My Guy Best Friend

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~Stand-Alone~ Eva works in a library and lives apart from her family. She has a bestfriend, Shawn. One day when she takes a fight with two going to be mafia brothers ,her life will become really dramatic with full of adventures. But what happens when one of them start liking her or if her relations with her bestfriend grows mare than that? Read the story to find out.

Drama / Humor
Parul's Pen
3.7 3 reviews
Age Rating:


Main characters: Shawn Louis, Eva Bridge and Ryder Cross

Mafia’s: Jack and Jase ( twins )

The story involve some side characters too.

Warning: The book contain some cursed words and a bit of foul language and violence.

Plus, if you want a better knowledge about the characters then you can check the book on my Wattpad. There you can have the images of the characters.

Wattpad: Parul’s Pen or @parulspen

Please pardon me if you find any mistakes regarding the language. My first language is not English but I tried to make as less mistakes as I can. Excuse me in advance. I hope no negativity will be spread regarding this.

I hope you will enjoy my story.

Happy Reading!!!


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