Lady Will Power

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Chapter 6

When mornings light broke, Erich woke to find another young lady staring down at him, offering a warm cheerful smile.

“Good morning” she said with youthful perkiness.

He sat up and straightened himself out.

“Good morning” he replied, revealing his heavy accent.

She nodded, and handed him a cup of coffee, figuring he could use one.

“You’re her philosophy professor, aren’t you? The one who gave Barnaby his just desserts?” He nodded. But that was a name he was sick of hearing.

“Erich Bauer and you must be Eleanor, the flatmate?”

“That I am…And, by the way, nice work with Barnaby. Someone had to teach him a lesson”.

He stood up and handed her the cup of coffee.

“Thank you”.

“Don’t leave on my account. Don’t you want to wait for Anna to wake up?”

“I need to be going, but please take care of her”.

“I always do. But why?”

“I’m sure she’ll explain. It was nice to meet you”.

He hurried out, not wanting to make things awkward for Anna.

“Sure. You too”.

Eleanor drank her coffee and waited. Anna woke up not long after. She greeted her with a sheepish smile.


“Well done! I didn’t know you had it in you. It’s always the quiet ones”.

Anna was still half asleep.

“Had what in me?”

“Your male visitor; handsome, and that accent; very nice! Your Knight-in-shining professor”

“You saw him?”

“Yeah. On the sofa. We met, briefly anyway. He left not long ago. You’re telling me you didn’t know?”

“We had dinner out last night”.

“Just dinner?”

Anna didn’t respond.

“Come. Sit”

Eleanor handed her the coffee she had just prepared.

“There may have been some wine involved” she confessed, rubbing her head, and trying to absorb the night’s events.

“Anything else? Tell me all about it?”

“There is nothing to tell. Well, at least, nothing like that”.

Anna drank her coffee as Eleanor waited for more details.

“Well, it must have been a good night, if he was still here in the morning?”

“Not exactly…Well, it started off well. He offered to walk me home after dinner, and Tony stopped us to say Barnaby was out for revenge. It was quite upsetting for me. He didn’t seem concerned for himself, but he insisted on waiting with me until you got home. I must have fallen asleep”.

Her voice strained, in recalling the conversation with Tony.

“What do you mean Barnaby is out for revenge?”

“It doesn’t matter… And where were you last night?”.

Anna was sick of thinking and talking about Barnaby, and the trouble that followed him.

“Ambassador duties”.

Anna smiled. She knew what it meant. Eleanor often had such ‘duties’ and was not ashamed of it.

“Which one this time?”

“French” Jeannie replied, with a satisfied grin.

“What can I say, the foreign dignitaries love Australian hospitality. But it seems we both share an interest in foreign affairs these days?”

“It’s not like that”.

Eleanor smirked, unconvinced.

“What is it like?”

“I don’t know”.

“Does he go out to dinner with other students? Walk them home, and then stay on their sofa all night?”

Anna blushed.

“I took him to dinner. To thank him for what he did with Barnaby”.

“And that’s another thing. He beat up your ex-boyfriend to defend your honour. A rather risky move, don’t you think?”

“He didn’t beat him up. And, he’s an honourable man…You said it yourself”.

“Indeed. But I still think there’s more to it”.

Eleanor made a valid point, but Anna didn’t want to acknowledge it.

She did, however, feel a bit uncomfortable at the thought of seeing him in class on Monday, without discussing the events of last night. She got herself ready and headed down to the Bridge Hotel, in the hope of finding him there. Which she did.

Seeing him sitting alone at the bar, Anna approached and greeted him.

“Miss Freeman, how do you do?” he asked, gesturing for her to sit down.

She joined him, with an awkward smile.

He was well on his way through a few drinks, but he was holding up well.

She wasted no time in getting to the point;

“I’m so sorry for last night”.

He slammed a glass of straight gin down in front of her; “drink”.

With slight hesitation she pressed the glass gently against her lip. She could smell its toxicity. Seeing his lament, she quickly gulped it down, gasping at its completion. He nodded, both impressed and satisfied by her efforts. He placed another glass in front of her;

“Sorry is for those who have done wrong”

He held his glass up. Taking the hint, she raised hers too. They both, once again, took a swift drink.

“Still…” she began.

He turned swiftly to face her;

“Don’t” he requested calmly.

“Let’s just sit here quietly” he said swinging back around to face the bar.

They sat in silence for a while.

“I enjoy your company” he confessed after a while.

“I probably shouldn’t, but I do”.

Anna smiled at hearing it. Still facing the bar, he could not see her reaction. She wanted to say “me too” but remembering his request, she remained quiet. Instead, opting to take another drink. As she felt the burn scale her throat, she reeved in pain. She couldn’t understand how he could drink the stuff, but she had to admit, she felt calmer.

She knew that staying longer and drinking more was not wise, so she excused herself. He finished the last of his drink and insisted on walking her home. She felt relieved. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about him drowning his sorrows after her departure.

They arrived at her flat and found themselves alone. Neither could ignore the serendipitous situation. Anna put the kettle on and offered him a tea, sensing that he might need something to counter the effects of the alcohol. He accepted graciously and joined her in the kitchen. The two caught one another’s glance. Neither spoke a word. The kettle bubbled and screeched, breaking the silence. Anna removed it from the stove and reached for a cup. He grabbed her hand, drawing her attention back to him. His sapphire- blue eyes seared through her soul. She couldn’t look away.

Her body shook, ever so slightly to the rhythm of her pounding heart. They were both adults, and the hypnotic attraction they felt for each other seemed to surpass any difference in their age or background.

“Are you ok?”

She knew what he was asking.

“Yeah, I’m a big girl”.

“I know. But it’s been a crazy weekend and I just want to make sure it’s what you want?”

She leaned in and kissed him. Her lips like marshmallow pillows; soft to the touch and sweet to the taste. Still feeling them linger, he wanted more.

“It is” she replied confidently, in case the kiss was not enough to prove it.

“And you?”

Without hesitation, he kissed her with a passionate urgency. Holding her tight and pressing her against the cabinet. His touch; so masculine, yet refined was like nothing she had experienced before. Her heart wouldn’t allow her to turn back now, even if her head thought better of it. He stepped back, allowing them a moment to recover. Anna held his hand and led him to her room.

He caressed her slender figure, easing her onto the bed and unbuttoning her blouse, revealing the top of her youthful milky white breasts. He kissed them tenderly.

Anna closed her eyes in pure satisfaction, running her fingers through his hair. She relished in every move he made. His hands felt soft against her skin. His touch possessed a commanding virility. But each touch made her feel exposed. She stopped him.

“What's wrong?” he asked, a little confused.

Her cheeks turned a darker shade of red, as she struggled to reveal a secret, she knew he should know.

“Barnaby and I never…You know?”

She seemed almost embarrassed by the fact. She saw him as so worldly and sophisticated. The last thing she wanted him to see her as was; inexperienced.

“I understand if it changes things” she said disappointedly.

He was surprised by her revelation, but gracious in his response.

“Do you want it to, because we can stop?” he asked sincerely.

“No” she replied quickly.

“Unless you want to?” she added awkwardly.

He could see she was at odds with herself. He pulled himself up and sat next to her in bed. He wrapped his arm around her, and she nestled comfortably into him. He kissed her head. He knew how he felt about her, but it was all-the-more reason for him to consider what she had just revealed.

“I’m sorry” she whispered.

“For what?” he said, with matter of fact tone.

He was a gentleman, after all.

“You need to stop saying sorry so much” he joked.

He pulled her closer, in a supporting embrace. He had a way of making her feel secure.

Suddenly, none of it mattered. She felt her inhibitions slipping away. She sat up and leaned over his chest, looking down at him. Her eyes full of want. She began kissing him. He held her face and kissed her, rolling her down on the bed with the weight of his body.

With their passion still very much alive, they picked up where they left off. He slid her skirt down and flicked it off with his foot. He removed her blouse, and unclipped her bra with expert delicacy, before removing his own shirt and trousers. He placed his hands along the lining of her panties; the last Bastien between them and what they both wanted desperately.

Anna’s skin tingled. Her heart pounded. She could feel the enormity of his manhood pressed against her silken skin. He looked into her eyes, penetrating her soul. Soon he would be a part of her. He kissed her tenderly, as she braced herself. She could feel him inside her. She grasped his back. She wanted to hold him inside her for as long as she could.

His every motion was pure ecstasy. For what felt like a blissful eternity, he took her mind and body where they had never been before, in an explosion of absolute pleasure. There was no doubt that his expertise spanned far beyond the classroom.

As they reached their climax, Anna buried her head in the pillows, trying to retain the lingering tingle that pulsed through her veins. He grabbed the sheet and wiped the sweat from his brow, before removing the pillows from her. Her tangled hair clung to her face, impeding her vision. He brushed it back, resting his hand on her cheek.

“Hello beautiful”.

His voice brought her back to reality. She smiled shyly. He kissed her forehead, laid down next to her and held her tight. He wanted to make her feel safe. And she did, but this was her first time, and she really wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Would you like some tea or coffee professor Bauer?” she asked, as the silence ate away at her.

“I think you had better call me Erich”, he suggested.

He felt a little uncomfortable with such formal address after the intimacy they had just shared. She smiled. She wanted him to see her as the woman he had just helped her become. She nodded in agreement, realising the irony.

“Erich...of course” she concurred, blushing.

“How about we stay as we are for a little while longer? I’ve got nowhere to be today”.

Anna nodded, laying back down next to him. He leaned in and kissed her lips, then her neck, making his way to her breasts and continuing down. Not satisfied with the one time, they made love again.

They rested comfortably in each other’s company. An overwhelming sense of satisfaction overcame Anna, but it was quickly followed by a sense of panic.

She sat up, got out of bed and started collecting her clothes. He wasn’t sure what the sudden urgency was, but he too got up and collected his clothes.

“Eleanor could be home soon”

“Is that a problem?”

“It could be”

She hurried to get dressed. He began to get dressed at a more relaxed pace. She watched him, almost impatiently.

“Would she disapprove? I wouldn’t want my presence here, under such circumstances, to cause any problems between you”.

Anna laughed slightly. She seemed amused by his comment.

“She wouldn’t disapprove” she assured him

“Quite the opposite. But if she found you here, I’d never hear the end of it”.

He followed her out into the living room. She scanned the room restlessly.

He cradled her face in his hands and caressed her cheeks, in an effort to relax her.

“You’re amazing. and I’d love to stay, but I understand and I can see that it’s best if I go”.

She looked at him. Her eyes tenderly apologetic.

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you later”

He kissed her forehead and left. As he made his way down stairs, he passed Eleanor on her way up. He greeted her respectfully, and she returned the salutation, with a sheepish grin. The smile remained on her face as she entered their flat. Anna, who was still in the living room, couldn’t help but notice.

“Nice evening, I take it?”

“It was”.

She looked out the door, as if remembering something she saw. Her sheepish grin returned as she looked back at Anna.

“Let me guess…nothing happened, right?”

It took her a moment, but Anna soon realised what she meant. She didn’t reply and tried to avoid eye contact with her, making her way to the kitchen.

Eleanor followed.

“Or maybe something did?”

Anna sipped her tea coyly, eventually looking at Eleanor.

“Maybe it did”

Eleanor was impressed. She nodded her head and smiled in approval. Anna made her way to the sofa.

“You’re not getting away with it that easily” she stated, joining her.

“This is huge” she exclaimed proudly.

She was excited for her friend.

“So spill…How was it? How was he?”

Anna choked on her mouth full of tea. She knew Eleanor was blunt, but it still caught her by surprise.

“Come on, you know me…I need details…”

Anna knew she wouldn’t stop until she offered her something;

“It was good”

“Just good huh?”

“really good” she reiterated.


She exhaled euphorically, taking herself back to the moment.

Eleanor smiled

“I can see that about him…He looks…” She paused momentarily, trying to find the right word “capable” she continued.

“He was definitely ‘capable’” Anna confirmed, in wistful recall.

“Twice” she confessed.

Eleanor was even more impressed. The pair blushed and giggled like schoolgirls as they discussed it. It was, after all, a new experience for Anna, and it came with new feelings. Anna was surprised that she had the need to vent such feelings, but it made her feel good knowing that she had someone like Eleanor to discuss such an intimate topic with.

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