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In this story, Penelope is being made to do something against her will. Her parents are making her date Randy, and rich bad boy at her school. Meanwhile, she had feeling for her best friend/crush Noah. Will she fall for Randy, or will she end up with Noah. What will happen? How will this story play out? Read to found out how Penelope falls through this story.

Drama / Romance
Jamison Lorfing
Age Rating:

πΆβ„Žπ‘Žπ‘π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿ 𝑂𝑛𝑒

My dad was taking me to school when I saw Noah’s parents drive by in a quick amount of speed. They weren’t heading to the school but back home. Noah was in the car too. Did he forget his book bag or something? Is he sick?

A million thoughts of why Noah was heading home flooded my head. Would he be back to school, is he okay? Did something happen to him? Is everything alright? I was wondering what had happened so I unlocked my phone and texted Noah, β€œI saw your family driving home, is everything alright?”

I saw bubbles but they disappeared so I guess I would just have to wait to see Noah some other time. I huffed in annoyance and slumped in my seat. β€œEverything alright dear,” my dad asked looking in the review mirror. β€œYa, hey...do you think I can see Noah sometime after school,” I asked fidgeting with my fingers...I couldn’t help it, he’s my best friend and the person I have a major crush on, he’s amazing. My dad sighed and said, β€œnot today, your mom is taking you to that dinner with um...what was his name again?”

β€œRandy,” I said slumping even more into my seat. Randy’s in my class and is always annoying me. He’s super annoying, and my mom knows I hate him. But Randy’s family is rich so she wants to try and get me and Randy β€˜together’. Even if we could use it, I don’t want to live the rest of my life with someone against my will.

β€œWhy do I have to go anyway,” I asked annoyed. β€œYou know why, and Randy’s family has to get to know you and since it’s your birthday today it’s a gift from your mom and me.” At that I was gaping at my father. He was seriously just using me for this. I guess this means that today is going to be officially the worst day of my life.

I couldn’t believe how calm he was about this, I mean, on the inside I was yelling curses. I really had to do something about this. If I didn’t this would not end good. I sighed in annoyance and hopped out of the car, walking into the school. And guess who was there...Randy, along with that huge smirk on his face, waiting to walk me to class.
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