Broken Sunshine

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When she lost them, she lost herself. Still grieving the death of her child and fiancé, Rhiannon seeks comfort in a stranger who turns out to be her therapist.

Drama / Romance
India North
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Rhiannon sighed looking out of the window of her living room where she found herself to be every other day during a thunderstorm. Watching the rain beat down on the window as the lightening flashed across the sky, there’s always a loud rumble not far behind. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she looked up to see her mother and gave her a small but reassuring smile that she was okay. Turning her attention back towards the window, she seen headlights from a car. As they came closer, she gripped her mother’s fingers.

Visions of Caden came rushing back to her, she was sitting in the passenger seat and they were driving down the street. So close to home that they could see the dimmed porch light from down the street. A car headlight blinded them as it came towards them. A sudden jerk of the car and the next thing she knows is that her mother was cradling her head against her chest.

“Rhia, I think it’s time that you see someone.” Her mother sighed as she smoothed down her hair against her head.

Rhiannon took in deep breaths, peeking out the window to see that the car had come and gone. Slowly, she pulled away from the comfort of her mother and looked away. It was time and she knew it.

“I know momma, I’ll find someone to talk to.” Rhiannon agreed, sighing.

Glancing down at the small engagement ring on her finger, there was a tear that slipped down her cheeks. She stood up from the chair and her mother let her walk away down the hall. As the tears was welling up, Rhiannon leaned against the hall and let out a small whimper. Across from her was her daughter, Kassidy’s bedroom. Reaching out towards her door, she held the knob in her hand and stood there. She wanted so badly to open the door and to see her little girl in there with her father playing with her toys on the ground, trying to ignore the loud clamoring of the thunder.

Her hand dropped to her side, Rhiannon turned away from the door and started further down the hall to her bedroom. Leaning against the door frame, she wrapped her arms around herself. It’s only been six months, since the accident but yet it still felt so fresh as the day of.

We should go out to the lake today.

Rhiannon’s head snapped up so fast at the sound of his voice. She knew that she had to be dreaming, Caden stood in front of her with his back facing her. Taking a step back, her lip trembled as she watched him silently.

The weather looks nice, not a single cloud in the sky either. You know it’s your fault that Kassidy loves fishing.

He chuckled lightly; Rhiannon couldn’t find her voice. He turned to face her and she let out a breath that she had been holding once she seen his grey eyes. She took a shaky step forward into the room, he smiled at her.

“C-C-Caden.” She stuttered as her voice croaked.

He stood there not saying anything but smiling, the further she came into the room seemed like the further he was moving away. Rhiannon fastened her steps to get to him, finally, standing in front of him she stared at him from every angle. His smile turned into a grin; his eyes crinkled as they always did. Reaching up to hold his face, he slowly faded away into dust.

“Caden?” She called out.

Rhiannon looked around the room only to be met by a flash of lightening from the window. She collapsed onto the bedroom floor sobbing into her hands. Rushed footsteps signaled her mother entering the room, she was wrapped into her arms and rocked back and forth.

“Honey, I know you’re in a lot of pain right now. They wouldn’t want you to keep hurting. You have to let yourself heal, not just for yourself but for them also.”

👻 👻 👻 👻

The Next Night

“Are you sure that you wanted to come out tonight? I’m only out so that Sabrina doesn’t drink herself into a coma.” Taliah gave a small smile.

Rhiannon patted her hand, “I’m positive, I needed to get out of the house.” She assured her.

She glanced over at Sabrina, Caden’s youngest sister, she was on her fifth shot already and they had only been there for a total of ten minutes. Taliah was just drinking cranberry juice since she was driving, she’s the oldest out of the three, and the most responsible.

“Tali, drink some water with that.” Rhiannon pleaded with her.

Taliah gave her a hateful glare before turning her back to her, they were once close before everything happened. To her, it seemed that everything ended in a blink of an eye. It could be said about anything within the last six months to be honest.

“I’m sorry about her, she’s still taking everything pretty hard. He was the only male figure in her life, you know?” Sabrina sighed.

“I know.” Rhiannon nodded.

As the night went on, Rhiannon was catching up to Taliah with her shots count. Sabrina shook her head as she watched them, it had almost felt like old times when they would get together to drink and have her brother and husband come pick them up. They would get scolded but it didn’t matter because they would get babied the entire night.

“That guy keeps looking over here.” Taliah pointed out.

Sabrina glanced down the bar and sure enough, there was a man sneaking a look at them. She hummed and looked between Taliah and Rhiannon.

“He’s looking at one of y’all, because I know he sees this big ass rock.” Sabrina wiggled her ring finger.

“It’s not me.” Rhiannon shook her head, looking down at her drink.

“It better not be you.” Taliah snapped.

“You need to chill before I take you home.” Sabrina warned.

“You really think that low of me, Tali?” Rhiannon asked leaning forward to look at her. “I lost not only the love of my life but my child as well.” She reminded her.

She was hurt that she could even think that way of her, Rhiannon and Caden had been together since they were seventeen. Not many thought their relationship would survive, it almost didn’t but they proved them wrong. Taliah frowned looking away, she was still hurt losing her brother and niece. Caden and Sabrina practically raised her after their mother walked out on them.

Hearing a throat being cleared, all three of them looked over to the man with soft brown eyes and dark brown hair. Sabrina gave a simple smile and asked how he was doing that evening.

“I’m decent, thanks for asking.” He flashed a smile of his own. “Sorry if I’m interrupting your girls’ night out, but can I buy you three a drink?” He asked.

Taliah scoffed, “Let me save you the time and money, which one of us are you hoping to get with tonight. It can’t be either of them because they’re married with kids.” Taliah told him.

Sabrina looked over her and glared at her.

“Oh, I’m sorry to bother. I’d still like to pay for your next drinks then.” He smiled.

“Thank you, but they really shouldn’t be drinking anymore. I need to get home actually.” Sabrina said as she glanced down at her phone.

“I’m not ready to leave just yet.” Rhiannon spoke up.

Taliah eyed her while Sabrina settled their bill of the night, the man raised a brow. Sabrina stood up and held her sister’s arm pulling her up from the stool. She turned to Rhiannon silently asking her if she was sure that she didn’t want to go home.

“I just want one more drink and then I’ll grab a ride.” Rhiannon smiled softly.

“Alright, I don’t mind swinging back around if you need me to.” Sabrina hugged her.

Rhiannon watched as they walked away, Taliah had her eyes trained on her. She could understand that they were both hurt but with different pains. It wasn’t that she was trying to erase Caden but always going back to an empty house with so many memories that seemed to come alive in the night was driving her mad.

👻 👻 👻 👻

“Thanks for the drink.” Rhiannon smiled.

Rhiannon had decided to take the man up on the drink, she needed something a little stiff to get her through the night. He seemed like an actual decent guy and kept a good conversation going.

“It’s my pleasure treating a beautiful young woman like yourself but I bet your husband spoil you all the time.” He chuckled.

Her smile faltered for a bit, “He does, even when I tell him it’s too much.” She hummed.

“Did I say something wrong? Your mood seemed to have shifted a bit.” He asked, concerned.

His eyes searched hers for some type of explanation but Rhiannon shook her head. “I was just remembering something is all.” She told him.

She was happy when he accepted her answer, downing her drink she squeezed her eyes tight as it rushed down to the pit of her stomach. Feeling a cool chill run down her spine, Rhiannon shudder as she looked down at the hand that brushed against her arm. Seeing a silver wedding band, she looked up finding the same steel eyes she stared at on countless occasions.

Quickly, she looked away and rubbed her shoulder as she stared a hole into the table.

“I’m gonna pay the tab, I have work in the morning. You want to call your friend to pick you up?” The man asked as he stood up.

Rhiannon stared at him, taking in his facial features. He was a handsome man and he’s been pretty respectful, she wondered how far she could get him to go. She stood up and slid her hand up his chest and over his shoulder.

“I honestly don’t feel like going home tonight, you think I could spend the night with you?” She raised a brow, hopefully.

He eyed her, “I thought you were married?” He asked.

Rhiannon nodded, “Things are complicated right now.” She shrugged.

He looked her from head to toe and bit his lip, “I’m not the type of man that’ll step between a marriage.” He declined.

Rhiannon held his shoulder and looked him in the eyes, “I can promise you; you wouldn’t be doing that. I just really need this night.” She said.

He hummed to himself, seeing the light that was once in her eyes earlier that night was no longer there. He gave a short nod and told her to wait for him out front while he settled their tab. Standing outside of the bar, Rhiannon looked around to keep herself busy. As she turned to the left, she froze, dirty blond hair and grey eyes stood across the street.

Her legs were heavy as lead, no matter as much as she wanted to cross the street. He turned to walk away and her voice ceased to exist, she couldn’t call out to him. The sound of screeching tires echoed on the semi empty street and Rhiannon held her ears to clog the from the noise.

“Hey, are you ready?” A male’s voice came up behind her and held the small of her back.

Looking over her shoulder, Rhiannon gave a faint smile and nodded. He was hesitant for a bit but Rhiannon hooked her arm in his waiting for him to lead her to his car.

As they arrived his apartment, Rhiannon’s shirt was pulled over her head while she fought with hooks on her bra. He picked her up and pressed her against the wall, leaving wet kisses down her neck. Rhiannon peeked open her eyes looking around and relaxed when she didn’t see him there as well.

“Condom?” She panted as he lifted his head.

He nodded and reached into his back pocket and retrieved his wallet to pull out a condom.

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