The Case of Haru Oshiri

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“Dr. Kobayashi-san, I am forever in your debt for your help with sorting my feelings out for Rebecca in these last few months. I feel so much more confident moving on.” After the mix-up of our initial meeting was cleared, I returned as an outpatient to talk with the doctor. In the last six months he became a trusted confidant.

“What is next for you, Oshiri-sama? If you don’t mind my asking.”

“I hope to find and claim my fated mate.”

“I’ve always found the pair bonding phenomenon between Alphas and Omegas fascinating. As a Beta the only bonding I know is between parent and child. For example, the feelings birth parents have for their newborn can be described as love, of course; responsibility, an intense urge to nurture and protect and a desire to give affection. We know certain hormones, such as oxytocin play a part in the bonding process with babies. The infant, we imagine senses this is the one person who can take care of my needs. The child is instinctively drawn to his or her birth parent’s scent and will remain calm with this person because of a feeling of safety and absolute trust. It is the deepest unconditional attachment of love we Betas will ever know... How would you describe the pair bond from an Alpha’s perspective?”

I laughed. “There are so many similarities it may sound like a Freudian Oedipal complex where the mother is the Alpha and the child is the Omega.”

“Surely, there has to be more to it, especially when you add the ‘fated’ term when identifying your mate.” He pressed.

“Sensei. It’s a jumble of emotions I can’t wrap my head around myself but I know these feelings will intensify a hundredfold or more once we consummate the bond.”

“Explain it to me in baby steps.” he smiled, “Pardon the pun.”

“Being with an Omega in heat is an amazing experience, I suppose I could begin there. It makes you feel sexy to bring pleasure out of your partner; even the most inexperienced Alpha can become the most skilled with a partner who is so sensitive--so responsive to your touch it drives you insane.” I thought of Omega-kun and my voice trailed off. Makes me want to kiss, lick, nibble bite.. thrust deeply so I can watch him writhe beneath me, helplessly begging for more.

I cleared my throat. “When you are with them, they give you a feeling of intimacy as if their entire being is focused on you. It seems like all of your flaws are laid bare as if under a microscope but at the same time it makes you feel deeply accepted and respected.” It makes me feel invincible, like there is nothing I can’t do. Dr. Kobayashi filled my teacup. “Thank you.”

“So, Oshiri-sama you were saying being with an Omega boosts your feelings of self worth; makes you feel as if only you can satisfy them. Perhaps an Omega partner provides Alphas with the attention we all need like a mirror of us reflecting back on ourselves.”

I savored the taste briefly before swallowing. “Exactly. But my fated pair is meant solely for me--a perfect, yin/yang match...Though I was with him for only a short while, I still feel a deep connection with him as if I’ve known him forever...because he is a part of me. Everything about him attracts me. I yearn to have him by my side with a fervor that makes my heart ache because he is not beside me now.”

I took another sip. “His scent inspires more than lust from me, it makes me want to love and protect him. I need him to love me back for my soul to feel complete, not just to bear my children.”

I sighed. “Feeling this way towards an Omega--If he were just a common pair, any Alpha may simply dominate their Omega, but as a fated partner we crave their trust not their obedience.”

“What will you do if he rejects you again?”

“I don’t really know, I can’t even conceive of it.” I shrugged. “I will have to persist until I win him over, however long it takes. I must admit though, I’m afraid of how far I would go to have him accept me. I don’t want to force a pairing on him now but what if I become increasingly desperate? I don’t want to be hated.”

“I see. If the inconceivable does happen though, please come and talk to me before doing anything...rash. I would be understandably concerned you were developing an obsessive disorder if I did not know for a fact this person was your fated mate and you are driven by instincts. ”

I felt my eyebrows brush the ceiling. “Doctor-san?”

“There were some traces of blood on the oni mask you wore when you arrived. It was tested along with a sample of your blood. I ran the full gamut of testing available to physicians. This person is a match for your DNA. I was even able to find a name for you in the medical database. Unfortunately, due to medical confidentiality guidelines, I can’t share the information in this blue file on my desk there with you--”

Someone knocked at the door. “Excuse me a moment while I step outside.”

As soon as he left, I grabbed the file and scanned through it. Omega-kun’s name is Watanabe, Eito. ‘Eito’, I even like the sound of his name. I shook my head. The file listed the address of his birth parents and contained general medical history through his high school years. I brought out my cell phone and took pictures of what records I could and placed the documents back on the desk, just in time.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Oshiri-sama. Where were we? Oh, yes, you were saying you hope to find your fated mate. Do you have any idea where to start?”

“I do.” I smiled. “Some new information about him fell into my lap, but I’m not ready to act on it just yet. I’m going to take his advice first; make myself worthy enough to get him to give me the time I need to make him mine. I’m going to do some volunteer work at an Omega charity and make some new friends.”

Dr. Kobayashi smiled. “It’s as good a place as any to begin the chase, you may want to try the OORC- the Omega Outreach Recovery Centers, it’s a charity specializing in treating Omegas who have been assaulted.”


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