The Case of Haru Oshiri

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The young Omega I arrived with pushed me down at a dead run. I clutched him to me instinctively as I broke his fall. Bursts of color exploded in my skull in sync with resounding booms from my heart. But my head didn’t hit the floor. What?... What just happened? Something about the skin contact between my lips and his neck; having him in my arms and smelling that sweet scent again made me want to safeguard him, care for him...adore him. For a brief moment I felt like he was made for me alone. He’s fated pair?

He recovered quickly, glancing behind him nervously as he stood back up. He was dressed only in a white robe, his feet bare. A woman’s voice boomed over the loudspeaker calling for security to come to the auction arena. A horde of people scrambled up and down the hallway he’d just come from. I can’t let him leave my side, I have to protect him.

I hustled to follow after him. We made it to the stairwell. After the first flight down, I caught his arm and pointed to the maintenance closet. The door was locked. He pulled out one of his piercings and straightened the hoop. A moment later the door was unlocked. We dashed inside and locked it again. It was just in time too, several footsteps passed us by. One person tried the door, found it locked and continued to follow the other footsteps down the stairwell.

I let out a long exhale. Omega-kun was doubled-over, still trying to catch his breath.

I punched in the code and removed the electronic collar around his neck. I dropped it into the mop bucket. I took off the damned ogre mask and threw it in as well. That is when I noticed his scent. He smelled sweeter, more intoxicating than before, like vanilla and something sweet and woodsy--warm, inviting, arousing. It was driving me crazy. My cock stiffened.

His breathing now under control, he righted himself. I could see his own erection through the thin terry cloth. I want him. I thought. I will make him mine. I stepped forward and pushed him up against the wall. “I know this isn’t the time for this, but I’m going into rut.” Jarring him back had opened his robe and I licked and sucked the nipple exposed. I rubbed at the other one and he moaned. He ground his hips across my erection and my hunger grew. I want to fuck him now. Drown him in my seed. I grabbed either side of his head and angled mine down to kiss him.

He turned his head away. “N-no, I’ve got to escape...Don’t. You have to fight it off, Alpha-san. Help me.” I ran my hand down his smooth, toned chest, exploring. His body shivered in pleasure and a warm flush colored his skin.

“Alpha-san, ahh--I’d rather off myself than go back there...Please.. Hah. Focus on your breathing. Take shallow breaths, concentrate on the short inhale and long exhale.” The mention of suicide cleared some of the fog in my head and I pulled my hand back from his body.

Protect. Defend. The urge for sex slowly faded, replaced by the need to shelter and fight for my partner. I stepped back from him and grabbed random chemicals off the shelves and poured them into them into mop bucket. The harsh smell of ammonia filled the small pace and I could think again. What was I about to do to him? Forgive me, Becca. “I’m sorry. I know I scared you but I wasn’t prepared for the...intensity of your pheromones.”

I wiped the sweat from my face and ran my fingers through my hair in relief. “We have to make it until floor twenty-three, we can take the elevators again from there...I give you my word, I will do everything I can to keep you safe.”

Without responding, he unlocked the door and peeked out. “It looks clear. Let’s go.”

The next floor we passed was floor 33. I tried the door and it was locked, as expected. I wheezed, just ten more flights to go.

The door to floor twenty three was unlocked, but we agreed to go down one more flight to be sure. Lucky for us, housekeeping was attending to several of the luxury suites. Omega-kun fumbled through one of the carts and removed a magnetic key. He opened the first suite on the left.

Omega-kun said, “Give me a second, I’ve got to get clothes and take a piss.” He rummaged through the luggage.

I paced in a circle between the bed and the exit. If we are fated mates shouldn’t he feel it too? The desire and possessiveness I feel for him, and yes the need to protect him; those primal urges never awakened in me before-not even with Becca. Shouldn’t his instincts be awakening as well? The way his body responded to my touch back there, that was real..wasn’t it?

Since I first touched him skin-to-skin, I found myself drawn to him. His looks, his scent, his survival instincts, even his crude way of speaking was endearing to me. I wanted to know everything about him.

“That outfit suits you.” I chuckled when he came out of the bathroom. Evidently, this room’s guest was a woman. He wore a purple, A-line wrap dress and low, sling-back black pumps. Finally, he drew his hair up in a twist and hid it under a black, wide-brimmed hat. I’m not normally into cross-play but I’m willing to try.

He smelled of mint mouthwash. “What, you want to kiss me now?” I half-teased. I want to taste him again.

“I’ll pass. Not long ago I choked on some old white geezer’s cock and he gave me a facial.” He shuddered. “Ugh!”

I tensed at the mental image. Rage came on so quickly and intensely; it overwhelmed me.. A helpless anger that someone abused what was mine drove me. I had unconsciously leaked my pheromones as I wrestled to get ahold of myself.

“Alpha-san, are you gonna be okay?”

I nodded. “I will be in a moment, are you ready? I remembered something my mother once said. The best thing we Alphas can do to overcome our base instincts is to think. Rational thought pushes emotion aside and involve higher thinking functions. I controlled my breathing and re-focused on the here and now.

Omega-kun nodded. “They took my earbud when they stripped me, have you had any more instructions?” He stuffed tissue down into his bra and then wrapped a scarf around his neck.

“No the Voice has been silent. The last thing I was told to do was to head for the 23rd floor and take the elevator back downstairs to the limo waiting on the ground floor.”

“We should split up soon. There is no way he knew I was going to make it out of there. I doubt letting me tag along is part of the plan.”

I ran the possibilities through my mind of how I could get him to stay by my side. I couldn’t let my fated one go so easily. Must keep him safe, I won’t fail him as I did Becca.

“Let’s get to the elevator.” I offered my hand. He studied me and tilted his head. I added, “We’ll look more like a couple this way.”

“Ah, I see.” He took it and I kissed his knuckles. He tried to pull away, but I held on tightly. I caressed the small, curved keloid on the outside of his thumb. “We’re almost home free.”

We were alone in the elevator when we headed down, no one else came in the car. “Will you tell me your name? Mine is Oshiri Haru.”

“Well Mr. Oshiri; as they say, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ for those who would rather die of old age. So, I don’t want to give you my name. Don’t take it the wrong way but I hope our paths never cross again after this.”

My heart squeezed like it was attacked by his rejection. I thought maybe I had been given a second chance for a relationship and finding a fated mate was a rare opportunity. This isn’t how fated pairs were supposed to work. I tried again. “Listen, did you feel anything for me back there when we touched? I take a twelve hour suppressant every day but I was nearly overwhelmed by your pheromones in the closet. I felt a possessive urge to protect you and keep you safe. I never felt this way so strongly with anyone before. I think… I think we may be a fated pair--”

He burst out in laughter. “You’re a grown man and you actually believe in fated pairs? Wow.” He wheezed. “You must have grown up really sheltered.” I don’t know what expression I had on my face but he stopped laughing when he realized I was serious. “Look, I have no interest in being with an Alpha. Ever. Fairytale fated pair or no. And I sure as hell don’t want someone who says he just offed his girlfriend.”

“About that, I wanted to explain--”

“Leave it, I’m not interested.” The elevator stopped then. We arrived on the first floor. The guards were managing police and emergency personnel so no one approached us as we navigated our way through the lobby. I heard an EMT say something about a riot in the VIP lounge as they rushed passed us.

Finally, we made it outside. The driver stood outside the limo waiting for me, still wearing the fox mask over her face.

“Come on, our ride is here.” I grabbed his arm and tugged him behind me.

Omega-kun struggled beside me, trying to head in the opposite direction to the main street. I picked him up, surprised he weighed so little and hustled to the limo. Once inside, I pushed him in and reached for the automatic lock as the driver closed the door behind me. An electric current set my nerves on fire. Taser? For an instant, I couldn’t move. In those precious seconds, Omega-kun made a run for it.

I reached for the door handle. “Let him go, Alpha-san. I no longer need him.” The Voice was back in my ear. I dropped my hand and sat back with a groan. How will I find him again? I barely knew anything about him. How odd that with his absence I felt an emptiness I hadn’t experienced with the loss of Becca. He really must be my-

“Hand the diamonds over to the driver along with the member card.” I checked my inside pocket, relieved they were still there and tossed them up front with the card. “Good work today... From here you will take a helicopter back to LA. You’ll even be back in time for your flight back to Japan...but with a different companion.”

I rubbed my forehead and sighed.

“I’m a person of my word, Alpha-san.” The Voice continued. “This vehicle comes with a phone. Dial the following number and say only the words I tell you to say.” Tanaka-san answered the phone on the first ring. I told him I was fine and I would go on ahead to our destination without him.

My companion, flying on Tanaka-san’s ticket, was dressed impeccably as a businessman in a navy, three piece suit and fedora. He was also Japanese, just a few inches taller than Omega-kun and he walked with a slight limp. I could make out dark brown hair peeking out under the rear brim of his hat and brown eyes framed by thick-rimmed glasses. He sat behind me. We were instructed not to speak to each other. I was told his purpose was to ensure my cooperation after confirming Tanaka-san’s safety.

An eleven hour flight in first class is still an eleven hour flight. My body was tired but my mind was restless. I could think of nothing else but my mysterious fated person. How will I find him again? Why did he reject me? What about me did he find lacking?

I always worked hard to be the Alpha everyone expected of me. I studied to get high grades and I exercised my muscles to the point of fatigue to build my physique. My mother, who was always by my side, praised me. My father, who was rarely there because of his work schedule, hated how I had to put in the effort when everything came so naturally for him. I wanted my father to be proud of me--I wanted his approval. Once I realized I would never have it- no matter how much I tried, I quit trying. I spent two years of college doing nothing but indulging in sex and alcohol;spending money carelessly and fearlessly pursuing extreme sports--the safest of which was skydiving. Several times, my mother called me to come back home, if only just to see her and I put her off and put her off. By the time I learned she was dying of colon cancer and flew to be by her side, it was too late. It sobered me.

I owed it to her to do my best and when I went back to America, I applied myself--both at school and as an intern at my father’s company, AO Corporation. My father eventually acknowledged me as I rose up through the ranks to become the CFO on my own merit; but nothing seemed to close the distance between us. It was only a few months ago I thought things were changing between us-- he reached out to me and we spent time together outside of work. He encouraged me to marry and become a responsible adult. Not long after, he set up marriage meetings for me with prominent Alphas. But I had already met Rebecca by then. I had a foolish notion everything would work out because we loved each other. I could not have been more wrong.

But, it would have to be different this time, wouldn’t it? Soul bonds are as rare and as precious as the rainbow diamond. More profound than love and more binding than any marriage contract; paired fated mates are said to be connected on an emotional and spiritual level. Gah! I’m such an idiot. Why am I sitting here worrying over my father’s acceptance of my fated Omega when I can’t get my fated Omega to accept me?

I understand Omega-kun’s disdain for Alphas, especially having seen and experienced that in Vegas, but he should have already sensed I am nothing like them.. Wait, maybe he wasn’t rejecting me as a person or as an Alpha, maybe he was rejecting the idea of a soul bond altogether? If this is true then all I’d need to do is convince him a relationship with me would be worth it. Thinking of it that way made me feel more hopeful. But last thing is first, how will I find him?

I ran through everything I knew about my fated mate for some clue to find him. He’s a computer hacker and the Voice said he was an escape artist. The Voice! Even though Omega-kun was cautious enough to spend a night on the streets, the Voice was still able to find him, which means-


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