Victor Daniels

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Hunter Hayes

I stare down at the 100 on my history test proudly, this is my favorite class and strongest subject. I do not have to try when it comes to history, I merely show up and take the proper notes. The rest is history.

No pun intended.

The bell rings right on schedule and everyone starts to collect their things.

“As a reminder class I will not be here tomorrow, you will have a sub. Please be on your best behaviors.”

No one responds to her. I quietly muttered an “okay” but it was more to myself.

I arrive at my locker to find it being flocked as usual. I aways find it interesting how all of my friends always gather themselves by my locker. It is like we have this unsaid rule to always meet up at Hunter’s locker.

I swear, they spend more time at my locker than I do.

“Hey whores,” I greet as I approach them.

“Hey pretty,” Kamie greets.

“Hey babes,” Carmen greets.

They move out of the way so I could get to my locker.

“Where is The Hoe and The Cougar?”

“Evelyn and Ophelia are still stuck in physics.” Carmen answers.

“I am not waiting for them.” I say coldly and Carmen rolls her eyes.

“You’re so mean. They waited for you yesterday.”

“I don’t care. I did not ask them to wait. It’s not like I chained them to the floor, they could have left if they wanted to.”

“Oh my god you’re such a bitch.”

“It’s not even their fault, have you ever gotten one of Mr. Burns’ test? I hear it’s like rocket science.” Kamie chimes in.

“Physics is not even that bad, you just have pay close attention.”

“B just texted me.” Carmen says all of a sudden, changing the subject.

“What did she say? Where she at?” I ask.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Carmen laughs.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Yeah, what’s going on?” I question as well as Kamie.

“Take a look for yourselves!”

We both look at her phone.

“Oh my god!” Kamie laughs.

“I’m so done.” I say.

“Who’s ashy dick is that!” Kamie practically advertises to the whole hallway.

“Quit being so loud!” Carmen hushes her, slapping her hand over Kamie’s mouth.

People in the hallways were staring at us, but it was not anything out of the ordinary.

“ALRIGHT EVERYONE CLEAR THE HALLS!!” Mr. Russo, our vice-principal’s voice comes booming down the hallway, “IF YOU HAVING NOTHING TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL FOR, GET OUT OF HERE! GO HOME!”

“And that is my cue to leave.” I say, closing my locker.

“No, stay, no one cares. Let’s just keep waiting for Evelyn and Ophelia. Bryony is not even here yet either.” Carmen say convincingly.

Carmen is kind of the leader for our little group. She can usually get anyone to do as she says or follow in her pursuit. She is very persuasive and she knows how to get what she wants.

But she knows me well enough to know that I do not like being told what to do. I rarely ever listen to her.

Evelyn is more of the second in command. Her and Carmen are always butting heads and formulating the craziest shenanigans. Evelyn is just as persuasive as Carmen.

I guess I consider myself the third in command. Mostly my job is to bring everyone back to reality when they are feeling way too high and mighty. I might come off as rude and bitchy but my girls know I love them to death. Tough love is what it is called. I usually nice as well, it goes half way.

Kamie, Bryony, and Ophelia are basically on the same level, they go with the flow. I am like that sometimes, but that is only when I do not have the energy to care at all.

“I’m not waiting anymore. I’m leaving.” I say, walking away.

“Seriously Hunter?”

“Yes Carmen.”

“You’re being a bitch!” She yells down the hall, obviously annoyed with me.

“Love you too babe!” I say as I turn the corner, not even looking back.

When I got home I was surprise to see that my father was home.

“What are you doing home so early dad?”

“What is the matter? Did you plan to have boys over?” He narrows his eyes.

“No! Of course not!”

“Then it should not matter to you why I am here.” He said with an unmistakable attitude.

Okay. Maybe I should have waited for Evelyn and Ophelia.

Ain’t Karma a bitch?

Now I have to endure the wrath of my father thanks to whom ever that pissed him off. He is obviously upset about something.

I just keep my mouth shut and go to my room. I learned not to argue with him, it’s like talking at a brick wall.

I’m laying on my bed, scrolling through Instagram when I see a picture of Drake Landan, the love of my life.

I’ve never talk to him before, but his smile is just so breath taking that you can’t help but fall in love with him. The female population of my school would give it up in a heart beat if Drake Landan asks for it. He does not have a girlfriend which both surprises and excited us.

You would expect a guy like Drake Landan to go through girls like loose change.

Carmen suspects he’s secretly gay, and I tend to think so occasionally, but then that thought would be completely obliterated when I catch him stealing shy glances at me. But he always looks away when my eyes meet his.

We know each other, but we just never acknowledge each other.

I know what you’re thinking, "you can’t be in love with a person you don’t even know...blah, blah, blah..." But honestly, it was more like love at a gazillion sights.

I remember the day so vividly, because that was the day my feelings towards him change in the blink of an eye.

I used to despise Drake almost as much as I despise Victor. I didn’t have a specific reason to hate him, but everytime I saw him, a feeling burned inside of me and it was not a good feeling.

Then one day, my teacher was absent and our class did not have a substitute so we had to go to a different room. I did not know and I showed up to class and waited outside the door for my teacher and the rest of my class. I was cool and collected until I noticed Drake approaching as if he was coming to the same class I was.

Now, Drake was not in my class so I didn’t even give it a second thought, I just rolled my eyes and look the other way as I waited for him to walk by, but he never did. He came and stood right next to me, as if he was waiting as well.

I tried my best not to look at him, but I would steal side glances at him occasionally. He avoided looking at me.

I turned my head back to the other direction, and then I noticed at sign written in pen and poorly taped to the wall:

All of Mrs. Teig’s classes are to report to the South Cafeteria.

“Wow.” I say aloud, a little annoyed.

Why didn’t I notice it before?

“You just saw that too?” I heard him chuckle and I looked at him, and he was already looking at me.

“Yeah,” I said, forcing a smiled back. And it wasn’t because of how much I hated him, it was because I was trying to hide how dazed I really was by him.

His eyes were looking into mine and I felt like he was looking into my soul. I felt so trapped and I wanted to look away so badly, especially when I felt my heart beating fast and the feeling that came along with it. I knew what the feeling was and it scared me.

It’s no joke when people say there is a thin line between love and hate.

And that was the day I crossed the line.

I don’t even know how to explain it, but it was the way he was looking at me, the way he smiled at me, the was his eyes brighten when he said those little five words to me. No one has ever looked at me like that before, and in that moment, the feeling he gave me, it warmed my chest. Much like a “good spark.”

As it turned out, Drake actually got transferred into my class, but regardless, after that day we never spoke a word to each other again; but that didn’t mean the feeling went away, in fact, it only got stronger. Especially when I tried to deny it was even there.

I scroll pass his picture sighing, if only I could talk to him.

I could not sleep last night so I stayed up on We Heart It. Carmen tried to FaceTime me a few times but I ignored her calls. I just didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

I walk down the stairs in hopes of getting something to eat before I lose my appetite.

Walking to the fridge my heart plummets when I saw a sticky note.

They’re leaving again.

I didn’t even see my mom all week because of her work and now they’re going somewhere. Without me.

I could already feel my eyes welding up with tears of anger, frustration, and hurt, as I took the note off the fridge.

“Going to Fiji for two weeks. Volunteering to build schools. Then going to Bora Bora for a few days for anniversary. I forgot again, hopefully this trip will make your dad feel better.” I read aloud.

I want to hate them for leaving me, but how could I be upset?

They’re helping the less fortunate, and want to spend sometime together for a very special time in their lives.

I get it. Honestly, I understand. But that did not make it hurt any less.

What about me?

I don’t like being alone, I don’t like when they leave me all alone.

By the time I arrive at school my mood was so sour, but I put on a smile and no one seem to notice.

The day was going by painfully slow and I literally could not wait to go home and cry in my bed.


I slam my locker shut and try to escape him, hoping he will take the hint. I am in no mood for his annoyance and ill mannered behavior today.

Somehow I mange to escape him and I could feel myself breathe a little.

Victor Daniels has been a pain in my behind ever since he moved back here two years ago.

I never liked him when were younger because he was annoying and was a bully. He moved away in middle school and no one heard from him again until two years ago. Apparently he got expelled from his last school and was in juvie for two years. Only God knows what he did, but I don’t care enough to find out. He’s out on probation, but it’s remarkable to me how he’s not back in there yet after all the fights and trouble he’s been in.

The system is so weak. Criminals should stay behind bars. Victor Daniels obviously does not want to change, so why does he keep getting so many chances?

Maybe it’s because his dad is a cop.

I swear, people of authority always have the worst kids.

Like this girl a grade below me, her stepmother is the principal of our school, yet still she violates the dress code by wearing the shortest skirts, shortest shorts, and really low cut shirts. Her mid-drift, ass cheeks, and boobs are always out but she never gets written up or asked to change her clothes. Yet still other girls are getting written up and asked to change for wearing spaghetti straps, as if a boy is going to look at a girl’s shoulder and say, “Oh my god, look at the sexy shoulder! I think I have an erection now!” Yeah right, give me a break!

I do not follow the dress code either because it is complete bullshit, and it makes me so angry.

In the school hand book, the boy dress code is literally a few sentences long, while the girl’s dress code is a page long. According to the school, it is to ensure a good learning environment for students.

But for which students? Male or female?

The school dress code is undeniable skewed to the benefit of the male population.

Apparently boys will be too distracted, and it’s to protects the female population from harassment.


What schools need to start doing is stop reinforcing this type of behavior, and teach males that they are responsible for their actions and behaviors. Why should a female be blamed for the actions of a male simply because her skirt is apparently too short? All she did was wear a skirt. A girl could be covered from head to toe, and still gets harassed.

When a guy walks around in tight shirts, tank tops and muscle shirts in school, how do you suppose females feel? Just the same as male. But how do we respond? Not in the same manner as males.

Females are expected to have self control over their sexuality, so why isn’t there the same expectation for males as well?

I understand that there is a time a place for everything, and girls shouldn't be allowed to show up to school half-naked, but most dress codes I've seen are absolutely ridiculous and one-sided.

If a female student isn't allowed to wear too tight shirts, a male student shouldn't be able to wear too tight shirts either. If a female student isn't not allowed to wear spaghetti straps or halter tops, a male student shouldn't be allowed to wear tank tops or muscle shirts either.

Let's be fair.

I could rant all day about this, but unfortunately, I’ve just been spotted.

“Hunter! Wait up!”

I dig through my bag looking for my keys and growled in frustration when I could not. My phone slips off the hood of my car and the screen cracks

I pause in my action, just looking down at it.

The tears I want to cry right now, but there is no way I’m letting Victor see me cry.

I bend down and pick up my phone from off the pavement.

His black boots come to a stop in front of me and he bends down to my level.

I did not want to look at him but when I heard something jingling, I look up at his face.

My keys.

I try to snatch them away but he pulls them back and stands up tall. He stretches his hand out to me, and I take it.

“Why do you have my keys? Did you steal them?”

He smirks, “Hunter my love, do you really think that badly of me?”

I lock my jaws, “I am not your love! Answer the question, did you steal them or not?”

“No, I didn’t steal them.”

“Then how did you get them?”

“They fell out of your bag in the hallway. I recognized the pink Eiffel Tower key chain from that time in 7th grade when you went to Paris for spring break. I knew it was yours.”

I was taken back. Why does he remember that?

“How do you even remember that?”

“It was my last day at school before I moved. I remember you had this little pink Eiffel Tower keychain on your book bag and were giving out little silver ones in class, I didn’t get one.”


I remember now.

It honestly wasn’t anything against him, I just wasn’t thinking about him. I didn’t even realize that he didn’t get one.

But honestly, even if I had more, I don't think I would have given him one back then. And that makes me feel horrible now.

“But anyway, I was calling out to you in the hall way, but you didn’t hear me.”

Oh I heard you alright.

“Thanks.” I say as he hands me my keys.

I turn on my heel but my hand freezes on the door when he says my name again.

“Hunter, are you okay? You seem really down today.”

My heart speed up for some reason, and I look back him.

“I’m not upset.”

“Why are you lying?”

I roll my eyes in annoyance, “I’m not. What makes you think I’m upset?”

“I can feel it.”

“You’re crazy. Thanks for my key, I have to go now. Goodbye.”

I open my door and back out of the parking lot, driving off. I look in the rear view mirror to see Victor standing there, watching me drive away.

He’s so weird.

I was driving silently along the dead road, looking at trees and reading random signs; but I still could not escape my thoughts.


How is it possible that he noticed, when no one else did?

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