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Hangers Point

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Johnathan Queens has tried keeping his children safe from their family curse. Naive to the real reasons why some of their family members disappear or end up dead and to the dark truth behind it all... Till one of his quadruplets wine’s up missing three weeks before the start of their junior year, an over hearing their father speak truths of everything in their family...will Johnathan be able to break the curse? Or will he have to suffer more for seeing his first born also go missing as well?

Drama / Mystery
Jana Mccraw
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High winds whipped Danielle’s long wavy black hair around her face covering those hazel green eyes. Cool droplets chilling the exposed flesh on her chest an stomach while her small leather jacket did nothing to keep the warmth in, from the wind that tried to knock her down and the rain that poured down on her. Shivering she wrapped her arms around herself leaning against the trunk of the tall moss covered tree that stood tall enough to reach past the fog bank.

Teeth chattering as she squinted her eyes to see in front of her through the beating rain. A dark figure approached past the barks of the trees and bushes towards her. She straightened up now to have a better look at who approached her, recognizing that it’s her boyfriend she smiled, “Took your long enough I’m freezing. Why did you want to meet up here during the storm?” Taking two steps towards him she stood on her tiptoes kissing him while she places her hands on his chest.

His cold hand gripped the back of her neck yanking her back holding there at arms length smiling deviously at her. “Your hurting me, hey loosen your grip it hurts.” She said, looking up at him she saw that his eyes were hallow with no emotion at all. Trying to pry his fingers off of her but his grip tightened around her. Yanking her forward he leaned down in her ear to whisper, “This’ll be fun Danny.” Yanking a little bit away from his body he kept that smile on his face as his hand started to slide into the nap of her long hair.

Taking a fist full of her strands, “What’s that supposed to-”cutting her words off with a hard pull he stepped onto the middle of the muddy trail dragging her along. She yelped and scratched at his hand and pulled to get free of him. Trying to dig her heels of her shoes in to the muddy ground made her slip and fall to hands an knees. That still didn’t slow him down from taking her to the cliffs edge of Hangers Point. Hearing the waves crash an roll against the sharp jagged rocks that lay below them.

The storm had increased with high winds having the rain beat down on them. Her body shook from the chill and fear that gripped her so tight she couldn’t scream for help with her heart pounding in her chest. Grabbing his black soaked shirt with a grip so tight that her shaking hands could muster. Not letting him go as he looked down at her with a sick twisted laugh that was carried out on the wind. Yanking her forward to see the drop of the cliff down to the rocks; she could feel some strands ripping free of her scalp with the pain throbbing in time with her racing heart it seemed.

Tears pulled at her eyes as she was hauled up to her feet. With her jeans covered in mud with her hands, “Please don’t, someone help me! Help me!” She screamed an pleaded with one hand gripping his shirt while her other hit, scratched at his hand. Still laughing at her failed attempts he yanked her back causing her to stumble with his shirt tearing at the bottom. He pulled her forward playing as if he was going to throw over the edge; several times he did this while laughing at her screams and pleas that fell on deaf ears.

Till finally stopped and held her at the edge with her on her top toes trying to regain her balance. With her body still shaking and cold lips trembling as her tears blended with the rain drops in her brown skin. “Time to fly now Danny.” Whispered in her ear one last time before he shoved her, spinning around she reached for him with her nails scratching his hand with a scream so loud it echoed on the wind. With her having the last look of the person she loved watch her from the top of the cliff with a blank look.

Splashing into the freezing cold water as two huge waves swallowed around her pushing her down. Her lungs filling with salt water drowning and struggling to come to the surface being knocked around. Her head smacked a coral reef that stung in comparison to a jellyfish, she rolled and her back scraped across one of the sharp rocks. Blood seeping through the cuts…

Jolting awake as thunder boomed across the dark sky with lightning eliminating the clouds, Delilah looked around her room shivering feeling so cold she wrapped herself up in her comforter with her teeth chattering. Across the hall Daria stared at the window that stood tall across her room in front of her bed with rain streaming down the glass. Fear gripped her to wear she couldn’t move hearing her heart pound in her chest like it was going to burst free from her chest with her breathing increasing. Her chest heaved rapidly feeling paralyzed that she couldn’t move.

Two doors down from her room Dasha lurched up leaning over the edge of her bed chocking and coughing uncontrollably having a heard time breathing. She gagged and choked trying to take in deep breaths that seemed cause her to cough more…
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