The Gang Leaders Puppet

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Maddison had heard all the stories about the gang that operates around her town, but she never fully believed or cared, but that was about to drastically change. She was going about her normal day when she witnessed a horrible robbery of one of the stores, being the only witness the gang has ever kept alive, she feels lucky that she can just go back to her normal life.....or so she thought. She's kidnapped and forced to stay with the horrible gang members who hurt and kill people, she soon finds out maybe they aren't so horrible and maybe the leader isn't such a stranger, but her old stalker/best friend who she forgets all about. But he definitely hasn't forgotten her and all he wants is to keep her under his control. She does everything he says, as if she's his puppet and he's the puppet master,hoping by the end she can go home, but he's got other things in mind. Will she ever leave and get back to her family? Or will she always be stuck being controlled by the puppet master? Read on to find out.

Beth Venning
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Chapter One

It was a lovely day outside, the birds are singing there's not a cloud in the sky, but what am I doing? I'm sat in my kitchen helping my mother with the monthly clean, of the already clean kitchen. It would be alright if I wasn't the only person doing the cleaning, she thinks of these ideas but doesn't like to follow them through herself.

I walk into the sitting room to see my mum, who's meant to be helping,sitting there talking with my younger brother, who also got out of helping.

"Why am I the only one cleaning?" I ask, crossing my arms as they both look up at me, my brother sends me a quick smirk but changes his face before our mum can see.

"Your brother isn't feeling well, I have to check up on him," she sighs, putting her hand to his forehead as he sends me another smirk, he wasn't sick.

"He's eighteen, he's old enough to check up on himself ,especially, when you were meant to be helping me clean the kitchen," I exclaim, trying to prove my point, but my mum looks up at me mouth wide open, oh no she's annoyed.

"It's alright mum I can help Maddie clean, I'm not that sick," he says standing, letting out a fake cough, which makes my mother push him back to sit on the sofa.

"No hunny, Maddison can manage she is your older sister," she says giving me a hard look, I accept it and was making my way into the kitchen, but Wilson had to open his annoying mouth once again.

"I told dad I'd go get him the ingredients for dinner tonight" as soon as those words left his mouth, I knew what was about to come out my mother's mouth.

"Don't worry about that love, Maddison can do it" she says, I stop with my fists clenched but I take a deep breath in and smile, turning around.

"Of course, anything for the sick little solider" I smile, Wilson thinking he's won says he'll go get the money from upstairs.

"Well I was thinking, we're running low on the cleaning stuff so I'll pick some up, but it is a lot to carry, do you think Wilson will mind if I borrow his car?" I ask nicely, I knew too well he wouldn't be happy, he always hides his keys away from me.

"I'm sure he wouldn't hun, here's his keys," she smiles, going into the draw handing me his spare car key, I hide the key as he makes his way back into the room.

"Here's the money and the list of stuff we need," he says handing it to me, I smile walking towards the front door, once it's open I hold up his key.

"Thanks for lending me your car Wilson" I smirk, I see his face full of shock as I walk out the front door, as much as he will try he'll never win.

I arrive at the shop and I don't know why but I was getting really bad vibes, I try to ignore it taking a basket from the front of the store and start going through the list of stuff I needed. I was looking at the tomatoes, debating whether I should get a packet or just like two or three, when I huge bang like a gunshot came from outside, I drop the basket running out the shop not even knowing what I was doing. I stand in the street where people were running around screaming, like I should've been doing. Out of the jewel shop in front me walk around seven guys holding bags and guns, this should be another sign just to take off running back in the shop but I stood there, frozen staring at them. They run over to a car dumping the bags in the boot while also taking their masks so I could see their faces, one turns clocking me watching them, this was the final signal I actually listened too and took off running back into the shop and hide within the isles. I hear the doors to the shop open smashing following.

"Come out!" A mans voice shouts, his voice ringing throughout the shop, I quietly walk into the next aisle seeing the doors right in front of me, I take off running and actually make it outside but I'm grabbed from behind and pushed up against the wall.

"You saw things you're not allowed to," he says in a dark tone, I fought to get out of his grip, I literally thought I was about to die but someone shouts running over, I actually recognised him, but I was way too scared to try and figure out where from.

"Leave her alone, we need to leave," he says, pulling the guys arm, literally.

"She's seen too much," the first guy shouts, looking towards me but the second guy also shouts.

"You listen to me not the other way around, now get in the car," he shouts, the guy lets me go but I drop to the floor not daring to look up, I soon after hear car tyres screech but then silence for a few seconds.

I stay on the floor, until a woman runs over to me placing her hand on my shoulder asking if I'm okay, but I don't talk, I couldn't get those men's faces from my mind, the man was about to kill me.

"Can I call anyone for you?" She asks, still trying to make me talk, I nod saying boyfriend I didn't want my parents fussing over me right now.

"What's his name?" She asks, I unlock my phone ringing Charlie my boyfriend but I pass her the phone, I didn't know if I could manage a whole conversation.

I look around while she's on the phone, police cars start piling into the town running into the jewel store, the woman who was with me shouted for one to come over. A policeman runs over but I still just look where their car was. The policeman tried to talk to me but I just couldn't, within minutes Charlie runs over kneeling down in front of me, I just wrap my arms around him and started crying, I was so terrified.

Around an hour passes before I'm allowed to leave, Charlie drives me home in his car, the police tried to ask me questions but I couldn't talk, I was shell shocked. I could have died if it wasn't for that guy, we pull up at my house where Charlie opens the door walking me in, I hadn't spoken a single word the whole car ride.

As we walk in, Wilson stands up off the sofa both my parents were there, he walks straight over to me.

"So where's my car?" He asks, but he looks at my face and knows somethings up "you've crashed it haven't you? I told you she shouldn't have driven it" he says, but Charlie cuts him off.

"Your car is fine you'll have to pick it up later, there was a robbery in that new jewel store, the guys that did it chased Maddie trying to hurt her," he tells them, that's all I could really tell him or the police, without bursting out crying again.

"Oh, hunny are you okay?" My mother asks, running over to me my father close behind.

"I'm okay, I just wanna go and have a laydown," I say, slowly making my way upstairs.

"I'll be up in a minute babe," Charlie shouts, as I make it to the top of the stairs I burst out crying, I could have died if that guy hadn't had come over when he did, I probably would be here.

Charlie walks up the stairs placing his hand on my shoulder walking me into my bedroom, where I stay for the whole night.
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