The Case of Haru Oshiri

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CHAPTER 4 (Trigger Warning: Dubious Consent)

“Stand up. Alpha bastard.” He commanded.

I can’t sense any pheromones from him. Is he a Beta? We are about the same size. Maybe I could subdue him with my pheromones enough to fight him off and escape this cell. Ah, but he’s probably expecting that. And, anyway I’m the one who wronged him first. Namahage-san said I should go against my natural urge to be the aggressor.

Decision made: I didn’t stand up. I rolled onto my knees and tucked my elbows into my sides. I made myself into as tight a ball as my own large frame would allow and lay my forehead on the ground. “I’m sorry.” I said. “I am so sorry. I know I can’t take back what I did to you, but if there is anything I could do in my power to make it right. I will do it.”

He threw the pipe and I heard it clang and clang again as it bounced off to my right. “Anything in your power?” He scoffed. “You look pretty powerless now, naked and cowering prostrate on the floor.”

“I’m sorry.” I repeated. The palpitations in my chest were almost painful now. This was harder than I imagined. My muscles tensed with the desire to rise and charge him or headbutt him out of my way. Defiant and submissive was the best I could do as I struggled to control my pheromones and aggressive urges.

“I’ve killed a lot of people.” He mused. “A lot of people. All over the world. Always under someone else’s orders. It was a job and I had no feelings about it one way or another.” He walked around to the back of the cell where I knelt as he spoke.. “But this. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to kill someone so badly.” I heard the pop of his knuckles in my ear. “I would savor the sound of your screams haunting me beyond the grave. They’d be a soothing lullaby.”

This man- I swallowed back bile. I believed him wholeheartedly.

“Namahage-kun asked me not to kill you, you know.” Onryō-san bent down. I could hear his voice beside me. Husky, flat. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...Well, you left my precious person alive. So. I won’t kill you.” I heard the jingle of metal. “Raise your head.”

I lifted my head and turned it in his direction. With a zwwwip of gears, he locked a handcuff around the vertical bar and single horizontal bar of the cell wall. “Crawl over here and put your wrist in the other one.” I complied. It locked with a click. Unhurried, he rose and walked casually around to the front of the cage. Have I ever wanted clothes as much as I do at this moment?

Onryō-san flicked a switch and the room darkened into blackness. When he turned back towards the cage, all I could make out was the glow of a bodiless face floating eerily toward me in the gloom. I shrunk back against the cold bars, wide eyed. Omega-kun’s words came to mind once again. “There are worse things than death...” I shivered.

“No matter what, I won’t forgive you.” He stood close enough I could reach out and touch him. “You said you’d do anything in your power?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my nose into his coarse hairs. “There is no way I can get hard for you. You have to suck it.” I opened my mouth to take him in and stroked the base of his dick with my free hand.

“Ughn. If you do a good job, I’ll make it hurt less. You’re not an Omega after all and I didn’t bring any lube.” He was growing thick and hard in my mouth. “Good boy.” He gripped my hair harder and pulled my head away. “Enough. Face the bars and spread your knees apart.” I squeezed the bars with both hands. My whole body tensed as he knelt behind me.

I felt his large, calloused hand slide roughly down the side of my face. He forced two fingers in my mouth. “Wet them.” He ordered. I licked at his fingers. My saliva dripped down my chin when he pulled out.

“Aaagh!” He shoved them in without warning. My asshole burned and I jerked my free elbow back into a rock hard chest on reflex. I faced the mask again. The only light in the darkness. “Please. Don’t.” I pleaded. “It hurts.”

“He probably said ‘please’ and ‘don’t’ to you back then, you know”... “You told me, you’d do anything.” I turned back around held the bars with both hands and gripped them harder.

He moved in me. “It’s tight.” Obscene squelching sounds and the rustle of fabric; the feel of his body heat behind me filled my senses. “I bet you never used this before have you, Alpha-kun?”

It hurts. I thought. But, I felt my own cock harden. He grabbed it briefly with his other hand. “Oh, you like being finger fucked do you? What a lewd body you have Alpha-kun… You’d have been a big hit in prison, Alpha-kun, if you ever actually paid for your crimes.”

“Nngh!” What was that? Something inside me felt weird. “Haah...ah!”

“Hmm. Looks like I found your little walnut, Alpha-kun.” He bullied. “I don’t really want you to feel good.” He added another finger and curved them rubbing back and forth over the spot inside me. It felt weird inside first;like I had to piss, but the constant rubbing started to feel incredibly good. I couldn’t stop the moans coming out of my mouth.

“But you need to know what it’s like having your body betray you. If only I could show you what it’s like to experience cycle after cycle of unsuppressed heats out of your control. Cumming by some stranger’s hand, whether or not you wanted it. Being forcibly bonded.”

“Aaaah!” I came with a splurt. I felt a mixture of surprise and shame. He tugged at my cock once more. “You came a lot Alpha-kun. But it’s not over.” He slapped my inner thigh to wipe off his hand. Close your legs together and keep them tight.

Resigned, I did what I was told.Maybe I humiliated someone like this once, even if I was in a rut and drunk. I had no excuse.

Onryō-san grabbed my waist and pushed his penis in the seam of my legs. Driving it back and forth against my scrotum; making fwopping and squishy sounds. The friction between my thighs was deadened by the slickness of my own semen.

“I’m not going to dirty myself with you Alpha-kun...I’m not going to be unfaithful to him. You’re not worth it...Ungh!” He came with a hoarse grunt. He let me go and scooted back from me. “Your ‘I’ll do anything in my power’ disgusts me.”

He left me like that. Alone in the dark. My thighs were sticky with two sets of sperm. I felt around for the towel from earlier but I couldn’t reach it with one arm still shackled. I ran my free hand over my face. What? My eyes were wet. I didn’t realize I was crying. The tears wouldn’t stop.

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