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Gauri's pov:

We reached the temple at early morning. From afar I could see the commotion happening. Many people were running trying to rescue others and away from the fire but all I could see was the man standing in front of it all calmly. The man I hate , The man who caused all this problems.

He turned around when he heared us approaching. I could already see the smirk on his face knowing that he won. I reached him. Still keeping a small distance from him, I stopped.

" I am here now. So please put an end to all this."

I thought that was it. But what i got was a laugh.

" Oh baby , the event is actually just beginning. I was waiting for you, the main character of the story."

" What more are you going to do? What do you want."

At this time I was desperate.

" I want you to come with me into the temple. The set is already made."

I didn't know what he was planning anymore but I had to stop him and the only way was to play his game.

I went inside the temple and the moment I entered I knew I was doomed.

The temple was decorated in the same way for a wedding ceremony.

"what's this?"

Even before asking I knew what it was but I had to conform.

"Well my bride this is the mandap for our wedding, Did you like it?"

I really wanted to cry but I put on a brave face and faced him

" If you really think there is going to be a wedding here then you are mistaken."

" really? Then I hope you are okay with me destroying all this right? "

I can't let him distroy the temple when there are still people inside it.

I felt so defeated. I had fought every obstacles he threw my way but this, he is playing with the life of other people. I can't let him kill others. And I only saw one way.

" Fine. I will marry you."

I knew i was sealing my fate then to a monster but I am ready to fight him.

The wedding ceremony was really short. Or maybe I felt it to be short because I was thinking of everyway to escape him.

After the ceremony he pulled me to his carriage and took me to his home.

I really thought I had lost every hope the moment he married me but somehow somewhere a god heard my prayer.
It came in the shape of his father or now my father in law.
As we reached his home I saw his father standing there blocking our way. If I knew one thing it was that the devil did respect his father.
" What you did today is unforgivable. You put this whole family in such a shameful place. I never went against you before but today I have to."
His father's words were filled with pain but as I glanced at the devil's face I saw nothing but victory.

" You are right father you can't change what happened so why don't you step out of my way and let me enjoy my first night with my wife."
As his words reached me I felt paralyzed. Of course that was his next move.He will do anything to make that happen. Even force me. I wanted to scream and run as far away as possible.

The hallway was lit with candles and lamp as he dragged me through that hall. I fought to get free but his hold was too strong. My dress caught on to my leg making me trip, before I could regain my balance he through me into a room. I looked around the room looking for an escape and before I could get up he was right in front of me.

He took a hold of my hair and pushed me on to the bed. I turned around, begging him to stop.
" Please, don't do this. I will do anything I promise. "
" That's sad I was expecting a little more fight from you. "
He held my hands together and tied it with a showl. I couldn't move. He tore my top off looking at me with lust. He was squizing my breast taking one of my nipple in his mouth bitting until it bled.
As his hands moved up my thighs I did my best to shake him off. I was crying and screaming for help but no one came.
He untied my skirt and pulled it of me along with my panties making me completely naked infront of this monster. He looked at me enjoying my pain and undressed himself and him being hard seeing my helplessness disgusted me. I wanted to vomit.
He spread my legs
" Looks like I am going to enjoy this so much. Defiling you will be one of my greatest achievements. Congratulations Mrs.Shiva Maheshwar."
He thrusted into me and didn't even wait before he cruelly attacked me. He was chasing his pleasure and he was fuelled by my screams. I felt like I was breaking in half. And I knew he was tearing me apart.
I don't remember how much time it went on, all I know is, he didn't stop for a long time. I kept on fading into unconsciousness and when ever I was awake I saw the monster that took my life away.

Hi everyone, I wrote the second half of this chapter after a long break so if the writting feels disconnected you know why.
And sorry about the grammar and spelling mistakes.
Your author.

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