

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