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Maddy’s been having it tough. Since her best friend was fatally stabbed in a nearby park, she’s determined not to let the killer get away. But will she find the killer... before he finds her?

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The wind rushes through my hair and a shiver zings up my spine. It’s freezing out here and nearly pitch-black.
I hear a rumble. It’s going to start bucketing down any second. I regret my choice of clothing, a hoodie instead of a nice, warm coat. I suppose I was just a little self-conscious of my appearance to him.

I wonder if our meeting will still be on if it storms. I take a quick look at my watch.


I’m right on time. I continue towards the entrance to the park.
It’s so dark I can hardly see. I rummage around for my phone for a torch, but quickly decide against it. Glancing quickly at my phone screen, I look for the message still on my new app, ‘Soul mate’. My hand shakes as I read it again.

“Look, Sadie, I don’t know how to say this in a text but our chats mean everything to me. I can’t stand not seeing your face; I can’t stand not seeing you. It’s just, everything in my life seems to be going wrong all at the same time and you’re the only one who’s… constant. I wish I could meet you in person. I don’t think my life would be worth living without you. I don’t know how to tell you this… but lately, I’ve been having thoughts… about catching the train. I even cut myself yesterday. Please, I need you, please. It’s for me Sadie… I beg you to think about it. We can meet (in secret) at Hendersby Park, behind the big bins tomorrow at midnight. Please, I know it’s a lot to ask but it really would make me happy. It might be the only thing that keeps me here. Please tell me what you think and if you’re coming. Thank you Sadie, you mean so much to me.”

I recall myself reading the message for the first time, back at my house. My reply was of course an immediate ‘yes’, I’d grown to really trust him from our last few chats online. Since then, I’d read the message at least twenty times before setting off for Hendersby Park.

The back of my neck prickles. My nose picks up a peculiar musty smell. It’s creepy here… but I know can’t turn back now. Knowing I would never live with myself if I turn back, I carry on walking, my steps hesitant.

My eyes dart back and forth as I try to remember where they keep their big bins. It’s separate from the park but not out of the gates. I shiver and my arms tingle. I turn the corner and step into the clearing. I’ve been here so many times I can almost picture the large open green field I’d been to so many times before. Blindly, I try to imagine the tiny playground on our right. It’s easy seeing as I’ve been here so many times with my best friend.

It’s dark, so I nearly crash into the large iron gates which are a little ajar.

Almost tiptoeing, I open the gates with a creak. I begin to think this is a bad idea, but I don’t turn back. The dark clouds I can barely make out in this darkness are now an angry grey.I check my watch again.


Are those footsteps behind me or is it just an echo of mine? I don’t dare look back but I’m ready to run. The whole place feels sinister to me.

Suddenly, the thought of my warm cosy bed seems extremely inviting. I’ve had enough. I turn back, my breathing quickening.

The musty smell has now turned sickening.

A hand clamps over my mouth
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