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Child Soldier

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Andrew Daimao is a happy child who is taken from his home at the age of 10 years old and is forced to fight in the third world war as a weapon of war. When the war ends Andrew will have to be a normal citizen with the trauma of very bad PTSD, and him being almost emotionless.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Andrew Daimao was a child soldier for the allied forces in the third world war. Andrew was taken from his home when he was 10 years old and forced to serve in the war because his older brother, Alexander Daimao who was 23 at the time had gotten injured in the war and couldn’t continue to fight, the war had only been going for 1 year at this time and his brother was a vital part of the special forces at the time and there was a high demand for soldiers during the war so they were willing to take any one. Alexander was quite a stand up fellow he wanted to protect the weak ever since he was a child. Alexander was 5’11 blonde, green eyes, lean build, and he lost his arm in the war. Shortly after Alexander was medically discharged he was forced to come home and they took Andrew. The Daimao family was in shambles when they took Andrew, the Daimao family consisted of Andrew’s Mother, Father, Big brother, and Older Sister. His whole family fought this hard but the government already had their mind set on having a weapon of war, a human who was raised in battle and feared none, with combat ability matched by none. At the time Andrew was 4’8 very scrawny, brown hair, with blue eyes. Andrew was also a very happy cheerful kid, and would cry even if he saw someone else crying and didn’t know them. When the government took Andrew they forced him to do special forces training from the age of 10 to 11. He was immediately sent into war after the basic training and was placed in the highly esteemed ghost unit which played a vital role in the war, it was also the same unit that his brother was in. Only 2 weeks after Andrew’s basic training he was sent out in the front lines and he was forced to kill someone for the first time at the age of 11, Andrew had to learn to be a weapon and not dragging his team down so little by little with every man he killed he lost a little of his emotions as a kid until he was just the shell of a human but on the inside he had nothing all there was emptiness but there was still a singular light left in him, the sergeant. The sergeant wore a half mask and was the leader of the ghost squad and had been with Andrew since the beginning of the war and would teach him like a teacher would in school. Andrew started to see the sergeant as a father figure and the only thing he cared about in the whole world. In Andrew’s eyes his family was a distant memory even though it had only been 3 years, all Andrew came to know was war, death, and the sergeant.

Five years had passed since Andrew had joined the war, but the ghost squad only had 4 members left out of the original 12 which had all died, out of the four there was Andrew and the sergeant, there was also the doctor who wouldn’t really go into battle much but she had been taking care of the ghost squad for two years now, she was 23 at the time, and had taking a liking to Andrew and thought of him as a little brother. Andrew thought of her as the nurse and nothing else but she still had a good bond with him. The last member was a man named Sergeant Knox; he had only just joined the team. At the time Andrew had started wearing a half mask that the sergeant gave him a year ago and was the only other thing that he treasured other than the sergeant. The Ghost squad was given a high risk mission to infiltrate the enemy lines and flank and weaken their front line which was holding the allied forces at a stand still. When they go word of their mission they thought nothing of it because they do stuff like this all the time and were used to it at this point. But what they weren’t expecting was everything to go wrong and they ended up fighting with the enemy front lines from the back and being pinned down on all sides in enemy territory and they stayed there for two days using all of their ammo, it was only Andrew and the sergeant. It was on the third day that everything went to hell, Both sides of the war had both ran out of ammo and they started charging in with swords and with their fists, the enemy forces were put into a panic which pushed them into Andrews position that is where the fighting went on for 18 hours with no stop all you could hear was the sound of swords clashing, screams of soldiers getting beat to death with another mans bare hands, when it first happened Andrew and the sergeant were overrun and were forced to fight they were fine until about 12 hours into fighting when the whole battle field was bombed by mortars and the sergeant got separated from Andrew. Andrew had fought for another 6 hours and the allied forces had started retreating with less commotion and most of the enemies chasing the allied forces Andrew started to look for the Sergeant. Andrew was fatigued, injured and drenched in other men’s blood looking for the sergeant, Andrew had also gotten cut right over his right eye pretty bad but luckily it didn’t actually get hit in the eye. Andrew looked for hours in the wasteland covered in bodies, he finally found the sergeant after he called out to him. He was laying on the ground surrounded by bodies. The sergeant was missing an arm and part of his stomach was slit open and his head was bleeding very badly. When Andrew saw him his heart dropped. It was the first time in a long time he had felt this feeling and didn’t know what it was and why it hurt so bad. Andrew ran over tripping on bodies, when he got to the sergeant he picked his head up and kept asking what happened to you. Andrew burst into tears, uncontrollably, The sergeant just lifted his hand and put it on Andrew’s head saying, “It’ll be alright Andrew,” in this moment the sergeant starting tearing up and told Andrew, “I want you to survive this war and go to school and be a normal happy kid that has many friends and become a great adult, marry a beautiful woman and be a great father.” At the time Andrew was so distraught that he couldn’t even speak so he just nodded his head repeatedly. Andrew couldn’t accept it, the sergeant said with a soft voice and with tears coming out of his eyes, “I love you and always thought of you as my son.” The sergeant died in Andrew’s arms.

“NO! NO! NO! YOU CAN’T DIE, PLEASE! I NEED YOU!!!” Andrew screamed, “wake up” Andrew whispered. Andrew dropped the Sergeant back onto the ground and stood up. By the time he stood up he could hear Soldiers screaming at him and running towards him, all Andrew could do was just look up at the sunrise where he just sat paralysed in sorrow. Andrew was taken as a P.O.W. and was tortured for half a year until he was saved when the camp became liberated by the allied forces, Andrew was fully emotionless his last light of hope was destroyed and all he knew what to do was kill he was alone, just a weapon for the war, Andrew became one of the most feared soldiers in the war after that moment.

The war lasted two more years after that, when the war ended Andrew was 16 years old. The end of the war resulted in the victory of the allied forces but the loss was heavy on both sides. This was the bloodiest war to ever happen, also chemical warfare played a big role in this also being considered the most terrible war as well. Andrew was honorably discharged and was sent home to his family. The government’s plan had worked; they created the most deadly weapon they could’ve made. When Andrew got out he was 6’3 very muscular, very intimidating, still wore the mask the sergeant gave him, always had messy hair, and a scar over his right eye. Andrew was also covered in scars from the war and when he was tortured. Andrew was flown back to a big city where he took a 4 hour train ride to his hometown where he then walked 6 miles to his old house. Andrew’s mind was all over the place, he didn’t know how to talk to people all he knew hot to do was kill and nothing else. What Andrew didn’t know was that his mother and father had committed sucide together 2 years ago because they couldn’t handle the stress of knowing that their youngest child that was taken when he was 10 years old was a soldier and could be dead or could die in the war in a horrible way, because of this Andrew’s sister and brother blamed their death on Andrew even though he never had a choice of weather he went to war or not. When Andrew arrived at the house he was wearing mostly black clothes with his mask and a trench coat, and black gloves. Andrew walked up to the door and waited 5 minutes to knock. He was nervous for the first time in a long time, but at the time he didn’t know what the feeling was. When Andrew knocked there was no knock for about 2 minutes until his sister Violet opened the door who was 2 years older than him, 5’6, ginger, brown eyes, freckles and was very beautiful, and didn’t recognise who he was. When Andrew’s sister first opened the door she was in a good mood until Andrew asked.

“Is Mr and Mrs Daimao, here ma’am”

Her mood switched immediately.

“Do you think this is a joke!”

She closed the door in Andrew’s face.

“Please ma’am I’m Andrew Daimao, they are my mother and father, and I’ve been ordered to come back home.”

There was silence for about 5 minutes, and in that time Andrew wondered why she’d closed the door in his face when he thought he had done nothing wrong. Violet flung the door open and tried to hit Andrew, before Andrew could react she smacked him across the face, with her face covered in tears. Andrew was in such confusion that he didn’t know what to do, so he just stood there in silence as Violet kept hitting on Andrew’s chest as hard as she could, which didn’t faze Andrew at all. She let up for a couple seconds and looked up at Andrew and screamed,”YOU KILLED THEM!” As Andrew stood there violet fell to her knees and started crying harder. At this time Alex had already woken up and had just gotten to the base of the stairs.

Andrew just stood there and asked,”who did I kill?

“You killed our parents” Alex said in the house with his arms crossed, glaring at Andrew.

Andrew was even more confused than he was before and asked,”How’d I kill our parents.”

Alex replied,”They killed themselves because of you, they couldn’t bear the feeling that some scum like you could’ve been killed in the war. You know if you died in the war maybe they would’ve had closure and not have died. BUT NO! You just keep living and their deaths are on your hands.” Alex started walking towards Andrew slowly and said.”I hate you’re nothing but selfish scum, and a piece of shit.” When Alex got close enough he tried to punch Andrew, but Andrew reacted and caught his punch with ease.

“I understand.” Andrew said in a soft tone.

Andrew proceeded to walk back to the station so he could catch the next train to the city. While Andrew was on the train he had this weird pain in his chest, kind of like when he was getting ready to knock on their door, but it was much worse it was feeling like his stomach was sinking and it hurt more than most physical pain.

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