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The Case of Haru Oshiri

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Filled with remorse for the death of his lover, alpha Haru Oshiri finds himself abducted and plunged into the darker side of society to pay for his sins...but he finds his true soulmate in an unlikely place. Have the heavens forgiven him or has his punishment just begun?

Drama / Erotica
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About Omegaverse

Author’s Note: Intro to the Omegaverse


The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, violence and/or strong language. The romantic or sexual relationships between male characters depicted here are aimed at a female audience and conform to the power dynamics in the boys love genre of fictional media.

The Omegaverse is an alternate universe in which both Omega males and females can get pregnant. There are essentially six genders in the Omegaverse. In addition to male and female, humans can also be Alphas, Betas, or Omegas; without doing vitro genetic testing, one doesn’t learn to which of these three secondary genders he/she belongs until puberty. All genders produce sex pheromones.

The Alphas are the most aggressive out of the three. They are the larger, stronger, more virile, dominant class. Biologically, they can release up to 25ml of semen in a single orgasm and have the ability to impregnate—in order of ease— Omegas, Betas and other Alphas; they are naturally immune to sexual transmitted diseases that plague Betas. Unlike Betas and Omegas, Alphas have a gland at the base of their penis that expands into a knot during sexual intercourse. Alphas can control the release of their pheromones to compete with other Alphas and dominated other genders. Alphas also instinctually react to sex pheromones, especially those Omegas produce while in estrus. Exposure to strong pheromones induce sexual arousal and this can cause them to go into rut which may decrease cognitive function while increasing their mating drive for the duration of contact with the Omega and several hours after contact ceases. There are rutting suppressants recently made available on the market, however, demand is low due to society granting a type of ‘Alpha privilege’ where in many countries, Omegas are made accountable for inducing their rut even if they are the victims of assault. Socially, they tend to hold leadership positions in government and business. They are the elite. They make up about 12% of the population.

Betas are mostly middle-class in terms of economic and social status. Betas do not produce notable sex pheromones Betas can breed with other Betas; they cannot impregnate Alphas or Omegas but they can be impregnated by Alphas and like Alphas they are drawn to an Omega’s pheromones during estrus. Betas make up the majority of the population, about 80%.

Omegas are in the minority of the population, about 8%. Biologically, both male and female Omegas can bear children; male Omegas are self-lubricating. They tend to be physically smaller, weaker and more submissive; however they can be impregnated by both Alphas and Betas. Omegas are characterized as being softer, more gentle and nurturing. Unlike Alphas and Betas, Omegas experience estrus, a cycle occurring once each month and lasting for seven to ten days. During the estrus period, Omegas are the most fertile and become frantic in their instinctual desire to breed. They subconsciously produce strong pheromones to attract rutting mates. If an Omega and an Alpha mate during the estrus (heat) cycle, the chances of getting pregnant are 100%. Because of this estrus cycle, Omegas have been limited in their options for higher education and employment. The majority of Omegas work in the service industry.

Omegas have three options during estrus (heats): 1. Take a heat suppressant...this results in reduced pheromone production and sex drive. 2. Partner with an Alpha or Beta for sex. 3. Go through heat alone. The third option can be quite painful since Omegas tend to be weakened and physical exhausted from the estrus itself and may become dehydrated and undernourished during this time. For the second and third options, the Omegas seclude themselves to avoid rape by those affected by their pheromones.

Pairs, Fated Pairs and Bonding

Alphas can physically claim an Omega through pair bonding. Pair bonding involves biting one’s mate on the neck during their heat. The mating bite releases a toxin which masks the Omega’s pheromones for everyone except their Alpha pair. After pair bonding, the Omega is physically unable to breed with anyone other than their Alpha pair—they may experience nausea, migraines, and extreme physical pain should they try to do so. Many Omegas wear a collar to prevent forced bonding with an Alpha. Pair bonding is a permanent,one-way tie, binding the Omega to an Alpha; it can be overridden by an Alpha with stronger, more dominant toxins than their original pair.. The Alpha can continue to breed with anyone without physiological side effects.

Alphas and Omegas can form fated pairs. Fated pairs are soul mates who are ideally suited to complement each other physically, mentally and emotionally. Once a destined pair meets, the Omega’s pheromones will become up to three times stronger than normal, regardless of whether the Omega is in estrus. The target Alpha is usually unable to resist sexual intercourse and pair bonding. After mating, Alpha partners tend to be more possessive of their life partner and will not breed with others. Fated pairs are extremely rare, occurring once out of a thousand couples.

Rebecca Sano

1991 - 2018

Beautiful person, thin life

I stood at the grave of my former lover, Becca.

I ran a hand over a tearless face.

I killed her.

Beautiful person, thin life is a Japanese saying which means a beautiful woman is destined to die young. Rebecca was indeed a beautiful woman. Today, would have been her twenty-eighth birthday.

But, I killed her; and so she will forever be twenty-seven years old.

Though my fingers never touched the trigger of the gun that cut her life short, I killed her. The death I offered her was cruel, drawn out like the slow drip of water torture. She was dying, little by little each day beside me. She had had enough of promises I couldn’t keep. She had had enough of living life as an Omega, a marionette dancing to her body’s heats. She chose a quick, nearly painless end with a single bullet to her own temple.

If I never went to the cafe three months ago; if I never gave her false hope of living a better life, she would be alive today. Right now, she’d probably be celebrating her birthday with her co-workers, those few whom she counted as her friends. But I killed her...I should be in an institution repaying my debt to society but I will never be called to atone for the crime. It’s been forty-nine days; her spirit has moved on and now I must do the same.

“Oshiri-sama, I apologize for interrupting you but we have just enough time to make it across town to your four o’clock meeting.” My personal assistant handed me a bouquet of dark crimson roses intermixed with pink carnations for love and loss, respectively. I lay them before the grave marker.

“I understand, Tanaka-san. I’m ready.” I donned my sunglasses, turned and headed for the waiting limo.

Goodbye, Rebecca. I felt little closure, I was still bound by guilt.

“Tanaka-san, what’s left on my schedule after the auditor’s meeting?” I poured myself an ice-cold ginger ale. The bubbles irritated my nose when I took a long swallow.

“The commercial flight home leaves at 8 pm, though we must arrive at the airport by 6 pm; so we have a pretty tight schedule given the usual traffic in LA.”

I sighed. “I should be looking forward to being back home again after seven years, but I’m just ...tired.” I placed my glass in a holder and leaned back in my seat.

Duty is heavy as a mountain but death is lighter than a feather as the CEO would say. It will help to immerse yourself in work for a while and give your grief some time to fade.”

“You may be right. It is what I intend to do.” I know Tanaka meant well, but inwardly I bristled at the mention of my father, the CEO of AO Corp, as well as my duty as his heir. Rebecca didn’t meet his standards for me as a mate. She had no corporate or political connections, no education beyond high school-- as was common for the majority of Omegas; and she was only half-Japanese. I waffled between getting the family to accept her and meeting their expectations. My passivity left her as a discarded mistress when I told her I planned to make her my wife.

“I’m going to rest a while.” For some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. “Please, wake me fifteen minutes before we arrive.” As I drifted off, I thought I heard a voice over the loudspeaker saying, “Tanaka-san, follow my instructions to the letter or your Oshiri-sama will die.”

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