The Case of Haru Oshiri

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, konnichiwa--welcome to Tokyo, Japan. The skies are clear and the temperature is a fair 70 degrees. Our flight will be landing in twenty-minutes…” I ignored the pilot as I glanced behind me at my companion. He was wide awake and watching me.

As promised, the plane landed on time and taxied to the gate. As soon as communications were open again, the Voice issued his last command in my ear. “You worked hard, Alpha-san. I have no further use of your services. Remove the earbud and hand it to your companion. You’re free to go.”

I waited until all but the two of us were left from the first class passengers exiting the plane I removed the earpiece and extended my hand to him, but instead of dropping it in his palm, I waved him ahead of me. He flinched, visibly startled but walked ahead. Once in the hallway between the plane and the lobby. I grabbed his arm and pulled him aside.

“You’re the only link I have left to whoever this Voice is. I’m not letting you go until I get some answers!”

“I can’t tell you anything about the Voice because there is nothing to say. All I know is it is no one to trifle with--” He said. I squeezed his arm tighter. “Let go of my arm!” The business and economy class passengers filed through the hallway. I dragged my companion along with me to the lobby.

“What did he tell you to do after releasing me?”

He pursed his lips. “What?!” I asked again.

“I’m just supposed to take this briefcase past customs and then out to the third green and yellow taxi on the left from baggage claim number six.”

“What is in the briefcase?” I asked.

“I’m a diamond distributor and I am supposed to hand these off to a colleague headed for Surat.”

“I see.” I released him. “I thought you were the Voice, but you are being used as well.” I sighed. “The truth is I feel uneasy and I wonder if I’m being set up somehow. If we both can make it through customs and outside the airport, I’ll let you go.”

The customs line proceeded smoothly and we headed down the escalator to baggage claim.

Just before the sliding doors to freedom, I stopped and turned to him. “Well it looks like we made it, Distributor-san. Here you go.” I dropped a wad of paper in his hand.

“Huh? What’s this?” He asked. I caught him off guard in that moment, grabbed the briefcase and headed for the taxi-stand.

A wizened Indian man a staring nervously at his watch and a Japanese driver stood just outside the third green and yellow cab. I side-stepped around them, opened the door to the taxi and sat down.

“I’m guessing you have a microphone in here and you can hear me.” I said. “I need answers and you are the only one who can help me.”

“Is that so?” The Voice sounded both amused and frustrated. “Leave the attache case for the grandpa outside the car and I’ll hear you out; on my word.”

I opened the door and held out the case. The gentleman retrieved it and hurried into the airport. The driver dropped his keys and as I bent to pick them up, everything went black.

When awareness returned, I groaned out loud. My head hurt like hell. I wanted to cradle my forehead but my arms were bound behind me. I heard a rustling and I raised my head to look at my captor through metal bars.

“Well, I see you’re awake.” The distorted voice spoke again, but the owner was right in front of me. The room was dark with low light emanating from behind the Voice. He appeared to be a slender man, dressed in a yukata; face hidden by a simple ogre mask. His dark hair was bundled into a topknot.

“Are you an idiot?” He asked. He leaned back on the lamp table and crossed his arms. “Despite what you did, I was prepared to let you go, and yet here we are.”

“I won’t ask who you are.. You probably wouldn’t tell me anyway, but I came this far to ask you two questions and you said you would hear me out.”

“Well, let’s have it Alpha-san.”

“First, how do you know Rebecca?”

“Rebecca? Who the hell is that?” He lost his formal way of speaking, genuinely surprised at my question.

I was equally confused. “I-isn’t she the reason why you used me in the first place? Because I abandoned her and she committed suicide?” I paused. “ Wait, are you sure you had the right person?”

“No. Oshiri-san.” He used my name for the first time. “I used you because of something else you did some time ago. It took me three years to find you and get close enough to get to you...My original intent was to leave you unmasked in Vegas to be arrested with the rest of the despicables.” He sighed and crossed his legs. “So much trouble.”

What else could I have done that someone would want payback of this magnitude? If I had been caught up in the mess in Vegas the repercussions against the company would far outway the disgrace imposed on me personally. Crap, I wish I didn’t limit myself to two questions.

“Well? Next question.”

“Namahage-san.” I ventured. “I need to locate Omega-kun. I want to know all you know about him, including how to track him down like you did.” He uncrossed his arms and legs before I finished my sentence.

He banged his fist on the table and the lamp shook. “Did you even hear me?! You don’t have the right to demand anything from anyone! You should have taken what you were offered and walked away.” He took a deep breath and lowered his volume. “You did this to yourself; don’t blame me for what comes next.”

He unlocked the cage and placed a bucket of water next to a drain on the floor. He tossed in a sponge before relocking the gate. All business now, he came behind the cage and cut the bindings around my arms and hands. Strip and throw your clothes through the bars. “If you need to take a leak, use the drain. You can wash when you’re done.” He turned and began to walk away.

I stood up unsteadily. “Wait! Please!” He had already taken my jacket and tie. I removed my shirt, pants and underwear and threw them towards him. “At least tell me what I’ve done. If you don’t blame me for Rebecca’s death, then why--?”

“Why? Why! You son of a bitch. Of course you can’t be bothered to remember. For you it was probably just fucking Tuesday!” He stomped closer to me. “You were in Chicago on a bender. So drunk you lost your way to the bathroom and ended up pissing in an alley behind the bar. An unlucky Omega in heat crossed your path and you forcibly bit his neck when you raped him there.”

Oh, no. So that was it. I didn’t deny the truth of it. It wasn’t that I had forgotten the incident but-- “I-I do remember. I was drunk then and I had never been exposed to the pheromones of an Omega in heat. I had only been around Betas and Alphas for most of my life. The rut was so intense, I couldn’t stop myself. But when I sobered up, I realized what I had done and turned myself into the police. They let me go after forty-eight hours because no one filed any charges...Please, you have to believe me! I didn’t even realize I had bitten him.”

“What you’re saying may be true. Even if you intended to take responsibility for your actions, your family would have had different ideas. Most likely your lawyer had your confession, the report, all of it buried or destroyed altogether. But even so, an apology--even a sincere one is a hollow thing when the damage done can’t be undone...the Onryō will come for you soon.”

The Onryō? My heart skipped a beat.. . This was a demon born out of profound hatred and vengeance, it inspired the most bloodcurdling fear than any other demons from folklore. It made the terrifying Namahage ogre look like Santa Claus, by comparison. The question is, who would be the person playing the part and what did they have against me personally? The few enemies and rivals I can think of wouldn’t use these methods against me and none would do so to avenge their Omega.

“A few parting words of advice Alpha-san, if you want to survive you have to rise above your instincts.”

I didn’t know what would happen to me, whether I’d live or die by this other person’s hand. There was nothing I could do but wait. I relieved myself and then knelt down by the drain and scrubbed my body with the soapy sponge and rinsed off with the remainder of the water left in the bucket. The water was cold and there was no towel left for me. I walked to the back of the cage and sat down, shivering. I hugged my legs to my chest and rested my cheek on my knees. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I slept. My subconscious recalled the scent of sandalwood and honeysuckle. It felt oddly comforting. I was warm. I dreamed I was back in the elevator with Omega-kun. We sank to the ground as I licked and sucked and teased his nipples with my fingers and teeth. I kicked the mop bucket away from us as I pushed him down onto the floor. He writhed and moaned underneath me. I pulled his legs and ass up to me and I licked from pube to tip of his cock. I wanted him devour him whole.

Sighing, “Ah! Ahhh!” He threw his arms out to either side of us, trying to grab on to anything.

I sucked him into my mouth and gulped him into the back of my throat. He gasped, moving his hips up and down, pumping steadily through my lips. I snatched at my pants. My own cock was painfully hard and leaking precum. I sucked and slurped once more slowly releasing him from my mouth with a small pop. I licked the tip again as the precum pooled.

I pulled his lower half toward me. His hole was already twitching and he’d already begun to self-lubricate. I stroked his penis and pushed two fingers in. I wanted him loose enough to take me in to the hilt. Ah fuck, it’s hot and he is clamping down hard. I moved my fingers in and out and around his opening and added a third. He cried out, egging me on. I pushed in harder, angling my fingers up towards his navel and flicked back and forth over the gland inside. His body spasmed, “Nnn..ngh!”

My heart raced. I can’t wait. I took out my fingers and grabbed his waist. I sheathed myself completely in his sultry depths and ground my cock against his prostate. Shit! Had sex ever felt this good? His insides were winding and tightening around me. So good, mmn.

I didn’t know who was eating whom. He gripped my arms and I bent in closer to him. I pulled out part way and pushed back in. My hips thrust in and out of him on autopilot. I panted. “Haaa, uh, ha.” I can’t get enough air.

“Haa..harder,” he demanded. He wrapped his arms and legs around me. I braced myself with one arm on the floor while my other hand tugged and stroked his penis until he spilled in my palm.

“God, you’re driving me crazy.” The pleasure was turning me into something raw and feral. I kept thrusting my hips. The soft yet firm body underneath me shuddered and his shaking hips wobbled to take me in deeper each time. I nibbled at the flesh of above his collar bone; licked and sucked my way up to his neck. I bit down around the throbbing of his jugular. He cried out and came again. Ah fuck, only the body of an Omega can recover so quickly and reach climax over and over. The pressure was building inside of me. I couldn’t hold back much longer. I thrust in again deep and released.

Clang! I awoke with a start. Heart still beating out of time from the dream. Claaang!

My captor hit a pipe against the bars with another loud clang. I had fallen over to my side in my sleep and someone had covered me in a towel and a blanket. My stomach and the floor underneath me was slick with my cum. I wiped myself with the towel and sat up.

“Just like a fucking animal...soaked in your own cum with your pheromones polluting the room.”

All the lights were on. It was bright. I shielded my eyes and squinted in the direction the sound... This was not the Voice. The deep rumble of words wasn’t distorted by an electronic voice changer. This man was taller and more heavily built. He wore a white mask drawn with an open-mouthed expression of rage. It was him, the Onryō.

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