The Case of Haru Oshiri

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I woke up in a small apartment furnished only with a futon-sofa, table, and desk set. There was no kitchen, just a dorm-sized refrigerator, a two-burner stovetop and mini-microwave. The fridge was full of ready meals and bottled water. I heated up a shrimp stir fry with rice and turned to the bathroom. The small, doorless bathroom had an even smaller shower but it had everything I needed from towels to shampoo and toothpaste. Looking out of the window, I could see nothing really remarkable to tell me the location--not quite rural but not suburban either. Definitely Japan, though.

I was still wearing the clothes from last night. I washed up quickly and rummaged through the luggage left for me and put on a black tracksuit. Where is he? My stomach growled and I satisfied my hunger with the stirfry. Something blinking in my periphery--off to my right drew my attention. The computer screen on the desk turned on-- on it’s own. I walked over to it.

“Well then, I see you’re up and about. I trust you slept well, yeah?” The cursor blinked, waiting on my response.

I typed, “Namahage-san? What am I doing here?”

“Yes, it’s me. I hope the apartment is to your liking. As before, you are free to leave whenever. The efficiency locks from the inside so you’re not exactly a captive.”

“I don’t really understand what is going on, I-” The keyboard locked on me and the cursor on the screen started a new line.

“It’s simple really. I want to test your resolve. I want to make sure your ability to fight your instincts is not a fluke but something you can consciously do. You could call it skills training. Open the desk drawer.”

Inside the drawer was a case of twelve hypodermic needles filled with an Alpha rut stimulant. I recognized the AO corporation product right away, the needles and syringes were sealed and upc coded. They were the untampered, real thing. What the heck? Why?

And so it began. Namahage-san told me to inject myself in the abdomen with the one of the stimulants. To pass his test, I had to refrain from touching myself for at least an hour. The countdown displayed in the lower right of the screen.

Within the first ten minutes of the first injection, my whole body itched with a heightened sensitivity as the blood flow increased throughout. I was thankful for the cotton tracksuit.

“Oshiri-san, you can do this. Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing.”

I tried what he suggested. Seven minutes later, a cold sweat broke out over my skin and the itching sensation quelled somewhat. My body released a steady flow of pheromones into the room.

He continued. “It may even help you to count the breaths in and out.”

Shit! Why did he have to say ‘in and out’? The thought my Omega was watching me somewhere on camera both embarrassed me and excited me. Thirteen more minutes passed. I pulled my pants and underwear halfway down my thighs. He is watching me. No, think about something else.

“The important thing is for you to keep thinking. Don’t let the rut take over your conscious mind.”

I squeezed my eyes shut tighter and crunched the numbers for the annual report in my head. Fifteen more minutes tick-tocked.

I opened one eye to peek and see if there was any progress. Even as I willed myself to go down, precum pooled at the tip and ran down the sides in a sticky mess. I tried to remember the last world cup football tournament. Who won then, was it Spain again? It was down to just five more minutes now.

No good. It was dark and throbbing, the stiffness never subsided. I closed my eyes again and tried resuming the deep breathing. He’s watching me somewhere, is he touching himself and watching me? The pressure was so intense, my cock was twitching.

“Oshiri-san, look down.”

Without my realizing it, my hands crept closer to my crotch. I wanted to rub myself, I wanted to come and release it all.

“Right now, which do you want more? Do you want to give into your lust and your instincts? Or do you want to see your Omega-kun again? I’m not going to help you get your hands on a fellow Omega unless you prove your level of self control to me.”

I pulled my hands back and interlocked my fingers behind me. Oh,how sly of you Namahage-san. I know you are my one true pair, I know you are Omega-kun. I’m doing this to get you to trust me enough to get closer to you. The throbbing gradually subsided and the pressure eased. I kept breathing through it and thinking of my goal.

“You passed, Oshiri-san. Tell me what you’d like as a reward.”

“I want to meet with you in person to learn everything you know about Omega-kun.” The cursor blinked for several moments before I received his reply.

“I’ll give you one day of my time on the condition that when or if you earn any additional rewards you do not ask for time extensions. I will also retain my anonymity. Feel free to relieve yourself now.”

The monitor blacked out. I hadn’t gone completely soft and some precum was left. I decided to rub one off in the bathroom. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head...I was being watched by him even now. I closed my eyes and touched myself with my non-dominant left hand.

How would it feel to have his hands stroke me? Would he caress the tip like this with his long, slender fingers? Haah.

Down the shaft, all the way to the base and lower, lightly kneading the sac like this? Damn! So good.

Would he tease me and stroke it at his own slow pace? No, don’t tease me like this. Would he grip it a little tighter like so and massage the shaft faster and faster to match my moans?

Maybe he would take it all into his mouth and to the back of his throat. Ahh! I finally came. I cleaned myself off and washed my hands. I laid down on the sofa, temporarily wiped out.

When the monitor came on again it was accompanied by an alarm. Good thing too, since I was in the middle of an afternoon nap. This time, Namahage-san had me complete several personality tests and enough questionnaires to build a dossier or write a biography. I took a break to eat between all the questions. I felt a bit disappointed. I didn’t mind him knowing more about me but I wanted it to be more personal, more interactive. When I pressed ‘submit’ on the last survey, the timer came up again on the screen.

“Time for the next injection, Oshiri-san; if you’re up for it. He-heh.”

I was successful on the second attempt but Namahage-kun didn’t offer a reward. On the last session of the day Namahage-san said I had earned another reward and it would come in the form of a package tomorrow afternoon.

It was getting easier, but I didn’t know if it was because my body was relieving itself so much or because of the breathing technique that let me maintain my ability to think despite the induced rut.

On the second day of my self-made captivity, Namahage-san took things up a notch. I was told to sit at the desk naked for the fourth injection. Thank goodness this drug isn’t addictive. He tempted me with pornagraphy videos on the computer monitor. I closed my eyes and covered my ears but I could not block out the erotic sounds.

I couldn’t think. My hard-on was aching to be stroked. The urge to touch myself was so intense I didn’t want to fight it any more. I let my ears go and licked my right hand. I was ready to give in to the pleasure and touch myself.

The video stopped and the blue screen came up again. My hand flinched just centimeters away--

“Oshiri-san, your goal is to meet with the person who is your fated mate. So think about him. Think about his face, his body. What does his scent smell like? Think. Answer me.”

I was too far gone to imagine his face or body, but his scent--. “H-honeysuckle and s-sandalwood. Hnghh! L-like a cool spring day.” My mind grew a little clearer as I tried to focus on the descriptions.

“Think, Oshiri-san. Breathe.”

This was the hardest session yet. Even with the breathing technique, just when I thought I couldn’t bear it any more, I came without touching myself. It was a first for me.

The package was delivered through the base of the door--apparently the last resident had a small dog or cat. The unmarked box had a crescent on the side like a half smirk. Inside were several two containers of my favorites- beef ramen and shrimp ramen, two bottles of sake and, at the very bottom, an oval shaped object encasing a masturbation sleeve and lube. Does he want to help me or see me fail?

I checked the desk and sighed, eight more needles left. There was no rhyme or reason when I’d be offered a reward for passing his test, sometimes he would simply say, “Good job, you did well.” After the sixth successful episode, Namahage-san offered another reward of my choosing.

“I want you to jerk me off, Namahage-san.”

“M-me? Why? I guess any Omega will do for you, is that it?”

“No, but you are the one requiring I pass these tests. I’ve cleared the game six times in a row. Doesn’t this prove I have self control?”

“Yes and no. The rut induced by medicine is still less intense than the real thing. Not to mention I have no guarantee you won’t use your pheromones as a weapon against me.”

“I give you my word I won’t do such a thing.” I wanted his trust. I needed my Omega to entrust everything to me as his Alpha. It was the only thought I could hold onto in order to pass his tests each time.

“Very well. I will need time to prepare and to travel to your location. See you later.”


I spent the next three hours restless. I paced when I couldn’t sit still. I ate another meal, though I wasn’t particularly hungry. Then I did a second run through of my daily exercise regimen- one hundred sit-ups, one hundred push-ups. Finally, I completed three sets of lunges around the interior. It was after dark when I heard the gentle rap on the door.

The person on the other side covered the peephole with his hand. “Oshiri-san, Open the door a crack, turn around and walk three steps toward the sofa.” I complied.

Namahage-san came into the apartment and locked the door behind him. He wore his usual mask and yukata. “Sorry for the cloak and dagger. It was awkward walking around in the mask. Two mothers stopped me twice to scold their kids--one to finish his homework and the other to turn off her phone and go to bed by curfew.” He shook his head. “Hold on a moment, I need to make an adjustment to the voice changer.” He turned away from me.”

I sat down on the sofa. His next words surprised me because they were said in my voice.

“Wow the concentration of pheromone in here is as bad as expected, but I prepared for the possibility.” He said this as he donned a surgical mask over his nose and mouth. It sounded as if I was having a conversation with myself. “Why don’t you get the lube and sleeve out and bring it over to the sofa? I suppose you should bring tissue over too.”

He pulled out a small, black, cylindrical object from the bag he’d carried.

“What is this?” I asked as I grabbed the items out of the box.

“Oh, this is a miniature air purifier and ionizer designed to clear the air of most scents, even pheromones.”

“Oh. I see.” I sat down. Why am I feeling more anxious now?

“Of all the things you could have requested, this is what you wanted.” He shook his head again as he approached me. “So, would you care to lay a wager on this reward; make things a little more interesting?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I will end the therapy sessions if you can hold off from coming for at least a half an hour. After what I went through to get here tonight, it‘d be a pity to half to turn around after five minutes.”

Therapy, he calls it. “And if I lose?”

“We end things here. You give me your word you’ll give up on seeking Omega-kun.”

“What? But I-”

“It won’t be easy. You will have to use this inhaler while I’m touching you.” He held out an inhaler. It was a long tube with a button on one end and the other had a type of plastic mask just large enough to fit over my nose and mouth.

“It’s concentrated Omega pheromone mixed with a honeysuckle and sandalwood blend--customized by a perfumer I trust...Oh, and you’ll have to take another injection to induce your rut.”

“If you’re going to make the challenge so much more difficult than before, I’ll need a better incentive than just an end to the therapy sessions.” I held up my hands to put quotes around those last two words. “ I want you to spend time with me to advise me on how to get closer to Omega-kun once I find him, enough time until I’m satisfied.”

“You’re assuming I know Omega-kun’s heart” He looked away for a moment and then back to me. “...What I can offer you instead is my advice on using the information I provide; and the time frame to relay it may not exceed one week.”

“Done.” I probably won’t get a much better deal than this.

“Oshiri-san, one final condition. You are not allowed to touch me.” He said the last sentence as he pulled out the contents of the oval container and removed an egg-shaped ona cap. He set it to one side of where I sat.


“It would probably be less messy if you removed your pants and underwear.” I pulled them down past my knees and waited. “Scoot back a little and let me sit on your lap.” He climbed up on top of me. Namahage-san handed the inhaler to me and injected me with the stimulant.

“The timer will start once you take the first does of the inhaler.” I took a deep breath, let it out and then placed the inhaler over my face and nodded. I pressed the button. The pheromones smelled just like him. Rich, deep almost creamy scent. Sweet like honey suckle and fresh cut wood.

Namahage-san the turned on the timer function on his cell phone. I was already partially erect and twitching. He opened the lube and let a generous amount ooze into his hands. He rubbed them together to warm the oil.

He laid out the length of me in one hand and gently stroked the back from the base to the tip.

Hmm. His hands are softer and smaller than mine, it seemed like my penis was bigger in his care. “Haah, mmm.”

“It’s so sensitive here.” I finally understood why he changed his voice to match my own. He was replacing my inner voice with his own to better seduce me. “You like it like this, huh?”

He wrapped one hand right underneath the tip of my cock and twisted his way up and around the head gently. The other continued to stroke it up and down. Shit! This is almost as good as a blow job. “Look, it’s getting bigger and darker. Mmmn, it’s throbbing in my hands. It’s hot, so hot.” Knowing fingers molded me like wax. Ahh! It feels like I’m melting in pleasure.

He said, “Inhale again.” He added more lube to his working hand as I complied. This scent is driving me insane.

“Ah!” The sensation of my Omega’s hands rubbing me, his scent filling my nose and muddling my brain and the sight of him manipulating me so skillfully. It was getting harder to think with all the sensations; my own pheromones were starting to leak out. I have to do something fast. I tried the deep breathing technique. The hand stroking the head of my cock, began to gently roll around my balls. My hips were moving on their own.

I tried talking. “Ugh, umm. N-namahage-san, you’re really good at this. I wasn’t thinking you would use both hands.”

“Well, I’ve been single for a while now so I know what feels good.” He steadied himself on my lap to let my hips move a little more freely.

“Umm, Ah! H-How much time is left?” He kept stroking me in the same, unhurried rhythm with one hand.

“You’ve been doing well, twenty minutes have passed. It’s time to increase the intensity I think.” He rubbed his thumb back and forth over the tip of my cock on his next upstroke then back down. His grip was already a bit firmer, rougher.

He grabbed the masturbation sleeve with his free hand and placed it over the tip. “Show me your resolve Alpha-san, take two, long consecutive inhales now.”

“This toy is easy to use, you just work your shaft into the tight, puckered entrance. It has self contained lube that warms up with a little friction, like this.”...”Hmm, I like the textured ridges on the inside of this toy, don’t you Haru?” Kyaaa! He used my first name. I lay my head back on the sofa and moaned. How does it feel so much like the real thing?

“It’s tight isn’t it? You want to put it in Omega-kun right? How will it feel inside him?”

I moaned just thinking about it. He twisted around me stroked me faster with the sleeve. It’s hot and slippery, yes?” Yeah. Oh, fuck yes.

“Come on... Tell me how it feels to be inside your mate.”

“It’s good, ughh.”...”Ah! It’s good. H-harder.” I gripped the end of my cock where the head met the shaft and squeezed until the feeling of climaxing passed.

He added more lube and rubbed me with broader, faster strokes. “You finally figured out you could touch yourself even if you can’t touch me, but it’s too late, your balls are drawing up tighter in my hand. You want to come don’t you? Come for me.”

I looked down at the legs straddling me... There was a growing bulge in his pants. Oh, God he was as excited as I was. Was he getting wet, did he want me as much as I wanted him?

“Don’t hold back any more, you want to come inside your mate don’t you?” My hips were thrusting with his strokes. I had long abandoned his breathing technique; my mouth was all moans and gasps. He was all I could focus on as the lids of my eyes grew heavier with the pleasure. Ah, I want to kiss him. I licked my lips imagining his taste.

“Come for me.” I hadn’t used the inhaler, but for a moment I felt utterly immersed in his scent mixed with my own pheromones. Omega-kun spoke directly in my ear. “Make him pregnant with your child. Let your seed spill out into your mate.” I was drowning in sensation, I dropped the inhaler and gripped the sofa cushions on either side of me like a life preserver.

I looked down again. He was rubbing himself through his clothes with his free hand now. “Tell him, ‘I want to come, haah’... ‘I want to come, haah.’” I want to come. He was panting too. “I’m coming. Ugh!” Namahage-san’s head fell on my chest but his hand kept moving.

““More, touch me more. I want to come. I’m coming!...Aaaah!” I came with a surge just as the timer went off.

“The amount of semen an Alpha can produce is really something.” He said as he backed up off the sofa. “Wait a moment.” The air was getting clearer. I tried to recall the smell of our scents mixing together and failed. Damn the little mini purifier.

He turned on the faucet in the bathroom. When he came back out he wiped me down with a warm cloth.

“Looks like your word is worth something.” He readjusted the voice changer to a computerized male voice while he was in the bathroom, I guessed. “You met all of my conditions.” I put my clothes on and sat back down.

He walked around the sofa to the small messenger bag he carried. “ You can at least be trusted enough to actively control your own urges….here.” He handed me a hypodermic needle. “From now on it won’t be by coincidence you can keep your head if your rut is induced; of course, it all depends on your wanting to do the right thing.”

“So what is in this?” I held up the needle.

“I’m a man of my word too. Inject it in your arm or your thigh and it will put you to sleep again so I can move us to a new location.”

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