I Kissed A Girl

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Chapter 12- When Shit Hits The Fan

Mackenzie’s P.O.V

If eyes could kill, I’d definitely be dead by now. The stubborn bald, thick grey-bearded man who stole glances at me through the rearview mirror while we drove home from the airport was now gazing intensely at me from across the table. I was grateful Anna had called shotgun. She had left me to fend for myself with the chubby fellow who kept farting every time there was a little turbulence.

If Anna wanted she could sleep through World War III, get up and stretch and sleep through another two wars, IV and V. I was pleased she slept through the flight since she had been having trouble sleeping besides, I would never condemn her to CHILLI FATRTS! EVER! I still had chills thinking about it. The rancid smell of old chilli did nothing to soothe the monstrosity of a migraine I was having.

When we landed, a seemingly dull innocent ache morphed into a killing machine, as if it recognized that if from this point shit would hit the fan, it might as well just make everything worse so I wouldn’t have to deal with it later. How considerate?

Anxiety nibbled on my earlobe and not in the erotic sensual sense like I’ve come to guiltily desire since watching 365 Days. My father and I hadn’t talked in so long I almost forgot what his voice sounded like. He was a man of few words and even fewer when he was upset. “Pass the salad,” Maya asked Anna, who was beside me and across from her.

Anna handed the salad to me who passed it to my mom who was shooting daggers at my father to start a conversation. My hands were shaky but it must’ve been the lack of sleep why my hands weren’t steady. She cleared her throat, “Alan, tell her about that death trap that you’ve been fixing up.” She said as she handed off the salad to Maya who mumbled a thank you.

“I changed the tires and the oil. I knew you wanted to adjust the suspensions on that thing so I looked at it.”

I nodded, regretting nodding and silently apologizing to my brain for the turbulence; my head ached. I was appreciative that he’d done that even though he hated me riding that thing. Back to silence. I didn’t know exactly what to say considering he thought I was just copying Liv. Liv played the guitar, and I wanted to learn too, Liv was into motorcycles, and I was too. It wasn’t something I could help. We just liked the same things. My parents thought I wanted to be her, that I was emulating her, that if I could emulate the good things then so could I the bad.

I felt like my sister was a free spirit and that in the confines of this prison-like house with prison wardens as parents who were conservative Catholics who so happened to also be trying to keep an inmate in check. Liv was the complete opposite of a lot of things our parents stood for because to them, Liv was a rebel and they didn’t want her to ‘influence’ me, they didn’t want her to inspire individuality.

Maya and Liv seemed more like distant cousins than sisters. Maya avoided the Liv-the Olivia plague of self-expression and individuality. Liv was always loving toward me. I had only fond memories of her. My mom stomped my foot under the table and eyed me, silently telling me to not be stubborn, “Thanks.” I said to him. He ate some more, a quiet explanation not to answer.

Dad cleared his throat and looked at mom before looking over to me, “How’s Xavier?”

I stole a glance at Anna before I slowly put down the knife, slow and steady, rethinking just grabbing the knife and slitting my own throat so I wouldn’t have to lie to my parents yet again. Honestly, I would rather they ask if I had been going to church, or if I was praying and fasting frequently. I would have lied then too but at least I’d feel less guilt. But here it was, the one question I had been dreading all night, Xavier Sitch.

I examined Maya’s face, she too was interested in what I had to say. It was the most intrigued she looked all night. At first, I was angry that my own sister had done something like that to me but then that anger and resentment turned into something else. Gratefulness. I was grateful to Maya that I found out early. I could have given myself to Xavier and then find out he was a complete asshole. That would have certainly broken me. I could have told mom and dad what she did and then she wouldn’t be their perfect award-winning, gifted, stuck-up, catholic daughter but I was grateful. I wasn’t about to let drama ruin our family. People were going to betray me so I learned to expect anything from anyone.

“He’s doing good. Soccer’s been keeping him busy.”

Anna helped, “He was bummed about not being able to come.” I nodded.

“Yeah, the coach has them doing some dumb resistance training after they lost the last match in the state tournament.” I half lied. They did lose the last match but there wasn’t any dumb resistance training.

“Ahh,” my dad voiced, they’ll be ready for sure next season. The fourth-years just left- give them some slack.” He was actually smiling. I couldn’t have possibly told them yet. Dad loved Xavier like he was his own son: it was going to be hard keeping it a secret for a long. Soon enough they’d get suspicious and then, what then?

My mom nodded in agreeance, “He should focus on his academics though. Soccer is like being a professional gamer kid... what do you call it? That fortnight stuff. It isn’t a real, stable job.”

First of all, it’s Fortnight. I rolled my eyes and secondly, tell that to Anna, and her true love Christiano or to Markiplier.

Anna glanced around the living room, eyeing the crucifix on all four walls and a painting of Christ Jesus. They’ve been there all my life so the fact that Anna was staring at the eyes of the Jesus painting, horrified by it-like it was doing the Mona Lisa stare; she must’ve now realized that she had stepped into the home of extreme believers. I snorted a little bit and continued to eat to keep myself from laughing aloud. My dad must’ve noticed Anna staring at the crucifix. “Do you believe?”

I choked.

It was rude. To even ask that. Let alone of a stranger. They must’ve assumed I would have chosen a Christian friend.

Anna had The Look, but then it faded slowly as she swallowed. The Look was a glint in her eye that signalled she was about to open her mouth and say something smart. “I believe that we weren’t created by a big bang.”

My father squinted and turned his head to the side. She hadn’t answered the question but then again she did. I knew my parents were rethinking my choice of friends. No one said anything and I saw my mom tense in her seat as Anna kept a straight face and looked straight into my father’s eyes. My shoulders slumped as I put down my fork. I guess she hadn’t noticed the crucifix on the wall on my side of the dorm room either.

Anna burst out laughing, “Of course I do!”

The rigidness eased up and everyone joined in laughing but I knew that she meant it. I chuckled nervously.

The doorbell rang. It had a cherry sound as if each visit was a great reason for celebration. Though I never particularly liked the idea of visitors, so I would have rathered the doorbell screech like it had been staked, that would have been more fitting. “I’ll get it,” Maya announced as she got up to get the door.

If it had been any other day at dinner, she would have been telling us how awesome she’d been doing in school and how many awards she’d won. Maya went to private schools, from St. Joseph’s to St. Paul’s Catholic Academy. I guess the plan was to homeschool her too but she was... gifted. She was already two years into college since she skipped a grade in high school and for the first year of college, I didn’t hear the end of how amazing everything was.

It was quiet and no one had said anything. My mom excused herself, mentioning something about seeing why Maya was taking so long. If mom was feeling so awkward that she had to go find Maya, this dinner was more awkward than I thought. We heard mumbling at the door and then Maya entered the dining room with a grim expression as if she had just been caught-vibrator-in-hand, eyes rolled back, butt-naked, legs spread into a ‘V’ with the big ‘oh’ on her face.

“-nonsense!” My mom exclaimed as her voice came into earshot, and a pip in her step. “Look who I found standing out in the cold.”

My heart dropped, “Hey.” He waved.

The brown doe-eyed devil with the most incredibly gorgeous grin walked in, hands tucked away in his coat. “We were just talking about you. I thought you were too busy making up for getting your ass kicked in the state tournament.” My dad got up, walked over to him and pulled him into a huge man hug. He motioned to him to take a seat. He looked at me, confused and as if he was asking permission. I nodded defeatedly and he took a seat beside Maya, who avoided my eyes and Anna’s, who was currently giving Maya the cross between The Look and amusement.

“Yeah, the coach had some emergency to take care of... his wife had a baby. Perfect timing, right?” He chuckled lightly.

I sighed, feeling a little faint and sick to my stomach. I'd blame it on the food but I know what - or rather who - was causing it. So this was how shit would hit the fan... I guess the band is back together again. And this time, it's starring: Xavier fucking Sitch.

To be continued.

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