Story of (Her) Life

By Hauwa Samaila Mohammed All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Other


Chapter 1 “Sara! Sara! Get up don’t be late for school”, said her mother as she gently shook her awake. Sara pushed herself up so she was sitting on the bed. “Good morning, maama.” That was what she called her mum when she was in her usual I-feel-like-a-baby mood. She found it odd how some kids addressed their moms as “mama”, just MA-MA; she felt it was too uncivilized era-like. She preferred saying “maama”, with a stretch on the first “ma”. And on normal days she would say “mum”, or “mummy”. “Did you wake up well?” her mother asked. “You look rested and refreshed today no nightmares I suppose?” “No, I slept well,” answered Sara. “Someone prayed before sleeping,” her mother said, teasing. “Mom,” retorted Sara with raised eyebrows. “I always do.” “Come down for your breakfast when you’re ready,” said her mother, exiting the room.


Loneliness; the air I breathe.

Emptiness; the blood in my jugular

familiar scents of love and happy faces fill my nostrils

they stampede towards me joyfully

I towards them.

Cocks crow at cockcrow

dragging me out of my slumber

of eternal happiness

Alas! It was nothing but a dream.

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