The Notebook

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Notebooks have lots in them, For example, it's for school, Or a diary or a Journal, Or a math book. But What would you do, If someone had a Notebook full of all of your secrets? And you never knew who it was. What will u do now? I'm pretty sure you would do everything in your power to find out who's spilling all the tea. Let's say you Fucked your Bestfriends Boyfriend- Girl, you just made the biggest mistake of your entire life. The Notebook sees Notices and Watches all. It gets all of the receipts and You can hide all you want but you can't run. Especially From the Truth.

Drama / Thriller
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The New Beginning

“Wake your Lazy Ass up.” Said My Little Brother, Kai

“Get off of me, With your Stanky breath,” I said while covering my nose

“Says The Rat.” He replied

“Bitch Please.” I laughed

My Brother, Kai was 14 and We moved from Connecticut to Cali. My Mother, Cassandra. Was a single mother, Our father left us When Kai was born. I was devastated. My Dad and I had a very close relationship. My family and I had to move because we were Evicted but My Mom’s sister or my Step-Aunt, Used 100,000 dollars and got Us a House with 3 rooms. I was Enrolled in Stephen Crown Academy. So was my Brother.

“Mya! Wake up, It’s 7:43 You’re nearly late for school” Yelled my Mom

“Don’t worry Ma, I told her Ugly ass to wake up and Said I should Get off of her with my Stanky Breath” Said My Brother as he Rolled his eyes At me.

“Shut up, Lil Boy” I laughed

“Stop fighting please” She replied

I went into the bathroom and Did my Usual Shit. And got dressed. I was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater, Shorts. My Air Forces and My Beat Headphones Like PURR!

“Y’all ready, Yall some Slowpokes.” My mom said

“I’m ready I don’t know about Kai,” I said

" I’m ready!” He said

We both went downstairs and Grabbed our bags and My Mom dropped us at School. I walked Into the School like a Baddie and Everyone was Staring at me, Whispering and Murmuring.

“Damn, That girl Over here be fine... She mine now” said Jay

“Bitch, She doesn’t want you” King replied

I went to my locker and grabbed my books. And closed my locker to see a Handsome guy standing right by it.

“Hey Fine ass, I’m Jay. Jay Willams.” Jay said

" Mya. Mya Dior Church” I replied

“You fine Baby girl...” Jay licked his lips

" Not Interested, You already hitting on a New girl,” I said while holding my Books

“Playing Hard to get,” Jay said

“I’m not playing hard to get. I wanna focus on school, Boyfriends is for later” I laughed

“I’m still available, Mamas. When you need one call me up.” He said

“I’ll take your offer, But still not Interested,” I said

The bell rang.

“See you in class... Uh-”

“Jay,” he said

“Yeah See you in class jay,” I said

Biology Class:

“Morning Class,” The teacher said.

We said,” Good Morning”

“You may open your books to Page 162,” He said.

We opened our Textbooks.

“Can anyone tell me the Definition of the Word, abiogenesis?” He said

The class went silent, And people started to look at each other Confusedly

“Abiogenesis means a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter. An Example of Abiogenesis is the belief that animals and insects can be spontaneously generated from dew, piles of old clothes, slime in wells, and mud.” I blurted out

“Very Good, Mya but next time raise your hand,” Said the Teacher

“She incredibly smart too” Whispered King

“Woah,” Said Jay

“As Mya said, Abiogenesis is a Hypothetical Organic Phenomenon Which is caused by living Organisms. Abiogenesis proposes that the first life-forms generated were very simple and through a gradual process became increasingly complex. Biogenesis, in which life is derived from the reproduction of other life” The Teacher said

The class was Amazed about My Definition and Clapped.

“Alexander, Start reading”

“Although many equate abiogenesis with the archaic theory of spontaneous generation, the two ideas are quite different. According to the latter, complex life (e.g., a maggot or mouse) was thought to arise spontaneously and continually from nonliving matter. While the hypothetical process of spontaneous generation was disproved as early as the 17th century and decisively rejected in the 19th century, abiogenesis has been neither proved nor disproved.” Alexander said.

“What was the Archaic Theory?” One Student Blurted out

I turned around and said,” the archaic theory that utilized the process to explain the origin of life.”

“Wow thanks, Mya!” The Student said

“You really know a lot about Abiogenesis, Don’t you?” The Teacher said

“Yeah,” I said

“Mya, You can continue on The Oparin-Haldane theory” He replied

"In the 1920s British scientist J.B.S. Haldane and Russian biochemist Aleksandr Oparin independently set forth similar ideas concerning the conditions required for the origin of life on Earth. Both believed that organic molecules could be formed from abiogenic materials in the presence of an external energy source (e.g., ultraviolet radiation) and that the primitive atmosphere was reducing (having very low amounts of free oxygen) and contained ammonia and water vapor, among other gases. Both also suspected that the first life-forms appeared in the warm, primitive ocean and were heterotrophic (obtaining performed nutrients from the compounds in existence on early Earth) rather than autotrophic (generating food and nutrients from sunlight or inorganic materials)." I said

"Excellent Grammar and Pronunciation," The teacher says

When class is over, 3 girls who look like the Black Version of Mean Girls come up to me.

"Mya?" The girl with Blonde hair says

"Yes??" I answered

"Do my homework It's due by 5 pm tmrw?" The Blonde Girl said

"No thank you, Now bye" I dropped her homework on the ground

"Do you know who I am" She replied

"A girl in uniform with blonde hair asking a New girl to do your work," I said, Rolling my eyes annoyedly

"My father built this school, If it wasn't for him you wouldn't even be here." She laughed

"I could always enroll in a different school," I smirked

"Stop playing Smarty-Pants with me, and just complete it." She Handed the Homework to me

"Maybe if you learn then I'll start doing your homework." I shoved the paper into her arms.

Then I went to my Next class When school was over. I was already getting Front and Center Attention. Especially from Jay. I walked home and My Mom was in the Kitchen

"How was school, Sweetie?" She said

"Good" I replied

"How about your Teachers," She asked

"I like my Biology teacher, Mr. Danvers but the Rest of the teachers Are Total Shit." I laughed

"Haha! I told you. You would enjoy here!" She smiled happily

" I'm gonna go do my Homework now, Call me when Dinner is ready." I walked away

"Okay." She replied

Once I got to my room, I set down my backpack and went to my desk, and started my homework. Maybe Moving isn't so bad. God just wanted to give me a chance to finally be myself and Explore new Lands. I should take this as a Restart in my Life. I mean the School isn't so bad. Full of Fine boys. Biology. Maybe that's all I need.

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