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Gauri's pov :

It has been two days since the incident in the market. When my parents came home that night they didn't ask me anything. Baba looked at my hand and applied some medicine on it and bandaged it. My mother looked troubled but no one spoke a word about the incident, not even my sister. Maybe it's because they know that talking won't change anything, that they are helpless when it comes to people like Shiva Maheshwar.

Maybe it's because of that same thought that they allowed me to stay home when I told them I am not feeling well the next day. It's been two days and I haven't gone out of the house much other than to fetch water and bring lunch to my mother at the field.

When I was getting lunch ready on the third day Leela came running to me almost hitting me.

" What happened Leela ? Why are you running like there is a bull chasing you?"


I was confused. All I got from her was Shila and my sister.

"Just take a deep breath , then tell me what happened. Is my sister and Shila alright?"

I was getting concerned but thankful Leela took a deep breath and started to speak normally.

"Shila , me and your sister were playing in the brick house by the lake when young master Shiva and his people came there. When we saw him we started to leave but then he ordered his people to stop us. We tried to escape but they surrounded us. It looked like he identified your sister, Arya ,and then he asked us where you were. When we refused to answer he turned to me and told me to get you or he won't let Shila and Arya leave. You have to come with me Gauri , his goons looked really scary."

By the end of her narration I was fuming. How dare he do something like that. Arya is a child and scaring her like that is unforgivable.

I took my shawl and draped it over my head, then I got my small knife from my room and left the house to meet 'his majesty' and give him a piece of my mind .

I could see them from a distance and there were already a group of villagers trying to see what was going on. Just what I wanted right now. But I had no choice so I went without acknowledging them.
Shiva saw me even before I reached them and he was smirking like he won a game.
I reached them and when my sister and Shila saw me they tried to run toward me but his goons stopped them.
" I am here now let them go"
" Sure its not like I want them anyway , it's you I wanted to see after all". His arrogance was too much but I know if I said anything he might hurt my sister. He nodded at the goons to let them go. Arya and Shila came towards me. I hugged my sister and scanned both of them for any injury. Satisfied that they are not hurt I turned to leave with them.
That's when I was pulled back my a strong grip on my arm.
Shiva pulled me to him and held my waist in a strong grip and his other hand was on my arm squeezing it. Someone from a little far can easily misunderstand our position for something romantic and I can already hear the next rumor from my spectators.
"Where do you think you are going?"
" Let me go"
I tried to pull away but he tightened his hold. I know I was watched by his goons so they may see me taking out my knife now.
" Looks like you are enjoying my gift"
He was talking about my bandaged arm that still contained his bangle. I tried to get it off me but all it did was create more injury and hurt me more.
I glared at him trying to show my hate threw my eyes. Then with a lot of strength I lifted my foot and brought it down on his.
He hissed and released me and I took my knife at that time and swiped at him.
All I wanted to do was make him to back off a little and show him I wasn't defenseless and I was not afraid of him. But because of a slight miscalculation I nicked him and now there was a small wound on his face and he was bleeding.
I knew I was in big trouble the moment he looked at me. I was stepping back getting ready to run but he didn't give me a chance. He pulled me to him forcefully and twisted my arm spraining my wrist and making me let go of my knife.
He pushed me into a tree and was upon me in a second. One hand squeezing my neck and the other still on my arm. He tightened his hold on me when I tried to fight him off. I could hear my sister's and Shila's voice asking him to let me go but all I could see was his eyes burning with so much anger and lust..?
" That was a very unnecessary move meri dulhan . What should I do with you now. I thought I will forgive you for the stunt at the market and then hiding from me for three days but with this that's three strikes."
I wanted to tell him the stunt at the market was caused by him and I was hiding from him because he was creating problems for me. But all could make was a strangled noise as he squeezed my windpipe.
I was starting to see stars and I thought he was really going to kill me when someone called him. He sighed like he was disturbed from watching his favorite sports and released me and turned around. I coughed and took a deep breath and looked to see who had the guts to interrupt him. It was his father's secretary who was also responsible for his father's health.
" Your father is asking for you young master. He suddenly fainted and is now treated by the doctor."
I knew for a fact that the doctor they are referring to is my own father and he has been treating Maheshwar master for a while now.
After their conversation Shiva turned to me
" Looks like it's your lucky day. Know this dulhan don't try to hid from me I will find you and next time it won't be just this two but your whole family will suffer ,so be a good girl and wait for me."
With that command he left me there. When he vanished from my sight Arya and Shila came to me and asked me if I was alright but I still couldn't speak.
They helped me to my home and got me some water to drink. Arya was crying so I hugged her close to me and Shila sat near me trembling and looked at me
"Gauri what we going to do ?"

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