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Gauri's pov :

I was arguing with the merchant about the cost of apples.

" What are you saying bhaee saahab ( brother) I only asked for 1 kg of apples and how can you ask me that much money. I can give you 30 Rs but not anymore than that."

"I am sorry but I can't sell that low" we were in a heated argument about the price of apples when a voice beside me spoke

"Give her the apples, I will give you the money" I was startled by the voice and when I turned around it was Shiva standing behind me already handed the money to the merchant.

"Wait what are you doing ? I don't want you to pay, please give the money back bhaee saahab"

I didn't want to talk to him so I turned to leave without buying the apples.
But then he grabbed my hand pulling me to a stop. I was startled by that and turned around swiftly to tell him to let me go.

"What ? Let me go" I was trying to pull my hand from his grip but he wasn't letting go.

He took the apples and handed it to me but I didn't take it.
" Just take it already." He now started to demand and tried to push the apples towards me but I was still resisting. And that made him angry. I was not a submissive person and I don't take things that I haven't paid for knowing if I did it I will be owning them a favor.

" Fine if you don't want to take it then I will buy you something that you won't be able to refuse."

I was surprised again. Why was he trying to buy me things when I don't want anything. So I asked him that

"Why are you so adamant on buying me things. You are not my father or brother."

"no I am your soon to be husband"

If he said that in a different circumstances to some other girl I am sure it would have been romantic. But he said that to me while he was cutting the blood supply of my hand was making it a very scary situation.

Before I could comment on his words he was already pulling me to a jewelry store. I was again pulling my hand and trying to get out of his grip but he dragged me across the street to the store and all while attracting a large crowd of people. Of course when the great young master is in the market dragging the village doctor's child around everyone will look and gossip.

I know another rumor was already starting and all I could do was curse all the conservative villagers and the block head latched on to my arm.

While I was cursing and glaring at the villagers 'the all great young master ' was buying something from the jewelry shop.

" Bhayya give me a bangle for her "

I turned around with that comment

" Ayo, how many times have I told you already I don't want you to buy me anything, are you deaf ?"

Well the deaf comment made him more angry

"Actually, You know what bhayya, give me a bangle that is one size less that her original size."

Now I was confused, is he not buying the bangle for me. Oh god I just made a fool out of myself didn't I ? Now he will humiliate me in front of all this people calling me an idiot.

As I was wallowing in my on self pity the merchant already gave him the bangle.

I was looking at him ready for the humiliation when he took my hand and started to put the bangle on it. Well in another word he was pushing it in to my hand but it was getting stuck because its small.

" what are you doing? It is too small for my arm and for the last time I don't want it."

He didn't listen to me and pushed it harder and then my hand started to hurt. His grip was already leaving bruises on my arm.

" Please stop you are hurting me. You will injure me if you don't stop."

I was trying to let him go when I understood his real intention. He was going to put it on me so that I won't be able to take it of me, well ,not anytime soon.

Bruises and scratches were already forming on my knuckles and hand and some of them were already bleeding. It was hurting so much and I was on the verge of tears.

"Ahh.. please stop .. it hurts.."


That's all he said and he pushed the bangle in my hand and let my hand go. My whole hand was injured and I was bleeding very badly from all the scratches from the sharp ends of the bangle and its design.

I took the end of my shawl to cover my hand to stop the bleeding and looked at him with tears on my face. I couldn't utter a word as I was sobbing because of the pain and humiliation.

All the people at the market were looking at us and everyone was murmuring and no one came to help me.

" Well now you won't be able to take it off and by the way its a gift for my lovely bride." He told me while pulling me close by holding my shoulder. His face was too close to mine and he was looking at me with a victory smile.

I was really angry and I wanted to do something but before I could he adjusted my shawl above my head and walked away with his goons leaving me there in the middle of the market surrounded by all the people.

I looked at his retreating back and at all the people around me. I bent over and took a stone that was near me and throw it at his back. It hit my target perfectly on his back and he turned around furious glaring at me.

" I am not your bride."

With that I turned around and ran all the way to my home without looking back because one, I don't want to look at his ugly face and two, I don't want to get hurt again than I already am.

After reaching home I patched up my wounds with my Baba's things and cleaned myself up. Thankfully no one was home ,giving me time to get cleaned and form an answer to my parents questions.

I am sure the whole incident has already reached everyone in the village including my parents.

As I was cleaning the house I thought about all the things that had happened that day and made my decision that I will stay away from that monster until he leaves the village in two weeks for taking over his business in Delhi.

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