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Gauri's pov :

Both Arya and Shila was staring at me expecting me to tell them a solution, but my mind was blank. Seeing my struggled Shila put a hand on my shoulder and started to speak

" Gauri, Why don't to take your sister and mother and go to your aunties house in the next village, with everything happening here I am sure that demon won't come looking for you there."

That was a good idea but there was a problem.

" Shila I can't just leave like that if I go wat are you going to do and what about my Baba. He threatened you too Shila. Like you said he is a demon and when he can't find me I am sure he will come after you"

" You don't need to worry about your Baba, Gauri. He is treating is father it's he? So there is no way that guy will harm your father. And about me.. I will do something . Don't worry Gauri"

That's when my mama came home. From her worried face I knew she heard what happened to me. She came and hugged me and inspected my wounds. Before she could speak Arya narrated the whole story, even Shila's plan.

And to my horror my mother agreed with them.

"It is a good plan. We should leave at night so no one will see us. I will tell your Baba And since your aunty already asked us to help her in her field they won't suspect anything. Also Shila you are coming with us. I will ask your parents and tell them we need more people."

Shila was going to protest but one stern look from my mother shut her up. When my mother is inn her mama bear role no one can stop her. Actually I am surprised she didn't directly go to Shiva and beat him to death.

At night we packed everything and loaded it in the cart. My Baba was standing there and I hugged him when it was time to leave. I know I was putting a lot off stress on him and I conveyed my sorry to him in my hug.
" Don't worry betta everything's going to be fine."
That was all I need to regain my strength. I left my village and reached my aunties home by noon the next day. They were all waiting for us. My aunty had two sons both of them already married and settled many villages away. So she needed help with the works in her field.
As days passed I started to forget my problems and worry.

It was after a week that I woke up from my nap hearing voices at the front door. I was confused as to why people where gathered around my aunts house at 1 in the morning. I went outside to find my mother crying. I got worried and rushed to her side.
" What happened mama? Why are you crying ?"
She was just staring at me not speaking anything. I turned to the people around me and asked the same question.
" Betta there is a problem at the village. The young master and his people have burned down the side of the village temple and have threatened the people of the village. He is telling if you don't come back he will burn the whole village down along with the people."
I couldn't speak for a minute. I was standing there startled not knowing what to do. I knew he would do something because I left but I never thought he will go to such an extend. He was really a monster.
As I was standing there not knowing what to say someone else started to speak
" When he burned the temple there was a pooja going on and there were people inside. Many got hurt and your father is doing everything he can to help them. He has forced many people including children inside the other part of the village which he is threatening to burn down next."
" Please come back Gauri. There are lot of people at his mercy right now. We are begging you".
Many were pleading now and I know they will take me from here even if I refuse.
Children.. he is threatening children now. Oh god, how obsessed was he to burn down the temple. I know I had no choice anymore. I went inside the house I didn't know what to tell those people. Should I tell them sorry, even though I didn't do anything wrong.
I came back with my things
" Let's go. We have to get there before he do anymore damage."
" Gauri what are you doing. You can't go like this, what if he does something to you."
"Mama I know you are worried about me but I can't let anyone get hurt like this because of me. I am sorry you had to cry because of me but I have to go." I was doing everything I could to look strong. I wanted to say more knowing I won't be able to see my mother or sister again at least for a very long time. But if I breakdown now I know it will only make them more sad.
" Then let me get my things I will.." I caught her hand before she could go inside.
" No mama, you and Arya are going to stay here. If you come with me he will hurt you too and I can't see that."
My mother was going to protest but before she could say anything I hugged her tightly and then my sister.
Arya was crying too and I know she wanted to come with me since she already witnessed the brutality of that man.
" Arya please take care of our mother. And stay safe."
" Ok didi. I know you are going to go even if I protest. Please stay safe. Don't let him hurt you".
I saw Shila coming towards me and she hugged me.
" I know you are scared Gauri. But make sure that you don't let that devil win." she whispered.
" I won't. Please look after them for me."
" Don't worry they will be safe."
I smiled and turned to the villagers. They led me to the cart they came in and I climbed on .
I turned see my family one last time. I turned away when my eyes started to burn, I really don't what them to see how afraid I really was. How helpless I felt.
As we rode to my doom I only wanted one thing. To be in my mother's arm knowing I was safe.

didi = sister

Betta = child
pooja = ceremony

Hope you guys liked the story. I know this was a slow chapter but it was necessary to write this since we have to know how Gauri felt leaving her family.
Don't worry next chapter won't be lagging.
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